5 Reasons Why Wacom Tablets Are So Expensive

If you’re looking for a drawing tablet, you’ve probably stumbled across the iconic Wacom brand. With tablets that can hit almost $250, they’re one of the most expensive brands out there. Still, people continue to buy them for their art. Why are these small tablets so expensive? 

There are a few reasons Wacom tablets are so expensive, despite the rise of lower-priced competition. It’s critical to understand the price if you’re thinking about buying a Wacom tablet for yourself. Let’s dive right in.

1. Wacom Has Little Competition

One of the main reasons Wacom is so expensive is because they have little competition in the digital art world. There aren’t many companies that make drawing tablets, and most that do haven’t been around as long. Wacom tablets have a monopoly, so they can charge what they want.

A few of the Wacom competitors that exist on the market include:

These are the biggest competitors that exist in the drawing tablet market.

Still, none of these companies come close to what Wacom has built over the years. They offer tablets of the utmost quality to users, which is getting hard to find in a fast market. You can’t beat what comes with investing in a Wacom tablet. 

If your focus is saving money, one of these competitors might be a better choice for you. However, if you want the best of the best, Wacom tablets are at the top of their game.

2. Wacom’s Products Are Well-Known

Wacom is a company that has long produced quality products. Through high praise, recommendations, and a multitude of customers, their products have become well-known throughout the art world. For this reason, they can up the price without worrying that they will lose customers as a result.

A well-known product has a group of people that will stand behind it at all costs. People who love Apple will pay thousands for their products. Lovers of video game systems will offer their funds for a new system. It’s the same with Wacom. They’ve worthily established themselves over time, and they have a solid fanbase of loyal customers.

3. Wacom Has Ideal Driver Support

Wacom tablets have excellent driver support which is difficult to find in the drawing tablet world. Most Wacom tablets have produced at least eleven years of continuous driver support. Each year, they work to support their upgraded products more than the previous years. This move makes their tablets more expensive.

A few of the reasons you need good driver support include:

  • Linking everything together for ease of access
  • Permitting your tablet to work properly when you go on to draw

Solid driver support will make a difference for your art.

It’s impressive that Wacom drawing tablets have driver support that lasts more than ten years. It’s a sign that the company works to keep its technology up-to-date and ready to collaborate with the artist behind the pen. Wacom works diligently to produce excellent products rather than creating for the sake of making the most money.

4. Wacom Has Excellent Technology

It’s an indisputable fact that Wacom tablets have excellent technology for artists to have fun with while they create. They have up to 2048 pressure sensitivity, far higher than most will ever need but convenient nonetheless. They also have items like tilt sensitivity and multitouch for those who get more advanced models of the tablet.

Some other technologies that exist inside the Wacom drawing tablet include:

  • Various ink data technologies
  • Advanced pen sensors
  • Pen-on-paper feel when working on the tablet

These are some of the integral items Wacom has developed to fit inside their drawing tablets.

The price is high because of the technology packed inside each tablet. Wacom has worked hard over the years to develop a product that holds a similar feel to drawing and writing on actual paper. The final product puts that on display and permits artists to take advantage of the technology for their work.

5. Wacom Makes Quality Tablets

Finally, Wacom tablets are expensive because Wacom makes quality products. Many customers have said that their Wacom tablets have lasted them more than ten years, and are still in full functionality. They’re an authentic business that has grown its marketplace and earned consumer trust.

Some of their best drawing tablets that Wacom offers include:

These are some of the best choices out there if you want a Wacom drawing tablet for your life.

If you look at the reviews for these tablets, you can see the many happy customers who have invested in this product. Wacom drawing tablets are one of the few pieces of technology left that will last for years and years. If you’re an artist and you need something that will stick around, the expense of the Wacom tablet is more than worth it.

You can feel confident that the work you create with a Wacom tablet is top-notch. The price is worth it for everything you get packed inside one tiny tablet.


Art is expensive, and one of the most expensive items you can buy for your work is the Wacom tablet. Even though they are high-priced, Wacom tablets have reasons behind this choice. They have little competition, make quality tablets, and have driver support that stretched beyond what most of the modern competition offers.

We hope this information was helpful! It can be shocking to see the tag, but there is a rationale here. If you’re thinking about a Wacom tablet, it’s a worthy investment. The price comes with beneficial features that will help push your art career forward in the best ways. A Wacom tablet will stick by your side throughout your career and beyond.