Are Disc Styluses Good for Drawing?

In the past several years, touch screens and tablets have exploded in popularity and as a result digital drawing is bigger than ever. There are many tools we can use to create amazing works of art like styluses. Some of the styluses have discs on them, are they going to do a good job drawing?

Disc styluses are good for drawing because they create as close contact as possible with the screen in order to make what you input as accurate as possible. This means that you will get an exact result when you draw.

What makes a disc stylus so special, and can they really be used to draw effectively? Read on to find out.

What Is a Disc Tip Stylus?

A disc stylus is a special kind of capacitated stylus pen that emphasizes high sensitivity and precision for digital screens. The tip of the stylus features a small flat disc on the tip which allows the device to have a very close point of contact with the stylus and minimize inaccuracies when it comes to placement.

You’ve no doubt seen or used stylists before that are way off the mark and create lines which are very far from where the stylus was placed. This does not happen with a desktop stylus because it covers a wider range of motion then a regular tip would.

Another benefit is safety. A disc tip stylus is a lot safer to use than a regular stylus because it minimizes the chance of scratching the screen. Because the tip of the disc is flat instead of pointed, you will lessen the risk of accidentally drawing too hard and scratching through your device or wearing the stylus away over time.

What Can You Draw With a Disc Stylus?

One big advantage of a disc stylus is that they are compatible with a huge amount of touchscreen devices.

Mini stylus pens like windows or galaxy pens only work with their respective devices but with a disc tip, you can skirt around this issue because the tip itself will work on any touchscreen the same way your finger would. This ensures that you won’t have to buy multiple pens for your different devices or risk getting a pen and finding out it’s incompatible with your device.

How Will Disc Styluses Enhance My Art?

Here are a few scenarios in which a disc tip stylus can bring your art to the next level.

  • When You Draw on a Tablet. Drawing and creating artwork on a tablet lying flat is equivalent to sketching on a piece of paper. When you draw on a physical material you don’t need to worry about accuracy or contact because a pen will naturally leave it’s mark exactly where you touch it. A disc tip stylus will do the exact same
  • When You Need to Go Small. Small lines and tiny marks are going to be an issue if your stylus is not as accurate as possible. This could be you needing to draw individual branches on a tree or try and get each individual hair on a person looking accurate. With a desktop stylus you can make marks as small as you need some of that you can capture the moment with as much detail as it deserves
  • When You Need Something Quality. We all have busy lives and sometimes we have to rush. This could mean that sometimes we don’t secure our styluses as well as we should, in which case our styluses break, or we draw too hard and scratch our screens. Thankfully many desktop styluses are made with this in mind and are built with premium quality so that we don’t damage our expensive devices and we can go as hard as we need to on our screens.

With a disc tip stylus, you can draw almost anything you set your mind to. This is because you will have much more accurate results because the point of contact between the device and the desk is minimized. The disc tip is large enough to see exactly where you are marking.


When you are drawing, creating graphics, or trying to bring your vision to life accuracy is the most important element.

If you were using a stylus or device that does not produce accurate results, then even the slightest shift in where you draw a line could produce disastrous results that throw off the composition of the entire piece.

You could theoretically account for the difference when using a cheaper stylus, but you will save yourself a whole lot of trouble and effort if you use something like a disc tip stylus. This way you can stop focusing on making your stuff work and instead focus on bringing your art to life.