Are Drawing Tablet Pens Universal? [Let’s Find Out]

Picking a new drawing tablet pen can be trickier than it seems at first. With so many different options and types of stylus pen, it’s understandable you might have a lot of questions. One of the foremost of these, is whether all of these different types of drawing tablet pens are universal or not? Can you use any of them or do you need a specific type?

Drawing tablet pens are not universal. There are certain types like capacitive stylus’ that work with most tablets, however, there are others like Wacom pens that need a specific type of tablet to work. The kind of tablet you have and how you want to use the pen will determine the type for you. 

If you’re looking for a new drawing tablet pen but you’re not sure what kind to get, we’ve got you covered. In our guide below, we will break down why you can’t just use any stylus with any tablet, before jumping into which types of pens are universal and which are not. By the end of this article you should be one step closer to picking the one perfect for your needs. 

Does a Stylus Pen Work On Any Tablet?

Even if some of the more advanced options are specific to certain types of tablets, you may wonder if a regular old stylus pen will work on any tablet? Fortunately, we have the answer. 

A random stylus pen will not work on all tablets no matter what type it is. Some types of stylus pens like capacitive stylus will work on most standard tablets, however, even they won’t work on a lot of drawing tablets. With drawing tablets you will often need to find a digital stylus that matches the type of tablet you have. 

For example, a Wacom tablet will need a Wacom digitizer. Fortunately, if you know what to look for you can find the right one for you. In the next section we will take a deep dive into the different types of drawing tablet pens and figure out which ones are compatible with your device. 

Types of Drawing Tablet Pens and Compatibility

With all the different types of drawing tablet pens out there, it can be hard to know which is compatible with your specific tablet. Depending on the tablet you have and the programs you use, you may only have one option or multiple. 

Below we’ve outlined the major types of drawing tablet pens/stylus so you can pick the one that is compatible with your device and best fits your needs:  

  • Capacitive drawing pen/stylus: These pens tend to work with any type of screen you can simply touch and manipulate with your fingers. They are really the most basic type of stylus, relying on the electrostatic field of the screen to manipulate what is happening on it. However, they are the worst for drawing as they aren’t pressure sensitive, which makes them less precise.
  • Bluetooth drawing pen/stylus: Bluetooth stylus can work with almost any tablet that has bluetooth capabilities. Still, they can only work within apps and programs that are already designed to pick up their signals. If you confirm your compatibility beforehand, these are a great stylus option.
  • Wacom digitizer: Wacom digitizers are the best option for drawing tablets hands down. They are pressure sensitive, specifically designed for artistic projects and can function without any extra electronics like bluetooth stylus. The only problem is they are only compatible with high end drawing tablets. If you have one, this is the way to go, just keep in mind they are the larger than a stylus, so you will have a bigger setup.

Overall, Wacom digitizers are probably going to be your best bet if you’re using a drawing tablet. Still, you will want to make sure that you look up the compatibility specific to your device before purchasing one as they can be pricey. 

So Really, Are Drawing Tablet Pens Universal?

At the end of the day, drawing tablet pens are not universal. There are certain types of stylus that can be used on most tablets, however, they may not be the best suited to drawing. Additionally, there are options like the bluetooth stylus that can work great but require that you have compatible programs. 

Really, the best kind of drawing tablet pen for art work is probably the Wacom digitizer. That’s because it is pressure sensitive, designed for drawing and doesn’t require extra programs or batteries to work. Still, you should always check the specific compatibility of your device before selecting a stylus.