14 Best iPhone Mockups

14 Best iPhone Mockups

Looking for the right iPhone Mockup for your product can be difficult. On the one hand, you want an engaging image, but you also don’t want too many competing elements in your image. Thankfully, there are templates out there that can help you design a stunning and convincing mockup.

What are the best iPhone mockups? Consider how you intend for your product to be used as well as who your consumer is in order to find the clearest way to emphasize the best features your application, product, or service has to offer.

Are you looking for some inspiration to help you figure out how you want to promote your product or service using a mockup? Read on for more information on how to design and display the perfect mockup, as well as some examples of the best mockups that feature iPhones out there so you can sell investors on your site or application!

Choosing the Best iPhone Mockup

If you want to grab consumers’ attention with the appearance, features, and applications of your product or service that is available on the iPhone, then you are probably looking for a mockup image that is beautiful, clean and displays your website or application design in the perfect way.

Do you want to show off your up and coming app’s design? Do it with a mockup! There are many high-quality iPhone mockup design libraries out there to choose from. Placeit has some of the best designs for anything you’ll want to promote through a mockup.

Placeit has a variety of options that feature a diverse range of models in age, ethnicity, and gender, different iPhone generations, and different backgrounds as well as completely customizable backgrounds. But figuring out how these factors are going to affect your mockup image is difficult. Which one is going to be the best for your needs?

If you want to connect your target consumer to your product that is accessed on the iPhone, you should identify who your target audience is, how you want to display your image, and what overall tone you want your image to have. Putting together this image can be difficult but can be made much more simple with Placeit’s mockup template.

Working with Placeit to stylize your mockup is as easy as selecting a template, uploading your design onto the mockup, and downloading your final image.

So mockups can really give your product a professional touch and show that your app idea is thoroughly developed. Not sure what a mockup really is or don’t think one can do anything for you? Read on to learn more about them and their benefits.

What Is a Mockup?

A mockup is a simple picture that demonstrates content layouts, fonts, images, and other visuals to create the overall feeling of a software product and user experience (Keen Ethics). In this article, we are going to be focusing on iPhone apps mockups, specifically.

How Can I Customize a Mockup?

Customizing a mockup is a great way to emphasize aspects of the user experience or different facets of your brand. Some of the features you can customize in your mockup are:

  • Content Layout – The content layout is how the content appears on the device’s screen.
  • Color Scheme – The color scheme is the shades and colors that you’ll use throughout your app or site. Choose a color scheme that has high visibility while telling an interesting color story.
  • Typography – Typography refers to font types, sizes, and styles, as well as spacing and alignment. The typography in your mockup image should be readable and not distract from the rest of the image.
  • Spacing – Spacing refers to the amount of intentional negative space in an image. This can create a sense of balance in your image and should not be overlooked.
  • Visual Effects – Visual effects can enhance the overall appearance of your mockup image in order to decorate your image.

These customizations you can make to mockups allow for tons of possibilities in your design, giving you a way to promote your vision to those who can help you make it happen.

Why Do You Need an iPhone Mockup?

Mockups are important and open up the doors for progress to be made with your site or app. Mockups tend to be a stepping stone to the further development of your idea, which means this is going to be used to sell people on your idea.

Investors use mockups to decide on whether or not your product is worth pitching in for. Users aren’t going to be attracted to your mockup if the mockup or image featuring the mockup isn’t beautifully made and relevant to your prospective client.

Mockups are also going to help developers turn your vision into reality. They allow developers to establish timespans for when the project will be complete as well as a visual reference to base their HTML work on.

Mockups are essential for bringing each component of the app or web design process together in future steps. But what can a mockup specifically do for you?

What Can a Mockup Do For You?

You might be wondering why you need an iPhone mockup in the first place. Mockups make it easier for developers to imagine consumers using your product or for investors to picture your website or app, making a splash on the market. Here are some things a mockup can do for you.

  1. Show Off Features – iPhone mockups can show off all of the amazing features that your app has through it’s a huge library of templates. Some of these templates can show real people out in a variety of setting using your app! This allows you to promote your app by showing investors and developers it’s best features by demonstrating how consumers are going to use your product.
  2. Make Your Designs More Attention-Grabbing – For graphic or web designers, iPhone mockups can show off your product in action! The iPhone mockups available on Placeit make it easier for investors to imagine your app in the hands of consumers. When your Mockup is portrayed in a way that enhances design choices and app features, you can bring your design to life.
  3. Make Your Design Appear Consumer-Ready – A well-designed mockup shows that a project has progressed past a certain point. The more developed your mockup is, and the more well displayed it is, the easier it will be for people to imagine the final product. Placeit’s mockups are high quality professionally photographed images of the real world that can show your app in action and make it appear more consumer-ready.

(Source: Placeit)

14 Best iPhone Mockups

Identifying the best mockup for your product comes down to knowing what kind of tone you want to express to your consumer. Below are 14 of the best Mockups to choose from if you are looking to create the perfect image to promote your app or website!

