Are Canva Resumes ATS Friendly?

Back in the day, a person would look at a resume and determine who fit the bill for an interview. Nowadays, there is an additional step before the interview process. The average sheet will go through the ATS, or applicant tracking system, before moving to further consideration. You might wonder – are Canva templates ATS friendly? Will they work?

Unfortunately, most Canva templates are not ATS friendly. They will fail to match the system and may cost you a potential job. Canva is a graphic design program that produces professional looking layouts, but it’s not intended for the applicant tracking system.

If you’re interested in the Canva template resumes, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the good and bad with Canva resumes, as well as the thoughts of recruiters. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to apply for your next job. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

What Are Some Other Canva Resume Downsides?

The lack of passibility in the applicant tracking system is not the only poor item that comes with using a Canva resume template for your job application process. There are several downsides to using this service that provide further reason to stay away at all costs, at least for a resume.

Here are a few other downsides to Canva for resumes:

  • Lack of detail: Canva tends to leave out some critical items with past information about your work history.
  • Avoidance of details: Canva resumes tend to lead with the weaker items, versus the stronger ones for a better impression.
  • Odd creative structure: The creative look of Canva resumes are pretty, but they aren’t ideal when pushing through an ATS.

There are many items to consider with Canva for resume purposes.

It’s critical to remember that Canva is still an incredible service. The resumes they produce are polished to perfection – they are just not the best option for resumes that go through the applicant tracking system.

Are There Any Good Traits of Canva Resumes?

Although a Canva resume doesn’t work well in an ATS, there are still some benefits to selecting Canva as your first choice for a quality resume. Consider these if you think you can avoid the ATS for your job interview.

A few excellent traits of Canva resumes include:

  • Creativity: The creative levels of Canva resumes are unmatched, filled with special designs and colors.
  • Uniqueness: If you use a resume from Canva, you can be sure that very few people will have similar designs. There are thousands to choose from on their site, especially with a paid plan.
  • Design: The design and structure of a Canva resume help it stand out from the rest of the competition. Structure makes it easy for an interviewer to comprehend in an instant.

They are some of the best resumes to look at in real life.

If you are not subjected to the ATS, feel free to take advantage of the Canva resume. You will find a gorgeous design that will appeal to most interviewers in the best way. Canva is the best at creating designs that stand out from the competition.

What Do Recruiters Think of Canva?

If a recruiter, as in a person alone, examines your resume, they will love the appearance. To the average person, a Canva resume stands out as a creative option, especially when compared to the other black and white resumes that most interviewees typically turn in.

If the recruiter is a machine, they will not be as fond of a Canva template. The machine will skim through the resume and fail to pick up the information you want it to.

Those applying to business and more serious positions should also be wary of the Canva resume. A law firm may not be as fond of bright pinks as an advertising agency would be.

When Can You Use a Canva Resume?

The best time to use a Canva resume is when you know the software will not be used to scan the paper for specific items. Are you interviewing someone you know? Is it a small group? You might be okay taking advantage of a Canva resume template.

If you are interviewing for a creative position, it might be a good idea to take inspiration from a Canva template. The more unique your resume looks for a creative position, the better your chances will be for the position. Use your best knowledge to determine if a Canva resume is the ideal choice.

How Do I Make An ATS Resume?

Now that we’ve discussed the ways a Canva resume fails the test, you might wonder how to make an ATS resume. There are many ways to accomplish this task before your interview.

Here’s how to make an ATS resume:

  • Use a screen-friendly and traditional font
  • Avoid bars and columns
  • Save as a doc or a pdf
  • Avoid headers and footers
  • Try a hybrid resume format

You should have success at this point.

It might seem like a pain to consider all these elements, but it’s worth it. Rushing through your resume might cause you to fail before the first interview can happen.


If you are headed to a job interview and know your resume will go through the applicant tracking system, it’s best to avoid Canva resume templates at all costs. Although they are beautiful, Canva resumes tend to avoid detail and fail to look well when they scan into the system.

We hope this information was helpful! As you head into an interview, it’s best to have the ideal resume. Whether you use Canva or another service to help your work history stand out, it’s critical to ensure it’s at the top of its game before submitting. The more ready you are, the more likely you are to get the job. You can do this without a problem!