Do You Need a Stylus for Procreate Pocket?

Procreate Pocket is the iPhone version of Apple’s Procreate app, which offers users a digital art studio for creating unique works of art wherever they happen to be. However, drawing on the smaller screen of an iPhone can present a challenge. A stylus can be helpful but is it necessary?  

A stylus is not a requirement for using Procreate Pocket. You can use a finger to click, drag, and draw in the app. However, using a stylus can give users a better creative experience and more detailed control over what they draw and design.

Thinking about downloading Procreate Pocket for your phone, but not sure if you need to add a writing utensil to your tech repertoire? Read on to find out if a stylus pencil should be your next purchase.

A Stylus Pencil is Preferred, Not Required

Think back to kindergarten for a minute. You probably loved to fingerpaint – touching all the colors and watching them take shape on the paper. It was pretty basic, but got the job done and made mom proud.

But then somebody put a brush in your hand. Wow! Just like that, your drawings took on a more refined, more precise look. The brush elevated your art up a notch or two.

That’s how it is when you compare finger drawings on Procreate Pocket with those done with a stylus pencil. Sure, you can create decent-looking work by using your finger on your iPhone screen. If you’re a good artist, everybody should be able to tell what it is, but is it the very best it could be?

Let’s compare using a finger versus using a stylus with Procreate Pocket to see how a stylus pencil gives you more.

Size of finger can hinder controlFine tip on a stylus can enhance detail work
Fingernails may scratch screenTouchscreen compatibility reduces scratch risk
Finger can obscure drawing lines as you drawSome styli have clear tips to provide visibility during drawing
Fingertips have no variation in featuresStylus pencil tips offer a variety of features
Fingertip pressure is difficult to controlPencils offer pressure sensitivity
No electronic assistanceElectronics can help make smoother lines

So, while a fingertip will get the job done and may be enough for the most casual user, a stylus pencil is the preferred tool for those who want ultimate control of their artistic efforts in Procreate Pocket. 

Can I Use My Apple Pencil with Procreate Pocket?

You might assume that your Apple pencil would work with your iPhone and Procreate Pocket. Well, you would be wrong. Unfortunately, an Apple pencil is not compatible with an iPhone even though they are both Apple products.

If you want to use a stylus pencil to draw on your iPhone through Procreate Pocket, you’ll have to get an inexpensive stylus from a third party. There are several non-Apple brands to choose from at different price points. You won’t have to spend a fortune to get a reliable stylus that works.

Note: The Logitech Crayon, another stylus option for the iPad, is also incompatible with the iPhone screen.

What Type of Stylus Works Best with Procreate Pocket?

Stylus pencils come in two types:  passive and active. Both of these types will give you more control than simply drawing with your fingertip, but each has benefits and drawbacks. 

To draw in Procreate Pocket, you can use any stylus that is compatible with an iPhone. An active stylus will give you more control for precision and detailed drawings and color shadings.

Passive StylusActive Stylus
No battery means no charging needed.Battery will need to be charged periodically.
No internal electronics.Internal electronics assist user.
Rounded tip provides less maneuverability.Better pressure sensitivity and tilt control
There may be a lag between the pencil stroke and its appearance on the screen.Electronics aid in precision drawing.
Works on any touchscreenNot all active pencils work on all screens.
AffordableAffordable but pricier than passive models

Passive Stylus Pencils to Consider:

Active Stylus Pencils to Consider:

Final Thoughts

The good news is that you’re not required to use a stylus pencil to work in the Procreate Pocket app on an iPhone. You can manage to create decent work using just your fingertips.

The better news is that using a stylus can rock your artistic world on the iPhone, and finding an affordable stylus workhorse with a variety of features and tips means your next masterpiece is just a pencil stroke away.