7 Ways to Convert to CMYK Without Photoshop

Without converting your image or project to CMYK, your print job won’t look as professional and clean as it should or needs to. Now, many people have issues trying to figure out how to convert your files and who you even have to. 

Changing the color scheme before printing will allow clearer images with more color definition that will allow your project or image to stand out above all of the rest. The great thing is that now you don’t even have to purchase or download anything to convert your file with CMYK. 

Converting CMYK Without Photoshop

Converting to CMYK can be frustrating because you usually have to download expensive and large amounts of software. However, thanks to technological advancement and the rising necessity for CMYK conversion, there are quite a few free and simple options to help you get your project print-ready. 

1. Using The GIMP Open Source Editing Tool

You can always use the free GIMP software to help change the color space of your file, without having to purchase any licensed software or anything. To use the GIMP open-source tool to convert your file to CMYK you can follow the steps below:

  1. Following instructions from the installation manager, download and install GIMP
  2. It will require you to download the “CMYK separation plugin for GIMP”
  3. Download the ICC profile
  4. In GIMP, select the file you want to convert by opening it from File > Open
  5. Right-click on your image to open the drop-down menu and choose separate
  6. From there you can choose your destination profiles

This process allows you to convert your CMYK without downloading and paying for any licensed product or software. Some people believe this takes a few more steps, but generally, it takes about the same amount of time but less money. 

2. Use An Online CMYK Converter

So, while you could download plugins and software for CMYK converters, this ensures you always have them on your computer when you need them. However, you could also simply rely on an online CMYK converter option. 

At RGB 2 CYMK  you can convert your files to CYMK without needing to download or install anything. The online process allows you to do the following:

  1. Upload your file
  2. Choose from several professional profiles
  3. Convert it to CMYK

This is a reliable option for those not wanting to download or install anything or those who only need a one-time option to convert. 

3. Contact A Printing Company

If you are intending on printing your image or project and you already need to go through a printing company for it, it’s very likely that your printing company can also convert the file for you. 

You will need to call and check with them and it may take you a few companies before you find someone who will do it for you, but you can find companies that will convert the file and complete the printing job for you. 

Now, this isn’t always the best option for those who like to tweak things before they are sent off for the final print, but most companies allow you to check the final image before the print job has begun. 

4. Using Adobe Illustrator

Many people don’t often think about Adobe Illustrator for converting because Adobe is automatically RGB, however, through a series of steps, you can convert your file to CMYK.

To convert your file to CMYK using Adobe Illustrator, you can follow the following steps:

  1. File > Document Color Mode > CMYK
  2. Open the hidden tab > CMYK
  3. Adjust the color depending on your personal preference either using the color slides or the fill color option
  4. Select your desired color and click OK

Once these steps are completed you can save or move your file to any destination you prefer. 

5. Mixam Print

Another free online option to help you convert to CMYK is Mixam Print. This online option allows so many different settings, personal preference options, and great tools to help your image get ready for the print job. 

To use Mixam Print to convert your file to CMYK you can do the steps as follows:

  1. Edit Interface > Edit
  2. Make any necessary or personal changes to the CMYK profile options
  3. Conversions Options > ACE > Relative Color Metric
  4. Click OK and allow conversion to finish

Once your conversion is finished you can save, move or edit your file before sending it off for the final print job. 

6. Using Procreate

For those with the IOS operating system, you can use procreate to edit and convert to CMYK. To use procreate, you can go through the following steps:

  1. Open procreate and click on the rectangle with a plus icon
  2. Once you choose your dimension settings, go to Color Profile under custom canvas
  3. Select the CMYK generic profile option
  4. Import your project or image and the conversion will begin immediately

Once the conversion is fully done you can save, edit or export your image anywhere you prefer. 

7. Using Microsoft Publisher

You can use Microsoft Publisher to convert your files to CMYK as easily as any other software. To begin, you need to change a few options in the tools drop-down to commercial printing, color mode, and CMYK. 

Once you change these settings, you can save your file in JPEG Interchangeable format. Once your file is saved, change the resolution to “commercial Printing (300 DPI)” and your file will be ready for printing. 

Final Thoughts

Converting your image to CMYK is far easier than it used to be due to the rising desire for a different color scheme setting. No matter if you need software or just want to use an online option, you can find something that will work for your to convert your file. 

Even if you are only looking for something as a one-time option, there is even something for you and your project.