Are All Placeit Designs Copyrighted? 6 Important Facts

The content creator or artist often copyrights art, covers, and other pieces to keep others from stealing their work. Placeit designs are meant to be edited and sold to others, so what does that mean for the copyrights?

The content sold on is not copyrighted, in fact everything downloaded from is copyright-free and come with a commercial usage license.

There are many things you need to know when purchasing or selling any work on Placeit regarding copyrighting. Here is everything you need to know about the content on this website.

Are All Placeit Designs Copyrighted?

No, the material you find on Placeit is not copyrighted, it is all copyright-free. This is because the content on this website is sold from templates and customized with changes.

If Placeit were to copyright protect their material, it would become quite messy for all parties involved, including Placeit, so it is much easier to offer a copyright-free product. Here are some crucial facts to know when it comes to Placeit content:

  1. Easier to transfer artwork and other products
  2. The product is “As Is”
  3. Watermark deters plagiarism
  4. Copyrighted material will be taken down
  5. Placeit has a single license
  6. You are responsible for your content

Knowing these facts will help you navigate this website and similar websites.

1. Easier To Transfer Artwork And Other Products

When the artist or content creator has copyrighted their work, they must sign it to the buyer. This process can be quite cumbersome because contracts would have to be created and signed by each party.

When the work is copyright free, there is no need for contracts or details. As a buyer, you can keep the product without fearing the artist will ask for more money later or having the copyrights revert back to the artist.

2. Product Is “As Is”

The product is as is, meaning you will not get any variations or major edits. There are some small details you can edit, especially when it comes to cover designs.

Selling the product as is makes transferring ownership easier, just like having the product copyright-free. Adding any specifications can cause the transfer of ownership more complex, and Placeit makes this process easier.

3. Watermark Deters Plagiarism

Every piece of artwork, cover design, and other content has a watermark on it to deter people from plagiarizing the work. Being copyright-free means pursuing someone legally. If they try to steal the product, it won’t be easy.

The watermark on the content helps with this, so you don’t have to worry about your product being stolen or buying a product that other people are using. 

4. Copyrighted Material Will Be Taken Down

Copyrighted material will be removed from the sight because it’s a copyright-free site. If you copyright your material, it will be taken down. If they find it copyrighted, it will be taken down.

Buyers have a subscription with Placeit to buy products easily without all the paperwork. They don’t want copyrighted material that could be used against them later on. The only exceptions are if someone uploads stolen work.

5. Placeit Has A Single License

Placeit has a commercial single license on any of its templates and products on its website. This provides more time for creating designs rather than the licenses that may come with it. There are fewer details to make things complicated.

6. You Are Responsible For Your Content

With everything being copyright-free, in the end, you are responsible for your content, whether it is something you bought or something you created. So you need to ensure that everything is backed up and safe, so you don’t lose it.

There are many ways you can keep your account and content safe from being lost. These steps include the following:

  • Storing a copy on a flash drive or computer
  • Ensure you take internet safety seriously
  • Do a two-step verification on your account
  • Keep your devices protected with virus protection
  • Don’t fall for scams or phishing schemes

These steps will reduce the risk of losing your content. It makes it harder for scammers and hackers to get ahold of your content.


Copyrighting artwork and other content is common within the digital art world. It protects artists and creators from people stealing their work, but due to Placeit’s business model, everything created on Placeit is copyright-free and comes with commercial usage rights. You, as a buyer, don’t have to worry about any hidden requirements in a contract that sometimes come with copyrighted work.