15 Must-have Branding Mockups: Make an Impact!

Running your own business or website, you quickly learn the different types of marketing and advertising needed to bring in leads. There is everything from funnels to advertisement campaigns, social media campaigns, and anything else that could be put along with this.

Can you make an impact on branding mockups? Yes, you can make a difference in branding mockups. This is where you make the utmost effort to express your purpose and your message in your branding. If you support a cause, now is the time to incorporate that. If you have a special connection with something, incorporate it. No matter how big your group or business is, remember to stay true to your purpose and mission. Never falter from that.

Most businesses and groups hire people who can produce a mockup of whatever area they are experienced in. Other companies have a combination of people who are experts in these types of areas that can do all of it for you as well; however, it can be expensive. So, when you have the opportunity to do the planning for yourself and set the plan, you can save your money and know exactly where you are going.


Branding consists of details, from the minutiae to the big picture of your business and every other aspect of your business. It helps spread the message about your business. Branding is more than just putting something out there to make it known. It is the aspect of building everything from scratch and giving your business a story, a reason, and a purpose.

The greatest companies have a story, a detailed building of themselves in the branding process. Think of your favorite brands. What colors do you remember when you think of this brand? What style? What connects with you. It is more than a name, a color, and a font.

Importance of Branding in Your Business

Branding creates a relationship between you and your target audience. You want to do everything you can to connect with them, but also to create your story and purpose. Do not stray away from who you are. Always stay true to your roots. Decide on colors that have meaning that connects with what your message is supposed to be.

Colors and Meaning

With a little bit of research, you can find the colors you want to incorporate in your messages if your business or even needs it. Every color now days has a colored ribbon or something connecting that color to a meaning. Even designers design homes per how they want their clients to feel in that area. If they want an energetic feel or if they wish to a feeling of passion, they’ll use warm colors like red. For a Zen-like, calm experience, cooler tones like blue or lavender work best. Cultural differences also can be taken into consideration if you are going international.

What Are Mockups?

Mockups are pictures that are digitally made to figure out the design of a product without having to make the product and then try it on and check it out. This saves time and money by using programs that have already open pictures that can be customized with certain aspects that need to be added, such as text, logos, colors, and pictures that display the message that an individual or company is trying to convey. The #1 website for making mockups is Placeit (they have the largest library of templates).

Importance of Mockups

Mockups help give you a plan in action. This provides you with a dream board of what you want to see and how you want to execute it. You can put everything together and have a plan and change things if it does not quite look right or portray the right view. Just as if you are painting a picture and one shade of color does not quite sound right to everything. Typically, things such as mockups and color numbers are included in a marketing strategy report.

Mockups provide content layouts of how you want your information displayed, whether it is on your website, social media, or promotional products. It also provides the type of fonts, sizes, and styles that you want. Placeit.com helps bring all of your mockup needs in one place without all of the extra complications.  This helps not only make known your business but bring in customers and leads into your business.

What is Most Critical to Your Company?

Whatever your message is, you need to be sure that your mockups are matching up to that as well. You want to choose things that are going to benefit your company while also helping your customers. Take in mind, if you went to a fair or pop up event, where you had a booth for your business, what would you like to see there? What would you use more? Remember, the more use an item has, the more possibilities of it being seen.

Must-Haves Help Growth

Do not get things that will wind up in the trash and not be used. Get things that will be used. Remember, the more use that someone has of something, the more your name and message is seen. So whatever mockups you choose, make sure it benefits in whatever way you can.

