10 Best Free Mockups on Placeit.net

10 Best Free Mockups on Placeit.net

Mockups can be costly for your business, not to mention difficult to make. Luckily, are plenty of free mockups available on Placeit.net. Placeit’s free templates are easy to use and can make your design look polished and ready for the consumer.

What are some of the best free mockups on Placeit.net? Placeit’s free templates can help you put your best foot forward. Some of the best free mockups on Placeit include templates for books, mugs, clothing, and more.

Putting together a good looking mockup can make a huge difference in your product development. Want to know which template will best suit your needs? Read on if you’re looking to make a killer mockup.

Finding the Best Mockup for Your Needs

A mockup is a generated image that you can insert your design onto. It is great for selling other people, like investors and graphic designers, on your idea. Finding a mockup that’s perfect for your needs can make your design idea stand out, making it more likely to be produced.

Mockups can sometimes be confused with other steps in the design process. A mockup can sometimes be confused with a wireframe (Design Modo). The difference is a mockup is a more detailed, polished version of a wireframe. It looks as close to how the actual product will look without actually making the product.

Maybe you have a killer idea for a shirt for your band. Or maybe you want to show off your book cover page idea. No matter what, there is a Mockup that can show off your design exactly the way you want to.

You might think you don’t need a mockup. Don’t be tempted to skip out on this step in development, because a great mockup can set you up for greater project success in the future. Read on for more information.

Benefits of a Mockup

Got the itch to skip out on a mockup? While you might think that mockups are needlessly time-consuming and waste resources that can better be spent somewhere else, mockups are a great way to assist in the design process. Here’s why mockups are worth the effort:

  • While you might think that because a wireframe is so similar to a mockup that you don’t need both, wireframes just can’t do everything that a mockup can. A wireframe is basically a sketch. It’s not meant to sell someone your design; rather, it’s meant to help creators who are already on board with the basic structure of their product.
  • If you show a wireframe to a potential investor or developer, they’re not going to be impressed. Investors are going to think that your product isn’t polished enough to become a full, completed product. Developers are going to be frustrated because they don’t have a clear picture of the product you want.
  • Mockups can help you work out the details of your design before you go ahead and design it. They can help you get a better picture of what might clash in the final design as well as help you play with details like nailing color and layout.
  • A mockup can help you figure out if your design is actually consumer-ready. Of course, it might make sense in your head, but seeing an idea come a bit more to life through a mockup can help you see if your design actually fits the aesthetic of your potential consumer.
  • Mockups also allow you to take into consideration subtle changes that can help you get to a polished result. You can think more about how the consumer will engage with the product in the real world.
  • Finally, mockups are a much smaller commitment than just going out and producing your design before knowing if you might want to make a change. Although people tend to think mockups needlessly take up time just because it isn’t an actual product, it can actually save you time and money in the long run.

Mockups can help convince people that your brand is worth investing in. If a mockup can make a difference in an investor’s mind as to whether or not your brand is worth its salt, wouldn’t you want to have one to show off?

10 Best Free Mockups on Placeit

So it’s settled. You need a mockup before moving forward. But it can be challenging to know where to begin or what kind of image you want to present. To give you some ideas, below are 10 of the best free templates on Placeit.net.

1. Best Mockup for Coffee Mugs

Looking to advertise your brand on every office worker’s desk? Do you want a mockup that keeps the focus on your image? This “Coffee Mug Placed on a Modern Wooden Table” is perfect for showing off your design while putting your brand at the forefront of the viewer’s eye.

This mockup features a slender coffee mug next to miscellaneous cafe items on a wooden table. The white walls and bright lighting in the image, as well as the plants in the background, come together to let the viewer know that when they’re relaxing or reading, they can be enjoying their hot beverage using a mug with your design on it!

This mockup is great for a brand looking to show off their design in a way that is trendy and practical. It’s also a great way to give off the feeling of working from home, so if your brand is related to being productive at home or self-employment, consider this mockup.

2. Best Mockup for Intersexed Shirts

Do you want to sell shirts that are designed so that both men and women can look stylish? This “T-shirt Mockup of an Androgynous Woman Posing by a Bus” shows that your brand appreciates a gender-neutral aesthetic.

Gender inclusivity is getting the attention it deserved in today’s world. If you want your design to look great on everyone, show it with pride by featuring it in an image that highlights your gender-neutral design. This image features an androgynous woman enjoying a daytime walk in the city. It’s got a casual, familiar vibe to it.

If your design is a great everyday look, this open outdoor view shows people that your design is wearable and fashionable. This mockup is great for anyone looking to get their designs out for men and women to wear casually, as well as anyone who wants to show that gender inclusivity is important to their brand.

3. Best Mockup for Intersexed Hoodies

Looking to advertise your next pullover hoodie design? This “Hoodie Mockup of a Woman Looking Down” is perfect for emphasizing your brand’s tone. This image features a woman wearing a pullover hoodie with the hood on and her hands in her pockets to emphasize the utility of the design.

This mockup allows you to customize not only the color of your hoodie but also the background of the image, giving you control of your image’s color story and letting you have the flexibility to change the tone of the image altogether.

Want to give off a chill, laid back vibe? Make the background a baby blue or seafoam green color. Want to give your design an edge? Give your mockup a pop with a red or black background.