1. Best Mockup for Multi-Device Products

If you want to emphasize the ease of using your service on multiple devices, the “iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad Mini, and iPhone Mockup Over a Null Background” will do the trick. Featuring an iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad Mini, and iPhone, this mockup leaves no question as to whether or not your site looks great on every device.

If your application or site is something that people are going to use on multiple devices, this mockup is a great way to highlight its accessibility between devices. This mockup makes it clear that your application not only looks good but functions beautifully regardless of the device your using it on.

Because you can customize the background of this image as well as the mockups, you can really emphasize certain themes and tones in order to engage with your particular consumer. Some applications and products that would work well with this service are social media sites and related products, as well as reference sites and utility applications.

2. Best Mockup for Gaming Apps

Want to put a casual gaming app in a mockup design that is as fun and chill as the user’s experience? This “Man Gaming With iPhone X Mockup While on His Table” features a fun, easy-going environment that’s perfect for gaming apps.

The background of this mockup shows a bowl of chips, some soda, action figure toys, and comic books, all signs of a gamer or hobbyist at work in their natural habitat. These colorful accents can complement a fun puzzle game app or even an arcade game.

If you are looking for a way to show that someone is using your application as a way to have fun and not take things so seriously, this playful mockup can really draw out the inner kid in every consumer.

3. Best Mockup for Work/Creative Products

Is the product or service you want to show off great for the art or creative writing enthusiast, or just someone who often works at home and is looking to boost productivity? If so, the “Mockup of an iPhone 11 Pro Max Surrounded by Office Supplies” can attract creative writers and freelance workers.

This mockup is surrounded by sticky notes and colored pencils, as well as a notebook and pen, against a wooden background. The person in this mockup is hard at work on a creative piece and is using your product to assist them! The way the items are scattered about suggests that the user of your app is innovative and thoughtful.

This image is great for apps that people are going to use while writing, like note-taking apps or sites that inform and help creative artists produce amazing work. It can also be great for social apps that inspire creators and help the brainstorming process.

4. Best Mockup for Products Targeting Millennials

Want to target a millennial audience? This “Mockup of a Girl Holding Her iPhone XS Max While Making a Funny Pose” can attract younger audiences looking for apps that will bring them together.

The image depicts a girl dressed up for a special occasion like a date or a night out with her friends. Her red lipstick, purple dress, and windblown hair imply that this occasion is photo-worthy. She’s fun, carefree, and having a great time using the app displayed on her phone.

If your product gets the word out about the hottest entertainment spots or events going on in your city, this mockup can show that your product is going to get people out of the house and into nightlife.

This mockup can also be used for dating apps, social media apps, and photography related apps. Your product that brings young people together to experience entertainment or relationships can come to life through this mockup.

5. Best Mockup for Fashion and Style Related Products

If you need a mockup that’s going to attract a younger audience with fashion in mind, this “Mockup of a Woman in a Dark Room” can do the trick. Whether you are promoting a style box service or a fashion site, this image can allow your product to look more appealing to contemporary fashion trends.

This mockup emphasizes the model’s hair and clothes in the background image. Her outfit, a baggy plain black tee paired with distressed jeans, as well as her straight, slightly lightened hair, all come together to reference fashion trends that always look current.

The dark color scheme implies that the app featured is for a woman with more of a bold, edgy style. Rather than appealing to the dainty and delicate consumer, the app featured is more fitting for a tom-boy.

This image is great for all things fashion and can give your online store or beauty-related app an edge by highlighting the perfect aesthetic to capture your consumer’s eye. This image shows that your application or site can help a fashionista stay stylish.

6. Best Mockup for High Customization

Want a mockup that allows for customizability while being simple? This “Gold iPhone 8 Template with a Frame and Background” is highly customizable. Allowing for not only the background image but the frame to be customized, this mockup is perfect for when you want to emphasize the aesthetic of your application or product.

You can emphasize your app’s color story by choosing a frame color that contrasts the mockup and background image. You can also make your image appear more playful or bubbly with the right frame. With ten frames to choose from, whatever story you want to tell with your image is possible.

If your application can be used in a variety of different ways, or if you want your app or web design to stand out on its own, consider experimenting with different frames and backgrounds to customize your mockup in a way that’s perfectly tailored to your promotional needs.

7. Best Mockup for Audio Apps

This “Mockup of an iPhone X Playing a Podcast” shows an iPhone on a wooden table with white headphones plugged into it. It shows the application in action while stripping away any competing elements.

If your app is some form of an audio streaming service, regardless of if it’s for podcasts, audiobooks, music, or all of the above, this image can allow you to feature your mockup in action through an image rather than through sound.

This image emphasizes that the visual experience of the app, while well designed, is far less important than the audio quality. This Mockup can be used for any audio steaming service and even services for the visually impaired.

