6 Best Free Designs On Placeit.net

6 Best Free Designs On Placeit.net

Placeit.net is one of the largest inventories for the best free graphic designing templates compared to leading competitors. With thousands of designs, logos, and mockups to choose from, many of the templates are free!

6 Best Free Designs on Placeit.net. There are many great free designs to choose from on placeit.net but some of the greatest and most popular include:

  • T-shirt design
  • Pullover Hoodies
  • Mug Templates
  • Instagram Story Templates
  • Instagram Post Templates
  • Social Media Post Designs

In addition to all the freebee designs you can find on placeit.net, they also have mockups, logos, and video designing you can choose from to ultimately enhance the marketing for your company. Placeit has oodles of free choices in their gallery, giving their site a lot of variety and makes them stand out.

Is Placeit Really Free?

They actually have a lot of free content to choose from and a free trial to test out their products. Although there are many free designs, you may find something you absolutely want but has a cost associated with it. 

Placeit offers a large free variety, but for more access, they have two purchasing options, which include single purchasing options or their unlimited subscription. 

Single Purchases

You pay for only that in which you want. A single design template for a T-shirt design per say or a mock-up or single logo purchase. Basically, you pay as you go, and as the need for a design comes up. This may be more valuable if you only want to do or need to do a logo or design for a one-time event or gift. 

However, if you plan on changing designs often or doing more than one project or think you would like to experiment with different logos, an unlimited subscription may be a better choice. 

Unlimited Subscription

There are two options within the subscription for the unlimited package. One of these options is the annual fee of $99.95. For this rate, you are able to access all the designs and mock-up templates on their site with no restrictions. 

Bonus: Placeit is offering 15% off any plan!

The other choice in the unlimited plan is to pay a monthly fee of $14.95. The monthly fee gives you the same benefit as paying for the annual fee; however, it is more expensive if you take this route.    

If you are constantly in need of fresh designs, unlimited is the way to go because you get to keep it for as long as you like.

6 Best Free Designs on Placeit.net

Some of the best and most popular free designs are from the following categories:

  • T-Shirt Design
  • Pullover Hoodies
  • Mug Templates
  • Instagram Story Templates
  • Instagram Post Templates
  • Social Media Post Design

When you first get into Placeit, there is a row of tabs to choose from along with a variety of designs and templates to view. In the tab section, the third choice is labeled design. When you click on the design tab, it changes the second row of tab options. 

The first tab in the second row now displays free designs. To make it even sweeter, an additional option on the left side of the screen there is a drop-down box, click the down arrow, and choose best selling. 

If you notice on the left-hand side of the screen under the drop-down menu, you will see all the best selling categories by name with a quantity of available designs next to the name. 

T-shirt Design

The very first design feature is a T-shirt mock-up of a model wearing a shirt that states, “Upload Your Image Here 720 x1200 px”. PX stands for pixels that are the dimension of the image. 

In the T-shirt category, there are 60 designs and 27 in T-shirt design. Once you click on one of the options, you get the opportunity to more specific features like gender, age, and ethnicity for your model for your mock-up design.

The first six designs might I mention, free designs are of T-shirt designs. You have several choices right from the start. The differences are the models displaying your design.

To clear confusion, a mock-up is a design, a scale or full-size model of a design or device, used for, in this case, design evaluation. 

There are a variety of T-shirt models, but once you decide on a mock-up, it will bring you to a new screen where the designing and fun begins! 

Depending on which design template you choose, you are given a variety of choices. These choices in the Placeit website include adding text, uploading images from the left-hand side of the screen. Then to the right side of the screen, the options include changing the color of the actual shirt and the background or stage color. 

In the top right-hand area, there is a save button and download option. In order to continue, you must sign up and create an account, but do not fret because that is free also. You can only get into the editing process until you are asked to continue with signing in. 

Pullover Hoodies

In the pullover hoodie department, there are also 27 choices to pick from similarly to the T-shirt designs. If you look through the mock-up designs, the first two pages are all free!

Mug Templates 

I certainly enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and tea from time to time. And in my opinion, something just hits better when it is in a personalized cup. Placeit offers 24 different mock-up choices to place your design on. 

The mug category is very popular and one of the best because of how easy it is to personalize gifts or make marketing gifts for around the office or to pass out at events.

Instagram Story Templates 

Instagram is a very popular and social media platform that captures everyday life and allows its members to share it with their friends and family. It can even make people famous and get noticed from businesses or for photography skills. 

All sorts of professions can rise from the beginning on social media. So why not take those photos to the next level and enhance your Instagram story templates with placeit. 

With 61 choices to choose from with a variety of free designs, this is one of the best places to use for designs instagram story templates; it’s not only easy it is free. 

Instagram Post Templates

Just as the stories for Instagram, there are a slew of Instagram post designs as well. Coming in at 46 different choices, the majority of them are free!

These are very popular with different background layers and options you can completely customize to achieve the design you envision.

Social Media Post Designs

The social media post category on placeit has 548 different designs to choose from. It is not surprising that social media is a huge part of communication and a valuable method of marketing. 

Just like the other designs, you choose the one you like best and begin your creation. What is so nice about this website is it is so easy to use, and everything you need is laid out in front of you.

There are no secrets or second-guessing. It walks you through each step, and in the end, you can download your product or have it placed on apparel or other products to be used to upscale your market for your business. It is hassle-free and has the largest variety of free designs!