37 Ways to Mockup and Showcase Your Logo

37 Ways to Mockup and Showcase Your Logo

So, you’ve created your logo, but how should you showcase it? Mockups are a great and convenient way to showcase your business’s new logo. There are more possible ways to create a mockup showcasing your logo than you can ever imagine. The hardest part is determining the best mockup showcasing your logo to get the most exposure for your new business.

How and why to showcase your logo with a mockup? Creating a mockup is easy to do and is the most cost-effective way by trial and error, to explore different ways to showcase your logo. Since it’s a visual model of the display and not a physical one, it gives you the opportunity to create several and get opinions on which are the most effective.

There is no shortage of ways to create mockups that highlight your logo and brand. You can hire someone to do this for you, or you can use a fantastic online service like placeit.net. We will show you 37 great examples of logo mockups, with some information on why they work and how you can use them.  

What Are Some Examples of Mockups Showcasing Your Logo?

As we said earlier, there are limitless ways to showcase your logo using a mockup. Those pens businesses give out with their name? That’s one example. Some companies choose to make T-shirts or coffee mugs.

Think about your brand and your target audience. That’s the best way to determine what types of showcase items will best suit your individual needs for your new business. To help take some of the guesswork out of choosing the best options for you, we’ve put together a list of 37 ways, all available on placeit.net, to mockup and showcase your logo.

1. Coffee Mug Mockup

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What’s the best way to get the brand’s name out there? By putting it everywhere.

Lots of companies gift clients or employees coffee mugs. It’s a great way to have your logo seen. It’s the perfect gift to use when welcoming a new employee or offering coffee to potential clients waiting for an appointment. This mockup is so versatile! These days everyone loves a good cup of coffee or tea!

2. Classic Polo Shirt Mockup

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Why not display your logo on employee shirts? Or as a feature item for your new line of clothing?

The easiest way to get your logo seen is to put it on employee uniform shirts. These are sure to be noticed not only inside of your business but also when employees are commuting to work!

3. Man Wearing Polo Shirt Mockup

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Here’s a different take on the same idea. This offers a subtle difference.

Having your polo shirt displayed on a male model is helpful in a few different ways. If you offer multiple types of uniform options for employees to purchase, this is a great way to display the shirt as it would appear on your male employees—another great way to present the shirt in a company catalog or on your website for sale.

4. Woman Wearing Polo Shirt Mockup

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Here’s yet another (and the last, don’t worry!) way to showcase your logo on a shirt.

This one is shown worn on a female model. There are typically slight variations in the way a polo shirt is fitted for a man and a woman. Using this mockup either alongside or separately from the two above gives the consumer or employee a different view of the item made, especially for a woman.

5. Woman Holding Water Bottle Mockup

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What better way to promote wellness or eco-friendly product lines than this?

This is great for a few types of business, really. Lots of gyms will give new members a reusable water bottle when they join. Yoga studios do it as well! What better way to remind your clients to stay hydrated and have your logo be seen?

Chiropractors, wellness centers, and many more health-related businesses offer these in swag bags for an open house or as a giveaway at a booth in an expo.

6. Classic Snapback Hat Mockup

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The snapback is back!

A great way to showcase your logo is right on top of someone’s head. So often do people put a hat on before leaving the house to work out or just as a casual wardrobe accessory.  Hats are great for giveaways and other promos as well as for sale!

7. Cosmetics Jar Mockup

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Make sure your logo is prominently displayed on any product or sample your business has to offer. Never miss a chance to get your name out there!

There is a huge influx of homemade organic cosmetic lines out there. If you are a spa featuring your own line of cosmetics, an at-home business using the internet to sell lotions or soaps, or launching a new cosmetic line, this is perfect! Your clients will never forget where they got the product!

8. Beauty Items Mockup

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Speaking of organic beauty and wellness brands, this is an ‘essential’ must!

With essential oils becoming all the craze lately, you need to be sure to put your logo on eye-dropper bottles and their packaging. You need to make sure your products aren’t getting confused for someone else’s! As a plus, having your contact information on the box also makes for easy re-ordering.

9. Classic Customizable Water Bottle Mockup

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Here’s yet another way to display your logo on an item used daily.

