7 Reasons Why You Can’t Find a Graphic Design Job

Is it just you, or is the graphic design market really that competitive? It seems like everyone, and their mom has a graphic design degree these days. And when they don’t have a degree, they’re willing to work for peanuts to get their foot in the door.

This state of affairs doesn’t make things any easier for people looking for a job. You find that there are just too many designers out there and not enough jobs. Getting a job as a graphic designer may be even more challenging than you think it is. In this article, we explore 7 reasons why you might not be able to find a job as a graphic designer – and what you can do about it.

1. Your Portfolio Needs a Serious Revamp

It’s easy to blame your lack of a job on the current economy or your skillset. But have you taken a good, hard look at your portfolio lately? It might be time to invest in some new design work and ensure that it’s of the highest quality.

Your portfolio is one of the essential tools you have when looking for a job as a graphic designer. It tells your potential employer what you can do and how well you can do it. So if your portfolio is looking a little lackluster, it’s time to give it a makeover.

2. You Aren’t Networking Enough

Networking is one of the most critical aspects of finding a job in any field, and graphic design is no exception. But it’s not just about attending industry events or sending out resumes to everyone you know. It’s also about building relationships with other professionals in your field.

There are various ways to do this, but one of the best is social media. Follow industry leaders and other professionals on Twitter, connect with them on LinkedIn, and join relevant groups on Facebook. Doing so will help you learn more about the industry and develop relationships that could lead to job opportunities in the future.

3. You’re Overly Defensive When It Comes to Your Work

As an artist or designer, there’s no doubt that you’re incredibly passionate about the work you do. Consequently, it’s easy to get defensive when your work is criticized. However, it’s essential not to take things personally.

Remember that criticism is a gift, and you should be thankful someone cared enough about your work to point out what they feel needs improvement.

In addition, criticism allows you to grow as an artist or designer and better understand future clients’ needs. For instance, if a client passed on your work because they didn’t like the font you chose, perhaps next time, you can find a font that works better for them.

Therefore, be open to criticism and learn from it. Use what people are saying as an opportunity to improve your work rather than getting defensive about it.

Source: Flat Icons

4. You’re Showing Clients the Wrong Work

Another reason why many graphic designers struggle to find work is that they’re showing the wrong type of work to their clients. For instance, if your client is more interested in motion design, it makes no sense to show them your portfolio of print design work.

Clients are more likely to hire you if they like what they see in your portfolio because they know you understand their needs and deliver the type of work that fits their business strategy.

However, if someone doesn’t like what they see in your portfolio, there’s a good chance that they’ll pass you over for someone else.

You may think that this is unfair, but it’s a reality of the business world. There are simply too many designers competing to get work, and clients have very little time or patience to look through portfolios if they don’t like what they see in the first few seconds.

5. You Have a Poorly Designed Website

Most creatives want to do everything themselves, including web design. That’s all well and good if you have professional web design skills. But if your website is a mess, clients are going to get the sense that they’d be hiring someone who has no idea what they’re doing with their own business.

If potential employers see that your work doesn’t even look professional on an online platform, how can they expect you to do an excellent job for them?

Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in an online professional presence. This will set you apart from other creatives and show that you know what it takes to get your business off the ground. And landing gigs is all about standing out in this competitive field.

Source: Plural Sight

6. You Don’t Have a Portfolio Website or Social Media Presence

Another mistake graphic designers make is not having an online portfolio or social media presence. Many hiring managers will look for these things before even considering you for a job.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have a website that showcases your work and makes it easy for potential clients to connect with you. And be sure to post regularly on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Doing so allows you to put your work in front of a wider audience and demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

7. You’re Not Specializing Enough

Many graphic designers try to do too many things, making them less appealing to hiring managers. When trying to stand out in a competitive field, it’s essential to specialize in one or two areas. That way, you can develop a deep knowledge of those topics and become an expert in your field.


Graphic design is a highly competitive career, making it challenging to get job opportunities. There’s no doubt about it. However, if you’ve been having difficulty landing a job for a while, you may be making some of the mistakes we mentioned above.

So take the time to assess your job search and make the necessary changes. And don’t forget to keep practising and learning new skills. With a bit of perseverance, you’ll be able to find a great graphic design job in no time.