8. Best Mockup for a Clean, Fresh Look

Is your product clean and simple? Or are you just looking for a straight forward way to show off your product? Consider using the “iPhone Mockup Lying with Pasteboards” to show off the clean, sleek design of your application. This app can be useful for basic utility apps or apps that consumers tend to use in a large variety of settings.

This mockup is also great for wallpaper and phone theme apps. Users can customize the background to be any color they want. A black background is perfect for making a bold statement, whereas a soft green can create a natural, more delicate feel.

Because of the customizable nature of the background, users can transform this mock image into something that shows off an edgy product or something elegant and refined. It can also more perfectly match the color story of your application’s designs.

9. Best Mockup to Demonstrate App Versatility

Does your app have multiple pages that are distinct from one another? Are you looking for a way to show what using your application can do in action through just a still image?

If you want to show off your app’s versatility or display a variety of different pages that add to the user’s experience, the “Mockup of Five iPhone Screenshots Standing on a Light Grey Surface” is the right choice for you.

This mockup allows the user to use five different iPhone images in order to show their app’s versatility and functionality. The light grey background allows for the viewer’s eye to stay focused on your application’s designs.

If you are looking for a way to show off your application in a simple and clean but want to display a variety of images that are going to be present in your final product, you can use this app as a way of giving investors a snapshot of how it might feel to explore different pages on your app.

10. Best Mockup for News Apps

Is your app designed to make accessing the news an easier, more streamlined process in someone’s day? If so, the “Mockup of a Man Using an iPad and an iPhone 6 while having coffee” can help consumers imagine accessing the news in a fast, convenient way.

Featuring an iPad and an iPhone 6 in the hands of a man having a cup of coffee next to a newspaper, this image tells the story of someone who is relaxed and casually looking into what’s going on in the world on an easy Sunday morning.

The iPad and the iPhone are both easy to access handheld devices that make accessing the internet convenient, so if you are a news app looking to bring information on current events to the masses in a fast, effective way, highlight the ways that your application’s layout can make it easier for your consumer to stay informed with this mockup.

11. Best Mockup for Products and Services You’ll Use on the Go

Does your product help pedestrians get to where they need to go? Or are consumers likely to reach for your service on their phones when their out and about?

If your service helps people identify goods and services close to them, or the weather forecast, the “iPhone X Mockup Being Held While at a Garden” can show off the ways that your application lets people engage with the world in a new and exciting way or ways they can stay in the know when they’re on the go.

This image features a hand holding up the iPhone while outside in a garden. It gives off a fresh, springtime vibe. If you are looking to show the day-to-day utility of your app, let your consumer know that they’ll be opening your app when their out and about running errands.

12. Best Mockup for Education-Related Services

If you are looking to show how useful your application can be as an educational service, this “Mockup of an iPhone Next to a Book and a Coffee” can portray how your product will enhance a learner’s educational experience. Let investors picture your product on the desks of every motivated student out there with a mockup that emphasizes your product as a learning experience.

The coffee in the image, a staple item on every student or office worker’s desk, as well as the book, lets the viewer know that your product is meant to help you get things done. This mockup also allows you to customize the cover of the book as well as the iPhone, allowing you to emphasize particular educational subjects or topics that your application is good for.

Additionally, this mockup is good if you want to emphasize if your product allows your phone to be interactive with books or to assist in different forms of research. If you want to show off how you can make it easier for your consumer to learn something or get something done by streamlining their work process, consider this mockup.

13. Best Mockup for Health and Fitness Apps

Does your app help people stay active and healthy? If so, this “Mockup of a Girl Showing her iPhone XS at the Gym” can help show off your app! Fitness and technology haven’t always gone hand in hand, so if your people are going to use your app to get moving, your mockup can be at a huge advantage when it comes to being innovative and having an established consumer base.

This image features a girl in workout clothes at a gym. She’s got equipment behind her, and she’s determined to complete her workout with the aid of your application. The all-black background image, as well as her facial expression, emphasize that this app is no-nonsense.

Today we tend to associate technology with sitting and being less physically fit, so if your application is intended to get people moving, highlight that!

This app can be great with fitness apps that use additional devices to keep track of health data like your heart rate or the number of calories burned. It can also be a great way to demonstrate habit tracking apps.

14. Best Mockup for Apps and Sites Geared Toward Seniors

If your product is designed with senior citizens in mind in particular, maybe you should try having a mockup that includes them, like this “Mockup Template of Elderly Man with iPhone 6 Plus at Home.”

So many of today’s technological advancements have been designed without seniors in mind, instead of focusing on the millennial generation. If your product uniquely focuses on being accessible to senior citizens, prominently featuring them in your mockups can be a great way to promote seniors benefiting from an application catered to their unique needs.

This image features a senior accessing their phone in what appears to be a home setting. This can be a great mockup for applications that involve large text or make viewing photos simpler.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of thousands of mockups available. Even if you think the ones above aren’t quite right for your product, there is a mockup out there that can show off your design in a way that makes it memorable to consumers and investors. Whether you are an up-and-coming fashion app or a textbook rental service, you can find a mockup that features the strengths of your product.