Are Gaming Computers and Laptops Good for Photoshop?

Gaming laptops are a hardcore video game enthusiasts’ tool of choice for a high-quality, immersive gaming experience, but are gaming laptops and computers good for running Photoshop and other art-related programs?

Gaming computers and laptops are good for Photoshop because they have fast performance, high-quality graphics and resolution, and a large amount of storage for creative projects, among other things.

Devices that you can use for more than one purpose are usually a good investment. So, read on to find out why gaming computers and laptops are great for running and using Photoshop.

Can Gaming Computers and Laptops Handle Photoshop?

Gaming laptops and computers can run Photoshop well and are a wise choice for those that want a device that can do it all. The reasons why gaming laptops are suitable for Photoshop are:

  1. They are fast
  2. They have a considerable amount of storage
  3. They have high-quality graphics and screen resolution
  4. The battery is long-lasting
  5. The keyboard and touchpad have a good response rate
  6. The cooling system is effective
  7. They are durable

Let’s explore each of these points in detail to learn more about why gaming laptops and computers are an effective choice for photo editing in Photoshop.

1. Gaming Laptops and Computers Have Incredibly Fast Processing Speed

When you are creating art or work in graphic design, high-speed processing is necessary. The higher the processing speed, the faster the computer program responds to the input of the user. When the computer responds quickly to the user, they can get work done more quickly.

Gaming laptops are built with either Core i5, i7, or i9 processors. Core i9 processors are the latest, the fastest, the best performing, and the most expensive. Core i7 processors are the kind that are most commonly found in current computers. It is best because it has a big cache and is great for multitasking.

Core i5 processors are in a mid-level price range and can handle every basic thing you would need a laptop for from a power standpoint. This core is best for the user that wants to do a little bit of everything.

Also, most gaming laptops have 12 GB of RAM, which you can upgrade. This is important because Photoshop needs 16 GB of RAM to run. Gaming laptops clearly have enough power to run the popular photo editing app.

2. Gaming Laptops and Computers Have a Lot of Storage

Since most games need at least 20 GB of space and gamers have multiple games on their laptops or desktops, gaming computers have more storage than average. This storage capacity is ideal for image editing because you can keep multiple programs you like without worrying about losing space.

Photo editing software is pretty large, too, so a gaming pc or laptop is a sensible choice. You will also have more room to keep your past work and build a digital portfolio.

3. Gaming Laptops and Computers Have High-Quality Resolution and Graphics

Most gaming laptops have 8K resolution, providing users with an ultra-high quality viewing experience. The high resolution matters for photo editing and other types of graphic design because you can see your mistakes clearly.

Gaming laptops and PCs also have their own dedicated graphics cards, which enhance the quality of textures, shadows, and more, which can help you create better photo edits.

4. Gaming Laptops and Computers Have Long Battery Life

The long battery life of gaming laptops is a major benefit. This allows you to take your laptop on the go and create graphics anywhere and at any time. You also do not have to worry about keeping your laptop plugged in all the time. The longer battery life means you can do more in a day without worrying if your laptop will run out of battery.

5. The Keyboard and Touchpad Are Responsive

Both gaming and graphic design processes such as photo editing require the use of both a mouse and a keyboard. In order to edit photos well, you need a responsive mouse pointer that can click on small areas, but that is not too sensitive to where it highlights everything and otherwise causes a nuisance. Gaming laptops have both of these.

6. Gaming Laptops and Computers Have Highly-Effective Cooling Systems

Gaming laptops and computers are equipped with two or more fans, whereas regular laptops have one. You can even find gaming laptops with liquid cooling systems.

An excellent cooling system is essential because both computer games and graphic design programs like photoshop cause considerable heat. If that heat does not have a place to go, it can destroy your computer’s internal systems.

7. Gaming Laptops and Computers Are Durable

Gaming laptops are made with a high-quality plastic material, making them strong and resistant to scratches and other damage that computers might be prone to. They are made to last for years and provide thousands of hours of usage.

Gaming Laptop vs. Normal Laptop Overall Performance

How do gaming laptops and computers compare to the average computer? Let’s find out.

Non-gaming laptops do not have the same powerful processor, top-quality graphics card, and amount of RAM that gaming laptops do. Instead, they have the regular standard version of these components, designed to handle everyday work tasks such as word processing. Regular laptops are also more affordable, while gaming laptops are considered a high-end luxury.

Gaming laptops and computers are designed with the power to handle games and other high-power programs. Photo editing software and other creative software take a lot of energy to run, so gaming laptops are a great choice if you want to work in Photoshop for your projects.


Gaming computers and laptops are good for Photoshop because of their high-speed performance, excellent graphics and resolution, storage space, long battery life, and keyboard and touchpad responsiveness. They perform better than other computers on photo editing tasks because they are designed to handle games that require a significant amount of power, just like art programs and designs usually do.

If you find yourself needing a less resource-heavy editing software, consider online image editors like They are hosted on the internet so they require very little resources, and can even be used on a smartphone or tablet if needed.