Are Gaming Laptops Good for Digital Art?

Laptops are great. They are portable, light, and are getting up to the same power as a desktop. This means they are extremely versatile. With versatility however comes the interest and need for a machine that can do it all. Gaming laptops have a lot of bells and whistles to them that make them extremely attractive to more than just gamers.

A mid to high range gaming laptop can be suitable for digital art depending on the type of art being done. Pay close attention to the specs of the computer to ensure it will be able to handle all that needs done.

Gaming laptops tend to have the capability to handle some GPU heavy programs, which means they have the ability to handle multiple or heavy art programs with ease. However, not all gaming laptops are great at their color accuracy which is a definite drawback. Keep reading to find out more regarding the use of gaming laptops for digital art.

Are Windows Gaming Laptops or MacBooks Better for Digital Art?

Gaming laptops come from a variety of manufacturers, but they use a Windows operating system. A handful of tech-savvy users manage to make Linux run games, but they tend to not be as good for it. MacBooks don’t actually come marketed as gaming laptops, and not all games are compatible with a Mac operating system.

On the other hand, Macs are well known for having a significantly better color accuracy than Windows. If the primary intent of the computer is digital art followed by gaming, a quality MacBook might be the way to go. Most art programs are compatible with both systems, especially the popular ones such as the Adobe Suite.

These are some reasons to consider a Windows gaming laptop over a MacBook however:

  • If it is more of an even split for gaming and art needs
  • Color accuracy isn’t as important in the intended art
  • Budget is a factor
  • Games are not compatible with Mac

Macs are amazing for art. Even the lower-end models have better color accuracy than most Windows models. The problem is many games are not compatible with Macs, so not many of them can double as well as a gaming laptop. If the games intended to be played are compatible and color accuracy is extremely important to the art, then they are an excellent choice. If not, a Windows gaming laptop might be better.

What are Specs to Consider When Using a Gaming Laptop for Digital Art?

No matter the purpose, a laptop should have the specs to handle whatever the user needs to do with it. In this case, it needs to be able to perform well both while gaming and while working on art.


One of the most important parts of the computer is going to be the screen display. Larger screens tend to be best for both gaming and digital art, as it’s easier to see. However, size isn’t everything in this case. It is also important to look at the resolution. It doesn’t matter how amazing the graphics card is if the display can’t show it.

Go for a screen with the highest resolution as possible, with 4k screens being ideal. Full HD is a good second option which is friendlier to the budget, though they are not quite as color accurate.


The processors are extremely important parts for gaming. They are what dictates the performance of the machine. Many AAA games require at least an i7 processor, and many art programs benefit from at least that as well. Better chips will allow for faster clock speeds and more cache. Many gaming laptops also come with easy-to-use and find functions that help adjust fan, clock, and other speeds. Some even have a base speed and an extra speed that allows only the used cores of the processor to be boosted.


RAM is how much information the computer can handle in the short-term before it has to go to storage. Having more RAM is always better for both digital art and gaming. Faster RAM allows for better performance. Note that most places will not upgrade the RAM on a laptop if it has been used at all, as it can cause some issues. Some however have additional spaces that allow for upgrades without this issue and is more common in gaming laptops than others.

Also note that MacBooks rarely have the ability to be upgraded anywhere, where a Windows gaming laptop might be able to be upgraded.


The graphics card is going to be one of those things that drives up the price of the rig. A gaming laptop is likely to have a better graphics card than a regular laptop, but keep in mind that many of the fancier AMD or Nvidia ones are more suited for 3D. This is great for modern games and 3D digital art and similar programs. If most things are going to be 2D and not the gorgeous AAA realism, then a cheaper graphics card would be plenty.

Storage and Ports

Both gaming and digital art take up a lot of space and might need some accessories to run smoothly. This can be anything from graphics tablets to headphones, mice, and controllers. Ensure that there is more than expected storage if the plan is to use the machine for both gaming and digital art. It might be a good idea to consider an external drive as well to back up the artwork.


Gaming laptops can easily be used for digital art, though it depends on the kind of art. They don’t all have the greatest color accuracy, but they are versatile machines that can be a good compromise for both artistic and gaming needs. There are solutions to this issue however, such as opting for a MacBook or a Windows with a 4k screen. In the end, keeping a close eye on the specs before purchasing will help ensure that the rig is suitable for both gaming and artistic needs.

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