7 Steps to Creating a Twitch Banner With Placeit

7 Steps to Creating a Twitch Banner With Placeit

Twitch is a growing platform that makes it easy for individuals and companies to do live streaming. If you want to get onto Twitch and reach your customers, then creating a Twitch banner will help you get there.

Creating a Twitch Banner with Placeit is one of the easiest ways to create your own persona on your Twitch account. Placeit comes with many templates, both free and options you can pay for, and customizing them to have your own unique voice and style will make it easier for viewers to recognize your channel.

If you want to get viewers onto your Twitch, you need to create your own Twitch banner. This helps others know who you are and what is found on your channel. This article will help you learn the exact steps you need to use to create an impressive Twitch banner with the help of Placeit.

How to Make Your Twitch Banner with Placeit

There are so many reasons to create a Twitch banner. Whether you plan to show your own personal information or you want to showcase your business, these banners will be one of the first things your customers will see when they come to your page. Some of the steps you need to follow to make your own Twitch banner with Placeit include:

Go to the Gaming Section on Placeit

When you get to Placeit, you will likely see a number of panels right along the top with drop-down options. Some of the different sections include:

  • Designs
  • Mockups
  • Logos
  • Videos
  • Gaming

We want to click on Gaming to see what options are available there. It should be to the right on the top of your screen.

Select Twitch Banner Option

When you click on the Gaming section, a drop-down menu will appear. These are all of the different things that you can do with gaming template on Placeit. While Twitch is not seen as a gaming template, this is where you will find the different Twitch banner templates on this website. When you see the drop-down menu, you need to click on three things:

  • Browse All Gaming Templates
  • Twitch Templates
  • Twitch Banners

Choose the Template

There should be a few different templates available when you follow the instructions above. You can click on a few and check them out. Choose one that will go best with the style of your channel or that look the best. Keep in mind that some will be free and some will cost for you to use them.

If you want more options with your template and some of the higher quality banners, then you will need to purchase one to use. There are some good free options for those starting out, but keep in mind that other Twitch users may have them on their channels as well. If you want something unique for your channel, spend a little money on the template.

Customize the Template

After you choose the right panel for your needs, you will be redirected to an editing window. Each one is slightly different based on the template you decide to go with. This is where you can get to work, customizing the banner to have your own personal style and any information you want to share with the viewer.

There are a few different things you can customize during this stage including:

  • The text you want to use
  • The color of the words and the texture.
  • Move the elements around.
  • Upload your own icon or use one available through Placeit

Picking the Right Text

Take some time to decide what type of text you would like to use. Type in your personal or business name and contact information. Then choose the right colors and fonts to go with your style. You can change up all the textures and colors on the banner too.

Experiment with some of the options until you find the right combination that looks perfect.

Move Your Elements Around

If there is something on the banner you do not like, or you want to change its placement, Placeit makes it easy to change that on your Twitch banner.

You can move anything around on your template manually until it feels just right. You can even completely remove anything that you do not like on the original template.

Choose the Icons

There are often some icons found on the different Twitch banner templates. Sometimes they will work for the style you want, and sometimes they won’t. You can easily leave those icons there if you want or replace them with something else to fit how you want the banner to look.

Choosing the Right Size

There are different sizes you can choose for your Twitch banner. Some of the different options include:

  • 1920 px by 480 px: This works best for full monitors and HD viewing.
  • 900 px by 480 px: This is the recommendation from Twitch, but you will notice that the quality is reduced.
  • 1200 px by 380 px: This one is a good medium between the two above, and the one that you will see as standard when you create your own with Placeit.

The right size for your Twitch banner does depend on the exact location you plan to place it when done. However, the standard is usually 1200 X 380 px. When you use Placeit to make this banner, the banner will fit into any location you want while still looking amazing. You can pick out the right template and then customize it to get the right size.

Get Creative

When it comes to creating your Twitch banner, do not just go with the template you are given. There are some great template options on Placeit, but if you really want to showcase what your Twitch channel is about and bring in the viewers, you need to take that template and make it your own.

This is where you need to get creative. Think about what features you can add into your template to make it uniquely yours and can help you draw in the customers.

Some things to consider include:

  • What color showcases your brand the best?
  • What information or catchphrase can you add that will be recognizable to your viewers?
  • What pictures or images would be the best?
  • Is there anything in the banner that just doesn’t belong that you should remove?
  • Does the banner look neat and easy to read?

It is a good idea to think outside the box. This banner is not very large and there are many users on Twitch already. You must think about some of the ways you can use this banner to stand out from the crowd.

Creating Your Own Twitch Banner with Placeit

Placeit is one of the best sites to use when you want to create your own Twitch Banner. Having this banner is a great way to introduce your viewers to your channel on Twitch and to give them a little sneak peek into what they will see when they view your content. The right Twitch banner may be just enough to send viewers away.

With the help of Placeit, you can easily create your own Twitch banner in no time. They are simple and easy, and Placeit allows you to utilize some of their free banners to help keep things affordable.

If you find that the Twitch banner you really like is a paid template on Placeit, here is a 15% off Placeit coupon to bring the price down.

Follow the tips in this article and be creative, and you are sure to create the perfect Twitch banner for your Twitch channel.