This design is good for someone looking for a simple way to let their hoodie design stand on its own. Whether it’s a hoodie for a band or a business, this mockup keeps the focus on your product. If your brand’s color story is part of your signature, let investors and designers know with this mockup.

4. Best Mockup for Multiple Hoodies

Maybe you’re ambitious, and one hoodie design isn’t enough for you. Or perhaps you want to show off how your design looks on a variety of people. The “Mockup of Three Musicians in Front of Their Instruments” can give you the versatility you need in your mockup!

This image shows three musicians lined up in hoodies with band instruments in the background. If you’re looking for a way to show off your design in different colors or even different designs, this mockup can give you the versatility you need as it allows you to customize both the color and design of each hoodie individually. So no matter what you need in your hoodie mockup, you can get it in this image!

If you’re looking to show off designs for band merch, this image has the edgy vibe you are looking for; this can also be great for any brand that wants to show off a grungier look or wants to appeal to a millennial audience. This is also a great choice for anyone looking to show off their brand’s variety of designs.

5. Best Business Card Mockup

Got a business card design that you want to convince your company to go for? Or are you a small business owner who has your business card all laid out, but you can’t figure out if it’s going to live up to your standards in real life? Give your design the presentation it deserves by using this “Vertical Business Card Mockup Featuring a Varnish Effect.”

If you’ve got a killer idea for a business card, let your design stand on its own with this simple yet effect mockup. Allowing you to customize not only your design but the color of the simple background, this mockup can let you image pop. It even has a varnish effect to make your business card mockup look even more like the final product.

This mockup is good for just about anyone looking for a business card mockup. From lawyers to writers, anyone who wants to see what their business card will look like in a real-life setting can use this mockup.

6. Best Poster Mockup

Want to have your poster idea hanging up on the walls of offices, dorms, and cafes? Do you want to show off that your design is eye-catching? Use this “Poster Mockup Taped to a Wall Inside a Coffee Shop” to bring your vision to life!

This image features your poster idea on the wall of a hip coffee shop. Because the background is mostly neutral in color, your poster idea will add a striking contrast to the image regardless of what colors you use in your design. By showing off your image in a simple setting, you can let viewers of this mockup imagine your poster anywhere.

This mockup is good for anyone trying to see if they’ve nailed their poster design. Academic events, band tour information, and even information on community organizations can be turned into a poster mockup. It’s also great to see if your poster looks as good on a wall as it does on your screen.

7. Best Laptop Sleeve Mockup

Maybe you’re tech-savvy and want your brand to show it by putting a design on a laptop sleeve and showing people how trendy they can look protecting their technology with this “Mockup Featuring a Laptop Sleeve on a Solid Surface.”

Pro Tip: You can choose any background color you’d like.

If you want viewers of your mockup to imagine your laptop sleeve on the table of cafes and libraries all around, show off your beautiful design with this simple mockup. You can customize the background as well as the mockup itself, so if you want your image to have a certain appeal or tone, get the message across to prospective buyers with this mockup.

This mockup is great for any tech accessory company that is considering a new design. It’s also a great place for software as a service, academic groups, and even tech events to be prominently displayed.

8. Best Tote Mockup

Want to see your image come to life on the totes of pedestrians as they walk down the street? This “Tote Bag Mockup Featuring a Woman Wearing a Hijab and Using Her Phone at a Restaurant” says that your image is the latest fashion accessory.

This image features a woman outside at a restaurant with her fashionable tote in prominent display. Showing cultural inclusivity, as well as your brand’s identity, is the perfect way to sell people on your product.

This tote is perfect for anyone looking to show off a great tote design. If your brand prides itself on being environmentally conscious, let potential investors and developers know that you want your design to be on someone’s arm instead of a plastic bag.

9. Best Book Mockup

Got a book cover design that you want to display in a life-like setting? Are you wondering if your book cover is ready to be produced? Let your image tell a story of its own with this “Mockup of a Girl Holding a Book While Sitting Down on a Wooden Floor.”

If you’re looking for a way to pitch a potential book cover design and you want to give your viewer the experience of it already being in someone’s hands, this is the perfect mockup for you. Featuring a girl sitting on the floor with a cup of coffee next to her, this design can help you show that your book cover design is going to entice readers to get it on their bookshelves.

Any book graphic designer can use this mockup as the finishing touch to their great design. Planner covers and journal covers could also be displayed using this mockup. Companies and organizations that are academics-oriented and looking to produce swag can also test out their design with this image.

10. Best Hat Mockup

Are you looking for the perfect way to show off your cool hat design? Or do you happen to have a design for a hat and shirt and want to show them together in the same image? Show that your designs can be both fashionable and practical with this “Mockup of a Man Wearing a Customizable T-shirt and Truck.”

This image features a man wearing a baseball cap and tee outside by a truck. If your brand is male-focused, or if you want to just show off a laid back design, this image can help you do it. This image not only allows you to customize the hat in the image but also the shirt, so you can see how multiple merch items look in the world in one setting.

This mockup is great for brands that are more sporty, athletic, or focused on male consumers. This mockup also can be great for brands that are unisex or gaming related. If you want to show off a humorous hat and shirt design, this mockup gives the perfect casual setting for you to try out your design.


If you need a mockup and it’s not in your budget to pay for an expensive template or graphic designer, Placeit’s free templates can be a great way to show off your design in a professional way without breaking the bank. Placeit is easy and fast to use, so don’t worry about getting stuck on technical issues. Try it for yourself and make the perfect mockup!