5 Reasons Why Graphic Design Jobs Are Declining

If your dream is to be a graphic designer and work in a field that allows you to express your creativity and be recognized for your innovative designs you are not alone. Many people share the same passion for design which is vexing as it seems that graphic design jobs are declining. 

If you are wondering why graphic design jobs are on the downslide and if there is any hope of revival of the industry continue reading.

Reasons Why Graphic Design Jobs Are Declining

Most people who strive to work in the field of graphic design have a specific idea of what they want to work on and what they think the outcome will be. The reality of the matter however is that most graphic designers are not doing what they set out to do originally and are finding that true graphic design jobs are declining.

The list below goes into further discussion about why graphic design jobs are on the decline and also some insight into what the future of graphic design looks like for current and aspiring designers.

1. The Dissolution of the Print Industry

A large reason that current and aspiring graphic designers are encountering issues with finding legitimate graphic design positions is simply that the world is printing less and streaming more.

It is safe to say that a great majority of the world functions online. Nearly everything relies on an internet connection and the world wide web.

It is projected that in the next few years people who rely on the print industry to fill their wallets are going to be struggling even more.

2. Freelancers Reducing Need for In-House Design Positions

Another large factor affecting those who desire to work as in-house graphic designers is that so many businesses are outsourcing to freelance designers rather than creating full-time positions.

This can oftentimes save a business a lot of money as they are only having to pay for the time and work the designer produces as opposed to having to pay large salaries, health insurance premiums, or other costs associated with employing a person full-time.

3. Self Reliance Is On the Rise – Graphically Speaking

More and more people are beginning to take over their graphic design needs thanks to so many AI and drag-and-drop programs that allow anyone to produce with or without any design sense.

Although orthodox designers may not approve of the use of these programs a majority of people are doing things themselves these days which means less work for current or aspiring designers.

This is just another reason to get really good at what you love doing as a designer so you can prove to the DIY-ers that you are worth the money that they are saving by doing it themselves.

4. Graphic Design Is Not the Same as Marketing Or PR

A big problem with businesses and large corporations that hire in-house graphic designers is that they misunderstand the definition of what a graphic designer does. Oftentimes graphic designers are expected to perform tasks or jobs that are not what they were hired for or even qualified to perform.

It is not uncommon for the bosses upstairs to confuse graphic design with marketing. Although they can go hand-in-hand they are not the same thing. Graphic design is merely a small part of marketing; many graphic designers are leaving the structured corporate world and starting their own businesses to focus on what they love doing.

They want to be in charge of their fortunes rather than being controlled and coerced into doing more than what they were hired for and oftentimes not being compensated appropriately for the extra hours and hard work put into their designs.

5. Too Many and Not Enough – Qualified Designers VS Available Jobs

It is not a new notion, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. With graphic design being such a popular industry many people have become highly skilled which once again, raises the bar for the competition.

With so many equally skilled individuals available to work it comes down to the simple concept of supply and demand. There may be a great supply of highly-qualified designers, but there are not enough businesses requiring their skills to go around.

This issue leaves a lot of designers with empty wallets forcing them to do jobs they are not passionate about. Continue reading to learn how you can fight the declining graphic design job market and stay one step ahead.

Combating Graphic Design Job Declination

The only way for current and future graphic designers to keep their heads afloat is to conform to the changing times or take the risk of extinction.

To combat the issue of the declining print industry graphic designers will need to direct their focus on the following things in order to remain current and stay ahead of the competition:

  • Mastering new design techniques
  • Learning new design programs and software
  • Keeping up with technology
  • Pay attention to ever-changing web design trends

A few tips that can keep you running with the competition when looking for graphic design jobs are listed below.

Put Yourself In the Best Light

Don’t come in half-cocked and unprepared when bidding for a job or applying for an in-house position. Be confident and have your ducks in a row so they can focus on the design genius you really are.

Always Keep Your Resume Updated

It is essential that you present a resume to potential employers or clients that has your current information as well as a sleek, professional look that is easy to read.

Avoid busy, long-winded paragraphs about yourself and keep things focused on your abilities and what you can bring to the table.

Physical and Web Portfolios Are Necessary

If you cannot show your potential wallet fillers examples of work you have done or design ideas you have conjured it is likely you will not be remembered and they will move on to the next candidate.

It is extremely necessary to keep and maintain a physical and web-based portfolio that accurately demonstrates your skills and projects what you would like to do in the future.

Lead, Don’t Follow

When hiring a graphic designer whether for an in-house position or occasional freelance work people want someone who can follow directions but is not afraid to think outside of the box.

They want a designer who can take an idea to the next level without always being told. Be a leader, not a follower who only does what they are told.

Changing Trends Mean New Opportunities In Graphic Design

Although jobs in the graphic design industry may be declining and new technology is stepping in, there will always be a need for a human perspective if a design is truly going to resonate with people. The type of design jobs and the way we accomplish them may change, but graphic design will always be around in one form or another.