Your clients don’t drink coffee? Is your business wellness related? Offer your clients and prospects an ice-cold bottle of water while they wait. By customizing the label with your logo, you’re creating another opportunity. Most people will take it with to finish after they leave, exposing anyone they pass by a peek at your logo!

10. Whiskey Shot Glass Mockup

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Hospitality businesses need specific branding and marketing too!

If you own a bar or are a distributor of alcohol, a great place to display your logo is on a shot glass. These shot glasses are perfect or giveaways and promos and perfect for use in your establishment. Another great way to use them is as an item for purchase from your business as well!

11. Coffee Cup And Coffee Beans Mockup

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Locally owned small businesses are booming! Why? Because they make themselves seen!

There are so many independently owned coffee and tea houses. More and more are starting to sell their own beans and tea leaves for customers to purchase so they can enjoy their favorite steaming beverage at home as well.

This mockup showcases your logo on both a cup and a bag of beans or leaves! Quite a few locally-owned restaurants use locally sourced products as well – this never leaves doubt as to who to call when they need more inventory!

12. Outdoor Sign Mockup

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Location, location, location! We all know how important it is that your business has a great location and, most importantly, is visible to the people who pass by it every day. But how do ensure that potential customers will spot you – and be lured inside?

Signage for your storefront is a definite must. This mockup works particularly well when designing your storefront. Many municipalities have strict zoning codes regarding how signs can be displayed. This particular one is bold yet understated—a perfect way to display your logo on the outside of your building.

13. Customizable Wine Bottle Mockup

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Cheers to your company!

If you’ve just launched a new wine varietal, you need to create a label for both the bottle and for marketing material. Using this mockup is a great way to design a few prototypes prior to production. It’s also great to use on a giveaway to clients and prospects. Need a higher-end “thank you” for a vendor or a holiday gift for important contacts?

Even if you sell insurance, you can create a custom label featuring your logo. We’ll drink to that kind of business card!

14. Car Window Decal Mockup

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What’s the best place to display your logo cost-effectively and be sure that it is seen? In traffic, of course! Here’s how to easily make it possible to get rolling signs showcasing your brand all over town.

When rush hour happens, people don’t have much better things to do than stare at the cars around them. Why not take that as an opportunity to get your name out there. Not only can this be used for the obvious, ride-shares, couriers, and courtesy cars, but it’s an excellent way to advertise nearly anything!

Window decals can smartly advertise your pet service, your multi-level marketing platform, or anything else – and you only have to pay for it once!

15. Door Hanger Mockup

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Door-to-door isn’t dead – not quite yet.

Many companies still use door-to-door solicitation styles – it’s just not as intrusive as it once was. A great way to advertise your lawn care business, tree removal, or even a local gym is passive marketing. By leaving a hangtag on the potential client’s front door, you are sure to be noticed!

16. Gift Bag Mockup

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Here’s an amazing, yet somehow often overlooked, way to showcase your logo.

What items should your business put their logo on? Every. Single. One. Gift bags are an exceptionally useful tool for marketing. Fulfilling online orders? Ship them inside of a gift bag. Customers buying products in your store? Bam! Gift bag.

Giveaway bundles at expos or elsewhere? Put them all in a gift bag (making sure all the items inside have your logo on them, too!).

17. Female MMA Fighter Crop Top Mockup

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When you’re in a saturated business market, you need to promote your brand in any way possible to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve talked about a few ways to showcase your logo for gyms. This one is niche-specific for sure. The best way to promote your MMA gym is to be sure all the models in your ads are wearing a logo on their shirt. Make sure your employees wear them and that they are available for purchase as well!

18. Pizza Box Mockup

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There are so many ways to promote your restaurant. This is just one.

If you are selling pizza for take-out or delivery and you don’t have your pizza boxes labeled with your logo, we aren’t sure what your thinking. One of the most important (and also easiest) to market your pizza is on the box it comes in. There’s enough space on there to display your logo and all your contact info. Lots of places even attach a copy of their take-out menu.

19. Floating Pens Mockup

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Remember when we said pens? It’s an oldie but a highly effective goodie.

Take a look at your desk, in your purse – if you work in the foodservice industry, check your pockets. Chances are you have at least three different pens throughout your world (and that’s a low estimate) that have the name of a business on it.

