9 Reasons Why Professionals Love Affinity Designer

You are a professional who has been using Adobe Illustrator since the dawn of time and recently heard talk of another program called Affinity Designer. You may be wondering why other professionals are talking about Affinity Designer and if you should make the switch too. Keeping up with which software the pros are using can ensure your presentations stay on top.

For most professionals, the largest reason for switching to Affinity Designer is the notable price difference. Other factors contribute to why they love this program such as:

  • Can easily add features or tools
  • Certain features are easier to use
  • Comparable features and tool options
  • User-friendly

For more detailed information on why Affinity Designer is so appealing to professionals and graphic designers continue reading.

Why Affinity is Breaking the Adobe Barrier

For decades Adobe has been the number one go-to software for professionals and graphic designers and it is still in the lead today; however, Affinity Designer is giving Adobe a run for its money and the following list explains why.

1. Significant Financial Benefits

As briefly mentioned above, a large portion of professionals switch to Affinity for the simple fact that they can save a boatload of money each year.

At one time Adobe software could be purchased one time and used for life. Those days are long gone and have been replaced with monthly subscription fees and constant “upgrades” that you may or may not need, want, or even use.

An average Adobe Illustrator subscription can cost around $32.00 per month and is not likely to decrease in price in the future. Multiply that times 12 months and you can expect to pay around $384.00 every year for design software.

Comparatively, Affinity Design software has a one-time fee that will run you around $55. You can easily save over $300 per year on subscription fees by switching to Affinity. Additionally, Affinity comes with free upgrades and other benefits that extend beyond saving money.

2. More Grid Options

Affinity Designer is far more advanced than Adobe Illustrator when it comes to grid options. For example, Adobe simply offers horizontal or vertical options.

Comparatively, Affinity Designer offers a wider variety of grid tools as well as an isometric tool that can be used in conjunction with the fit-to-plane tool to create eye-popping 3D images.

Another bonus is that there is no extra charge for these features as opposed to Adobe who charges for additional plug-ins.

3. Easier Offsetting Controls

Rather than manually enter the dimensions through a complicated menu system in Adobe Illustrator, Affinity designer offers a much easier way to change the proportion and perspective of images.

Why spend more time navigating through a bunch of menus when you can simply edit your image with one click.

4. Less Complicated Anchor Point Work

When working with anchor points in Adobe Illustrator there are multiple steps to take which take longer and can be rather annoying when you are trying to make a simple change to a shape.

Affinity Designer has made it super simple to change anchor points with one tool which is another reason professionals love this software so much.

5. Less Hardware Required

Affinity Designer has another thing going for it when it comes to devise compatibility. Affinity is compatible with more devices across the board and takes up significantly less space on the hard drive which means more room for saving awesome designs.

6. Minimal Difference Between Features and Tools

Many people fear that using a less expensive software will result in less than stellar results, but with Affinity that is not the case.

Most professionals are finding that there is little difference between the programs when it comes to the features and tools used to make their final products.

7. Customizable 

Designers switching from Adobe may be concerned about particular tools or features that like to use in the old program not being included in Affinity.

The great thing about this software is it is customizable in that you can add features or tools that are not initially installed. So if you have certain brushes or other tools that make your final presentations pop don’t worry because Affinity has you covered with simple add-ons.

8. Reputable Company

Using software from a company with a good reputation that you can trust is always a plus. Professionals like the company behind the Affinity Designer software because they are straightforward with their customers.

What you see is what you get; no hidden fees or long-term subscriptions to get locked into. No threats of legal licensing issues if you don’t renew your subscription or other scare tactics that try to get you to pay for more than you should.

9. User-Friendly and Easy to Make the Switch

Many professionals who have used Adobe since the dawn of time have discovered that switching to Affinity was not as difficult as they expected.

They actually find that it is easier to use and is set up similarly to Illustrator in some ways; that makes it easier for those who are used to the other software to make the switch.

Many people who are new to this type of software are worried it will be too complicated to use but find that within a short time they love how easy it is to learn and use.

Who Can Benefit From Using Affinity Designer?

The great thing about Affinity Designer is anyone who needs to create a professional-looking presentation can do so with this software.

The following can enjoy Affinity Designer:

  • Educational professionals
  • Graphic designers
  • Game developers
  • And more

 If you are looking for top-notch design software without all the hidden costs you will love Affinity Designer and everything it has to offer.

Save Money Without Losing Quality

As you can see there are few things that Affinity Designer software cannot do when it comes to presenting a professional-looking design. If you are a professional who is looking to save money without losing the quality of your presentations, Affinity Designer is a great option.