8 Steps to Creating A Mockup Calendar Using Placeit

8 Steps to Creating A Mockup Calendar Using Placeit

Placeit.net is a website that offers one of the best instant mockup generators on the web, with over 30,000 mockups available and counting. Placeit can create mockups of everything from coffee cups to face masks. Mockups are simple yet effective tools that can be used to promote a business or brand.

Mockups give you the power to advertise your brand on T-shirts, business cards, or tote bags, without the expense of actually getting these things made and hiring a photographer to take pictures of people with them. Today, the goal is to tell you how to create a mockup calendar using Placeit.

Ps. Placeit uploads roughly 600 new templates per week!

Choose Your Mockup Calendar

To access the various calendar mockups available on Placeit, you will need to open the mockups drop-down menu at the top of the landing page and select the mockup generator option. The mockup generator page has a search box that you can use to look up mockups of a variety of products. Enter the word “calendar” into the search box.

Now that you have all the mockup calendar options displayed run your computer cursor over the top of each image to view example mockups. Use these examples to decide which mockup calendar you want to design.

If the example image shows two calendars that are the same color, you will have to make both calendars the same color in your mockup. The same is true for image selection as well. If there are three visible images on the calendars in the example photo, you will only be able to select three images to replace these in your mockup.

There are also some mockup images that have background colors and some that do not. If the mockup example that you choose does not have a solid background color, you will not be able to change the background color in your mockup either. You will be able to upload and insert a company logo and graphics in the background space. 

Design Your Mockup Calendar

The one thing that makes Placeit utterly unique is that the designing tool allows you to customize every aspect of your mockup calendar. You will see options to upload photos, graphics, and logos, as well as multiple 50-word text messages.

To save yourself valuable time and effort and get the best possible results when designing your first mockup calendar, you will want to design each aspect of your mockup in a specific order.

  • Upload Your Photos First
  • Upload Your Logo Second (Optional)
  • Choose Graphics Third (Optional)
  • Select Colors Fourth
  • Design Text Last

In each section of this article, we will discuss the best and most efficient methods to complete each aspect of your mockup calendar design, as well as why it can be helpful to complete them in this specific order.

Upload Your Photos

Anytime you are designing a mockup that incorporates photos, you will want to check for a megapixel limit and make sure your selected images do not exceed that limit. The mockup calendars available on Placeit have megapixel limits that range anywhere from 500 x 1,000 px to 1,400 x 2,000 px.

Depending on which mockup calendar you choose to design, you will need to upload anywhere from one to six images. There will be numbered boxes on the left-hand side of the mockup generator for each photo you need to upload. The number above each box matches the number on the corresponding pages of the mockup calendar.

For example, the photo that you upload into the box labeled “Upload design 1” will appear on the calendar page that says, “1 upload your image”. Also, if you choose a mockup calendar that only shows portions of some pictures, your photos will be displayed in the same way.

Upload Logo

If you want your logo to appear as an image on one of the pages of your mockup calendar, you will need to upload it as one of your photo choices instead of as a logo.

However, if you plan to display your logo somewhere in the image with your mockup calendar, it is best to upload it after your photos but before you add any graphics or choose your color scheme.

This will help you with designing your mockup calendar to complement your brand colors.

When you upload a logo, it is displayed on top of your mockup calendar. You can move it anywhere in the image and change the dimensions however you prefer.

Select Your Graphics

Once you have uploaded your logo, you are free to move on to any graphics you want to display. Placeit has tons of preloaded graphics for you to choose from, as well as the option to upload personal photos as graphics.

If you do not like any graphics in the preloaded options, you can search for what you are looking for. Most of the mockup calendars on Placeit will let you use no more than two graphics. After you have selected your first graphic, a new box will appear for you to pick a second graphic.

You can change the color of your chosen graphics using the drop-down menu above the graphic search box. Click on the word “more” to create custom colors for your graphics.

To keep your mockup as appealing as possible, always make sure to match your graphic colors with your logo colors.

Choose Your Mockup Calendar Colors

Choose your mockup calendar and background colors after you have selected the colors for your logo and graphics. This allows you to pick high-contrast colors in the background, so your brand images will stand out as much as possible.

If possible you also want to try and use colors that are complementary whenever possible to give your calendar a more pleasing look.

Enter and Design Your Text

If you are displaying text in your mockup calendar image, the message you are sharing is probably important. Text is recommended as the last step in designing your mockup calendar for exactly this reason.

Placeit offers hundreds of font choices as well as the ability to create custom colors for your fonts the same way you can with graphics and backgrounds. With so many options available, finding a font that corresponds nicely with your mockup design is simple.  

There is a maximum of 50 words allowed in the text box. However, there is an option to add a second and third text box if you want to use more words or different fonts. One Placeit feature that is unique is that there is no tool for choosing font size. You simply adjust the size of the text once it appears in your image.

When you click on your text box for the first time, the default settings will be white text on a black background. When you adjust your text colors, you can choose to have no background color by selecting the white and grey checkered box.

Share Your Mockup Calendar

When you have finished designing your mockup calendar and are satisfied with the results, the only thing left for you to do is share your masterpiece with the world. Placeit has two options for you to share your mockup calendar design.

  • Download: You can download your finished mockup calendar design and print it from your home computer or display the image on your website or blog.

Most mockup calendars on Placeit cost $7.95 if you want to purchase only one. Placeit also offers a monthly subscription that gives you access to unlimited mockups and design templates. Here is a 15% off Placeit coupon as well.

  • Share: Placeit also has an option to share your mockup calendar design for free on different social media platforms or with a link. However, if you choose to share your design for free, it will be displayed with a faint Placeit watermark.

Which option will be best for you will depend on what you are using your mockup calendar for and how often you plan to use Placeit.