4 Best Merchandise Mockups On Placeit.net

Are you looking for the best merchandise mockups so that you can more quickly sell your items? If so, then using designs from Placeit.net for Teespring products or other services is one of the best ways to create merchandise mockups. With Placeit.net, you can easily create beautiful designs on your products using the best mockups you’ll find anywhere on the Internet.

What are the best merchandise mockups on Placeit.net? The best merchandise mockups on Placeit.net include:

  • Mug mockups
  • Travel Mug mockups
  • Jersey mockups
  • Pillow mockups

Since there isn’t much available on the Internet today covering placeit.net mockups, we created this article to help you. Below we’ll discuss the best merchandise mockups you can find on placeit.net

First, Creating Your Design

If you use Teespring to create products, you may not have known that you can create beautiful designs easily and within seconds by merely using Placeit’s beautiful design templates. Placeit uses what’s known as a smart-template maker, meaning you can easily modify your designs in seconds.

Placeit features a design maker that’s simple to utilize and offers over seven thousand templates to use to create designs. Plus, Placeit is always adding more templates daily. By using one of its design templates, you won’t need to hire a graphic designer or learn how to make excellent designs yourself. Instead, with Placeit you’ll be equipped with the ability to make innovative and quality designs without a degree in design.

If you are using Placeit with Teespring, all you need to do is:

  • First, head to Placeit and create your design
  • After your design is created, choose a transparent background
  • Download your design
  • Next, return to Teespring’s Launcher, and choose upload artwork to select the design you downloaded from Placeit

These steps are straightforward and fast to accomplish, and you can have your mockup design completed within minutes. So, if you know you need a mockup design for a product immediately, Placeit can solve that problem for you both quickly and easily.

Placeit’s Mockups

Two of the best things about Placeit’s mockups include:

  • The most significant design catalog on the Internet today that offers mockups.
  • Features that make the process easy and straightforward to use.

Placeit’s designs work well for product creators and clothing brands alike. That’s because Placeit offers thousands of apparel mockups that can be used with things like:

  • Hoodies
  • Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Leggings

And that’s just the start of the list. Placeit can also help you create mockups for other products that aren’t apparel items. Regardless of why you are using Placeit, you’ll wind up using a carefully created mockup. You can craft and edit that mockup so that you’ll have the best designs possible for your customers.

Placeit’s mockups will allow you to attract attention to your brand across several social channels as you promote your new product’s design. With Placeit, you won’t need to worry about paying designers or photographers so that you wind up with high-quality images. Instead, you’ll be able to make excellent mockups with just a few clicks, creating incredible designs. Even better, Placeit also offers a massive library of video mockups, too.

4 Best Merchandise Mockups on Placeit

So, what are some of the best merchandise mockups available on Placeit? We’ll cover that in detail below.

#1 Mug Mockups

If you are already selling t-shirts, one of the best types of products you can sell besides shirts is custom mugs. Making custom mugs allows you to increase the product line you are offering, and you can also promote your designs to a broader audience. Whether you are a custom mug seller or not, using custom mugs to promote your band’s image and your designs will help you attract plenty of attention to your products and your company.

With Placeit’s mug mockups, you can create coffee cup designs that feature professional photographers’ images, which will cost you far less than hiring a photographer for a photoshoot. You can also add some spectacular features to your design by using Placeit’s eleven-ounce mug mockups, or their fifteen-ounce mug mockups.

Mug mockups will allow you to start with a blank canvas where you can then print and create your design. So, once you start looking around on Placeit for your mug mockup, you’ll notice that Placeit offers mug mockups for every niche imaginable. You can select a minimal mockup or a full-scale design mockup, depending on what you need to do with Placeit.

#2 Travel Mug Mockups

Most people have hectic and busy lives. So, more people tend to bring their coffee with them on the road. Placeit also offers travel mug mockups, which will allow you to make beautiful mockups and display your designs and your brand. By browsing through Placeit’s library, you’ll be able to find all you’ll need to know to create your brand’s travel mug, using all types of images.

#3 Jersey Mockups

Placeit also offers professional images that produce quality jerseys that will reflect your brand’s name or your products. It’s easy to use Placeit’s jersey mockups to create quality jerseys with just a few simple clicks of your mouse.

It’s challenging to be your apparel designer because of budgets, deadlines, and finances. That’s why using Placeit to make your jersey designs and promote your brand name is such a useful idea. Placeit offers hundreds of jersey mockup template designs from which you can choose. Jersey mockups are a great way to promote your brand and your team.

With Placeit, you can easily upload your designs and downloads and use as many professional images from Placeit as you’d like. That way, you can more successfully promote your jerseys and your team. To make a jersey mockup with Placeit, all you need to do is:

  • Select a jersey template from Placeit’s library.
  • Start customizing it.
  • Change your jersey’s color, upload your team’s logo, or upload anything else you need.
  • Once your image is satisfactory, download it, and you’ll have your jersey mockup image created.

#4 Pillow Mockups

With Placeit, you can make great pillow mockups, too. Making pillow mockups with Placeit is an easy and straightforward process. You can promote your latest pillow designs and easily create new products to reflect your brand’s image with Placeit. Placeit offers different:

  • Models
  • Settings
  • Pillow styles

Because of that, making images for your brand on Placeit is simple. Instead of hiring a photographer or graphic designer for your pillow design, you can now select a pillow mockup on Placeit, customize it, and you’ll have an excellent design that is ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Once you’ve glanced through Placeit’s extensive library of pillow mockups, you can select the one you like the most. Then simply upload your pillow design and choose the color you want your pillow to be. After you’ve done that, you just need to download your new mockup, and you have your image completed.

Pillow mockups allow you to use professional photography images to add to your design. Because of this, you can create a professional-looking pillow design in just a few minutes using Placeit. Placeit offers so many different pillow mockups, and they continue to grow their catalog. So, once you are ready to update your pillow designs again, you’ll still have several options from which to choose.

Keep in mind that when you are making pillow designs, lifestyle designs on pillows tend to sell more. Many print on demand sites allow you to print designs on pillows. If you want to make your pillows stand out as an innovative product, using lifestyle photos can help you promote your brand and products more successfully.