  1. Anything Free
    In the world of business, if you can get something for free, take advantage of it. Do not forget to give credit where credit is due, though. Providing love to businesses who have helped you grow relationships as well and can help in the future if ever needed.
  2. Banner Maker
    Placeit.com has a banner maker for the advertisement of your business on website pages. Anything of this sort is beneficial to your business or your organization. This way, you can know what your advertisement will look like on a webpage. You can also have a plan for what is needed in future advertisement pieces.
  3. Car Decals
    Car decals are so very important, and you see them everywhere you go. Having your business or group advertised on your car or other cars can bring in more leads to your business. It is like having a billboard on wheels. You may see them many places, and you may see them as useless, but I am here to tell you, some individual just walked behind your car and took a picture of your vehicle decal to call you later.
  4. Coffee Mug
    There is an extensive community of coffee lovers. Coffee at work, coffee on the go, and coffee at home. There are social media pictures of coffee mugs that are an essential mockup to have. They serve for promotional products and giveaway products for your company that can be used daily.   
  5. Hoodie
    Hoodies have come to be a part of many homes, from children to adults. Hoodies are the perfect comfort item for most individuals. Some wear hoodies just as a cover, some because they are a little cold. Either way, they are used because they are not too heavy or bulky and still provide a feeling of warmth and comfort. Hoodies are a must-have for mockups and as a plan for your business or group. They will not only come perfect for giveaways but also as an advertisement for your people to wear.
  6. T-Shirts
    T-shirts are almost the best promotional product to have, so to have a mockup for that is also needed. This is a definite way for an advertisement to happen for your business or group. Be sure that it is matching and stylish across the whole board. You do not want something that people look at and do not want to wear. Take some real time in figuring out what it is that you wish to but that others would wish to as well. They want to wear the shirt and for others to want to participate in your giveaways is very important. Remember, this is your future leads.
  7. Packaging
    If you are providing products, you need to make sure that your packaging also has mockups. One of the best advertisement pieces is your packaging on your products. Labels not only tell the purchaser who the product comes from but if the purchaser is around friends and friends as the product, they are going to look at that label to find out who made it. This brings you yet another lead.
  8. Coupons
    Coupons are so significant, especially when you are trying to get more people in. Not only does it serve as an advertisement, but it also serves as a call to action on paper. The individual wants to save money when they spend money, and the more money they can save, the more they will come and visit your business.
  9. Special Offers or Sales
    If you are freshly opening or doing a “renewal” process, if you have products, chances are you are having a special sale. What batter way to show about the deal than to have a sale advertisement video. Typically, you can share this through anywhere. From your website to social media, or anywhere else that you think would be beneficial to your business.
  10. Flyers
    It is so much easier to have flyers done in a mockup first. It takes not only time and resources but also aggravation when you go through, make one, prints it, for it not to look right, or serve the correct purpose it is meant to do. Then you have to redo it all. With Placeit.net, you can design your flyer with every bit of detail that is possible.
  11. Apps
    So many companies now have cellphone apps, and if your business or group needs an app, get a mockup for it. That way, you know what direction you are going in with your app. It is challenging to order something or build something with no plans in place of what you want. Make sure that the app is going to be user friendly and if it is going to be for all carriers.
  12. Business Stationery
    Business stationery is a must-have in most businesses, so it is essential to know what exactly you want. This can range from envelopes and letterheads to business cards and pens. Make sure it is things that you will use as well. This way, you can advertise without speaking a word or having to throw a pitch. This includes everything from business cards, to pens, paper, and more.
  13. Billboard
    If you are looking to get a billboard, you must have a mockup made of that so that you know what to show the individual that is in control of setting all of that up. It is essential to know the size that you are wanting and exactly how you want to set it up. If you want a small one on the inside of or outside of a small building or a large one like the ones you see on the side of the road, there are many options to choose from, so choose wisely.

Social Media

It is imperative to have social media plans for all platforms. While most platforms are linked, you still need a plan of action concerning your social media accounts. Social media can be very overwhelming when you are trying to run your business on those platforms. You will need every bit of help that you can get.

  1. Social Media Videos
    It is vital to see that you have mockups of what your social media videos should look like. You want to have a plan of what direction you want your videos to go, especially when you are advertising specials or anything of that sort. Promo videos are perfect for social media and other areas, so it is essential to have those mockups and plans for these areas.
  2. Social Media Posts
    Social media posts are critical, just like everything else. With the social media world nowadays, most things and places are seen on social media. It is essential to post at least once a day or more. However, do not display too much; it can cause you to be “shadowed” and not seen. You must also be always sticking with your message in your posts. Make sure your pictures, your sayings, anything that you do is the tone of you and your business or group.

Do Not Rush It

Whatever you put out for everyone to see, you want the message to be seen, understood, and action to be taken. Do not just throw something together, or your message will be unstable and not understood very well. You want to make an impact, in some way, shape or form, and with time and effort, you can do precisely that.

Mockups Make Life Easier

When you are looking at hiring someone to do your work, it helps in getting quotes right then and there instead of waiting if you have mockups on hand. You can go ahead and hand them over to the individual doing the work you are looking for and gain a price. Some people will charge to do mockups.  

Questions to Ask Yourself

We get so caught up sometimes in understanding our business out to be seen that we forget the most important things that benefit our business. Being smart about your money is very important. You do not want to spend money on things that are not going to benefit you and your business or group truly. So, make sure that whatever you choose that you want, it will help you in the long run.

Promotional Products

It is advised that you buy promotional products that are in tune with what you are promoting. For example, if you are promoting health and wellness, then work out gear, water bottles, and things like that would work great as a promotional product. However, if you are promoting something such as makeup, you do not want to work out gear as your promotional items.

The One-Stop-Shop

Placeit.net has pretty much everything you need in one place. No matter what you are promoting or starting, they have what you need to begin. If you are a gamer looking to start a channel or thinking of starting a YouTube channel, this is where you need to start. They provide overlays, logos, banners, thumbnails, and more.

Create Your Logo

Did you know you can also create a logo as well if you do not have what you want in mind or any idea of what to go for? They provide similar graphics that fit along with your business, brand, or group name and purpose. They also provide colors that can be placed in the logo, make sure they match the colors you want throughout everything. Again, this is the defining piece of your business.

There is No Limit

There is no limit to what your vision entails. You can have everything branded that you could want to brand. You can have notebooks, stickers, phone cases, literally everything in one spot branded to your business or group. You can have your advertisement everywhere for a lower cost if you do things just right.