Pens showcasing your logo are not just seen by one person – consider how many pens you’ve lost, or, ahem, stolen in your lifetime. By the end of that pen’s life, it’s probably been owned by at least ten people and seen by hundreds!

20. Lanyard Mockup

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Great use of logo showcase in a subtle, yet highly effective manner.

Although it’s not a huge showcase, lanyards with your logo are an amazing tool. If your employees need to wear badges, this is a simple way to keep from losing them. It’s an even better way to put your logo in the view of crowds. It’s also a great way to display name tags at expos and open houses.

21. Floating Drink Can Mockup

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Everyone these days offers craft cocktails. If you don’t sell liquor, this is an option to get into the game!

Craft sodas are a rising new trend. Local small businesses are finding ways to create their own carbonated beverages for sale. Labeling those cans is a MUST! They can (no pun intended) be used in a similar manner as the water bottles, we mentioned above. Why not put a personalized label on carbonated beverages offered to your clients and prospects?

22. Baby Boy In Onesie Mockup

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Don’t leave out the babies. Or their mothers, for that matter.

Whether you have an entire clothing line for toddlers and babies or you’re selling organic baby foods, onesies are the single most purchased items for tiny people. Heck, we’ve even seen some bands offer them as part of their merchandise line. Fact: Babies wear onesies. Another Fact: Moms buy them by the dozens.

23. Wooden Picture Frame Minimal Mockup

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Just picture the heads you will turn! (These puns are getting out of control!)

This logo showcase mockup can be used for a lot of things, actually. The obvious is for a photographer or a photo studio, but there are other creative ways to utilize this mockup as well. You can use it to display an art studio, original artwork, or even for a restaurant! Use this mockup to display your menu in an interesting way. You can even advertise a fitness center by displaying an award or certificate with your logo on it.

24. Girl Using Phone Grip Mockup

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People are always looking at their phones. Utilize that as free ad space!

Lots of people have these round grips on their phones. It’s perfect for propping your phone on a tabletop or other surface while you stream videos. It’s also a handy way to hold on to your phone when you’re reading an ebook or video chatting.

These grips cost anywhere between $6 and $12 in stores, so by giving these away as promotional items, you are doing your customers a favor – and they are returning that favor by providing brand exposure and advertising!

25. Event Wristbands Mockup

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Planning a big event? Promoting a concert? Got you covered!

These paper event wristbands are great for a number of different uses. If you have a restaurant or bar and you’re hosting an event, they are great to help you determine who is a part of the gathering. If you are an event planner, placing one of these on the wrist of every attendee with your logo on it is a great idea. To be honest, most people even forget to take them off until the next day, offering even more exposure!

26. Yoga Sports Bra And Leggings Mockup

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There are more individual specialties for fitness facilities than the traditional gym or MMA training centers…

Yoga has become an abundantly popular choice for women (and men) across America. This is a great mockup to advertise your Yoga studio. It’s also perfect if you sell fitness-related apparel. We are all familiar with Nike, right? Why do you think that is?

27. Inside Clothing Label Mockup

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If you are in the fashion industry and you aren’t placing brand-specific tags on your garments clearly displaying your logo, you are making a huge mistake.

Garment labels are a must-have for every garment brand. It provides the wearer with a sense of confidence and prestige in higher labels and can provide continuous advertising. (think Nike again)

Not only that, but if your garment ends up in a second-hand store and the purchaser loves the fit or wants to find more options your line offers, the tag is what brings them back to you!

28. Woman At The Gym Mockup

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Here’s our last example of workout themed mockups, we swear. We just want to be sure you are taking advantage of every option to promote.

Not every prospective member of your fitness center is going to be a big muscle-bound man. If you aren’t targeting women as well, you are missing out on so many prospects! Let’s not also forget this is the perfect way to showcase your own fitness apparel line. You can even put your athletic store’s logo on here!

29. Cardboard Clothing Tag Mockup

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The label inside of your garment is not enough. Plus, if you are a reseller and not a designer, your price tag is your mark.

A high-quality tag with a tasteful or even edgy logo is a great way to generate recognition. Even if you have your name on the bags and receipts,  your custom price tag makes sure that your business is seen if the item is gifted.

