A Guide To Creating A Gaming YouTube Channel Logo

A Guide To Creating A Gaming YouTube Channel Logo

Creating a gaming YouTube channel logo is pretty exciting because it means that you’re serious about sharing some amazing content with your fellow gamers. If you have already launched your channel or you’re checking items off your pre-launch list, this article can serve as your guide when it comes to creating a customized logo that best fits you.

When it comes to creating a gaming YouTube channel logo, inspiration should come from the look and feel of favorite games, combined with a unique personality mix. It is also important to select the right combination of colors, fonts, and layouts for instant brand identity with subscribers. 

Not only will people be able to recognize your channel and feel more connected, by having a YouTube channel logo, you are also telling others that you’re credible and professional. So having that perfect synchronization of logo elements can lead to more click-through rates and subscribers.

Different Types of Logos

We see logos all the time because they play such an important role in brand identity, but it’s important to know the different types of logos when you start brainstorming what kind of logo would be best for your YouTube channel. 

  • Monogram logos: The goal is simplicity, so these usually are the brand’s initials. Some notable examples are from companies like IBM and CNN.
  • Wordmark logos: A close relation to monograms, these are the company’s name in the form of a logo. A few common examples are Visa and Google.
  • Pictorial logos: These are simple icons or graphics, so it may take time to build brand recognition. You’ll see these types of logos from brands like Apple and Target.
  • Abstract logos: These are similar to pictorial logos, but the images aren’t everyday images. This is an opportunity to be super creative and have something completely unique to you. Some well-known examples are Pepsi and Adidas.
  • Mascot logos: This is another opportunity to be super creative if you want to create an illustration to represent your YouTube channel. Examples of mascot logos include KFC’s Colonel and the Kool-Aid Man.
  • Combination mark logos: The name is self-explanatory; these are logos that combine any of the previous types of logos. A few well-known examples are Burger King and Lacoste.
  • Emblem logos: These types of logos are similar to seals and crests. Some good examples include Harvard University and Starbucks.

Now that you have a foundation of the different types of logos, which ones are the best when it comes to a YouTube channel, specifically for a gaming channel?

Again, it’s important to keep in mind the look and feel of your favorite games, as well as your own personality. You may use a combination of different logos, such as mascot and text. If you want to emphasize your personality with the channel, you may simply need an image that resembles you for a pictorial logo.

If you’re not quite sure which direction you want to go, it’s pretty easy to find inspiration all around you.

Finding Inspiration For Your YouTube Gaming Channel Logo

There are several ways to draw inspiration when it comes to creating your YouTube gaming channel logo. To get started, you can look at other YouTube channels, browse for logos on different websites, or start sketching out some of your own ideas.

Browsing Logos On Gaming YouTube Channels

Chances are if you are starting your own gaming YouTube channel, that means you are already following other gaming channels, either your favorite ones or perhaps your competition.

When you are looking at logos on other YouTube gaming channels, ask yourself some of the following questions:

  1. Is the logo easy to see and read?
  2. Does the logo catch your eye?
  3. Does the logo compliment and support the YouTube channel?
  4. Is the logo unique to other gaming channel logos?
  5. Is there anything you don’t like about the logo?
  6. What elements of the logo do you like?

By taking a few minutes to answer these questions while looking at different gaming channel logos, you’ll start to pick up what you like and don’t like. You’ll also be able to tell the good logos from the not-so-good ones. Chances are, if you find a logo confusing and hard to read, others do too.

Pick a couple of channels, and while you complete this exercise, create lists of what you like and don’t like. Also, feel free to save the logos or the YouTube channel links to look at later.

Browsing Logos On Different Websites

Tons of websites have a variety of logo templates. This is a great way to:

  • Browse different ideas
  • Download and save any logos that you like
  • Think about ways to customize those logos to fit your channel

You may notice that there are certain themed logo designs based on the type of gaming channel you’re browsing. For example, if the channel is about mythical games, you may see many logos with dragons or spell elements. Another example is shooting and war games; many of those logos will incorporate a shooter’s image.

You can see some more examples of this from some well-known gamers, such as:

  • iHasCupquake
  • W2S
  • CinnamonToastKen

As you can see, each gamer can portray a certain message while relating back to the type of games they play. Some portray a fun vibe, while others portray a feeling of seriousness.

Either way, their logos are reflective of the type of games they play, as well as their own personalities.

Sketch Out Your Own Gaming Logo Design

If you still haven’t found any kind of logo that really resonates with you after browsing YouTube gaming channels and other websites, you always have the option to sketch out a few ideas of your own. And this is still an option even if you don’t consider yourself an artist.

You can start by brainstorming some ideas on paper. Just grab a pencil or pen and start drawing. Don’t throw anything away because you may want to reconsider it later, or use some of its elements in a new design.

Once you have a few ideas on paper, there are various ways to get your drawings to a computer. You can scan them at a high resolution and then continue working on them in Photoshop or GIMP, or you can scan and upload them and seek out a freelance graphic designer to help bring your vision to reality.

If you decide you’re going to design your own gaming logo or select a logo template. In that case, there are important design elements to keep in mind, such as:

  • Color
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Symbols 

Picking the wrong combination can ultimately keep you from advancing your channel.

Critical Design Elements For Gaming Channel Logos

Now that you have drawn some inspiration for your gaming channel logo, there are still important design rules to keep in mind to make sure you have a professional and trustworthy logo. As we just highlighted, those best practices include the color, layout, and typography you use in your logo.