30. Sticker On The Back Of A Truck Mockup

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What if you don’t necessarily have a storefront? What if you are a service and not a retailer?

If your business does construction, recycling, lawn care, or any other service-only related work, the best way to get seen is by placing a company logo decal on your vehicles.

When working on-site, people passing by will see your business name and contact information on your truck. You never know when someone is currently looking for the services you offer, and by labeling your vehicles, you are showing them you are out there.

31. Square Drink Coaster Mockup

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Here’s another great example of a mockup that can be used for multiple types of businesses.

The obvious choice is a bar, of course, but I’m confident that we’ve shown you we think out of the box. The best use of this mockup doesn’t end there. These coasters are commonly used by micro-breweries nationwide to advertise their line in local bars. Also, what if you have an event planning service? Using this mockup in an online or print ad is genius!

32. Classic Macbook Computer Mockup

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Don’t worry, techies! We haven’t forgotten about you!

Whether you are a computer reseller or provide repair services – this is perfect for you. The obvious is for use in online or print advertising. If you a retailer, you can showcase your logo on the background screens of all your product offerings. It’s also a great way to showcase your website in ads.

33. Facebook Ad Style T-Shirt Mockup

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Here’s one for those of you who want to advertise on Facebook and other social media platforms but have no graphic design experience.

This mockup is an artsy image of a hipster-guy looking down at his T-shirt. Specifically geared for Facebook, this mockup is meant to be an ad. It doesn’t have to be limited to clothing lines or retailers – it would work to advertise fashion schools, portfolio creation services, or even photographers!

34. Restaurant Menu And Wine Glass Mockup

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This is one of the few that only have one intended market in mind, but if you can be creative enough to find another use, nothing is standing in your way!

While not likely to work for a pancake house or fast food establishment, this is a creative and sophisticated way to market a higher scale eating establishment or wine bar. Size your menu, making sure your logo is clearly visible, to be placed on this template.

You can use the front page of your actual menu or feature creative or highly sought after items. Since there is a glass of wine already on the table, why not use it for advertising your impressive list of wine offerings?

35. Female Engineer Working With iPad Mockup

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Technology incorporation and elimination of paperwork are no longer limited to offices and storefronts. More and more companies are utilizing them on project locations as well.

Regardless of how long construction workers, truck drivers, and industrial workers have tried to fight the incorporation of technology in place of good old fashioned paper, it was bound to happen eventually. Many of these companies have accepted the use of tablets on the job site with open arms.

Not only do they employ the use of software for time clock records, but they are used for invoicing and submitting bids as well. Often, insurance companies providing workers’ compensation insurance will offer lower rates if employees log on to a tablet daily to participate in a safety quiz. This is a great mockup to showcase employee management software and safety checks!

36. Mother And Son Using iPhone Mockup

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Here is yet another great example of software marketing!

If you have developed a kid-friendly app, what better way to display it, including your logo, than on a hand-held screen while being used by a mother and child? It is also a great way to promote a child-friendly ebook as well! It’s a great attention grabber!

37. Refrigerator Door Magnet Mockup

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If we didn’t add this tried and true method to our list, we’d be doing you a huge disservice.

For years, anyone from food-take out establishments to lawn care; roofing contractors to schools have utilized the use of the refrigerator magnet to self-promote. Not only is it a practical item for the use of consumers, but it puts you in their faces daily.

Whether it includes a calendar, menu snippet, or simply contact information, nearly every home in America has one of these in their home.  

Don’t Limit the Exposure of Your Business

Although we are pretty confident we’ve included at least one great option to create a mockup showcasing your brand’s logo, we’ve definitely shown you a few ways to get creative and think out of the box.

With the growing number of small businesses appearing daily, it’s more important than ever to stand out and get as much creative exposure as possible. Every opportunity wasted is a dollar in someone else’s pocket. By creating a mockup to showcase your logo, you save time and money, putting more of each back into your business.

Need more mockups? View more mockups here.

The only thing left for you to do is find the template that best suits the individual needs of your business. We’ll leave you with an inspirational quote from the great Dr. Spock – may your business “live long and prosper!”