Selecting The Right Gaming Logo Colors

Colors play an important role in your gaming channel logo. They also:

  • Reflect the type of games you play
  • Help set the mood
  • Help provide first impressions to your viewers  

There is actually an entire psychology behind colors and what feelings they transmit to people. Some examples include:

Color Meaning Logo examples
Yellow Warm
National Geographic
Healthy Lifestyle
Whole Foods
Magic Power
Crown Royal

It’s amazing that many researchers have shown that colors impact people’s behaviors, while others say there isn’t any impact at all. But some basic rules you can follow when it comes to selecting the colors for your logo include:

  1. Stay away from your favorite or ‘trendy’ colors: Trends will change over time, so make sure to pick colors that really represent your game.
  2. You can pick multiple colors, but be careful: Your logo doesn’t have to be just one color. But don’t go overboard. The rule of thumb is to use up to three different colors.
  3. If possible, pick colors that make you stand out: Try to use colors that are completely different from other channels. You can choose bright colors, but pair them with black or white, so they aren’t too distracting.

Here’s our more in-depth Guide to Choosing the Best Colors for Your Logo for more on color choice.

Gaming Logo Layout

The size dimensions for a YouTube channel logo are 800 x 800 pixels and appear in your channel’s top left. Keeping this in mind, you need to think about your logo design layout so it utilizes the space but isn’t too detailed or overcrowded.

Will the logo be stacked, with an image on top and text at the bottom? Or, if it’s completely horizontal, will it fit within the space designated for the channel logo?

When it doubt, keep the gaming logo simple, and you can utilize the other channel art elements, such as the banner. So don’t feel like you have to fit everything in the logo!

Another good reason to keep in mind the layout of your channel logo is the chance of using the logo in other places, such as another website or perhaps on merchandise, if you gain influencer fame in the future. You’ll want a logo that is scalable no matter how you use it.

Gaming Logo Typography

Selecting the font for your gaming channel logo is another great way to reflect the type of game you play, as well as your own personality. However, it is still important to keep in mind that you select a font that is easy to read, no matter the size. That way, if your gaming logo ends up being resized down to a very small dimension, it’s still legible.

Selecting a font can be a bit more complicated than anticipated. Just like there is a psychology behind colors, there is also a psychology behind fonts. Some of the most popular fonts include:

Font Type Meaning Examples
Serif fonts Tradition
Reverence Reliability
Times New Roman
Georgia Italic
Sans serif fonts Aspiration
Helvetica Bold
Franklin Gothic
Myriad Italic
Script fonts Elegance
Bickham Script
Edwardian Script
Modern fonts Decisiveness
ITC Avant Garde Extra Light
Display fonts (not often used for logos) Richness
Round Valencia

There are some basic tips you can follow when it comes to selecting the best font for your gaming channel:

  1. Refer back to the other YouTube channels: Take a look at the logos you saved from the other gaming channels you reviewed. What kind of fonts did they use? If you like those fonts, you can choose to use the same or something similar.
  2. Match the brand and your personality: Is your channel fun and playful? Or is it serious and intense? These are just some example questions to ask yourself when selecting the best font.
  3. Try to use just one font: The best choice is to stick with just one font. You can use up to two fonts, but it will probably cause confusion and not look very good if you use too many.
  4. Stay away from trendy fonts: Yes, the same rule about trendy colors applies to fonts too. Trends come and go, so make sure to select a font that will be able to reflect your channel for years to come.

If you’re still not sure what would be the best fit for your channel, below, we will share some examples of available websites to help you get started.

The Cost Of Designing A YouTube Channel Logo

There are plenty of websites available that can generate a channel logo for you in just a matter of minutes. All you need to do is put in the name of your channel and hit enter. Some other sites will ask you for additional preferences, such as color. You’ll see a variety of results using a mix of:

  • Elements
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Images

The main thing to know about using these websites is that it will cost money for you to use the logo you generated. Some of the sites allow you to pay a one-time fee to download the file, while others will ask you to join a monthly subscription plan.

To give you an idea, here are a few examples of logo generation websites and their estimated costs:

Website name Cost
www.placeit.netCreate a free logo:
Limited free library of templates, no watermark, high-resolution PNG file, approved for commercial use.

$39.95 for one logo:
No watermark, high-resolution PNG file, approved for commercial use.

$14.95/month unlimited subscription:
Unlimited logos, mockups, designs, videos, and more, approved for commercial use. (15% off Coupon Code)
www.looka.com$20 for one logo:
PNG file, not for commercial use.

$65 for one logo:
Multiple high-resolution files, lifetime technical support, approved for commercial use.
www.freelogodesign.comCreate a free logo:
Not for commercial use.

$59 for one logo:
High-resolution, approved for commercial use.
www.99designs.com$299 for one logo:
Includes design concepts, approved for commercial use.

As you can see, the prices can vary depending on which website you choose. You also have the option of seeking out a graphic designer on a freelance website, such as UpWork or Fiverr. The pricing can also drastically vary on these sites depending on which freelancer you hire.

Whether you decide to use a logo generation website, hire a freelancer, or design your own logo, there are some quick tips to follow:

  • Memorable: Whatever design you pick, you want to make sure that it’s memorable to your target audience.
  • Simple: When in doubt, make sure that you keep the logo simple. There isn’t anything more detrimental than a logo that you can’t read or has too many competing elements.
  • Unique: You want to make sure your logo isn’t too similar to someone else’s logo. Not only does it cause confusion, but it could also force you to have to redesign your logo from scratch.

How To Upload Your YouTube Channel Logo

Once you have your YouTube channel logo ready to use, you can upload it in a few simple steps.

  1. Log into your YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select customization and then branding.
  3. Click upload and select the file for your new channel logo.
  4. Adjust the size if needed, and then click done.
  5. Make sure to click publish. It may take a few minutes to update, so hang tight.

If you follow these steps, we’re sure you will have a professional and trustworthy YouTube game channel that will build a community among all your subscribers.