Are Stream Overlays Really Necessary?

If you are new to streaming you want to gain as many followers as you can as quickly as you can to gain and keep recognition. You have been perusing other streamers’ sites and noticed that a great majority of them are using stream overlays. You may be wondering if stream overlays are really necessary or if can you still be successful without them.

To build a successful streaming business, it is not necessary to use stream overlays, however they do greatly increase your chance of attracting and keeping an audience. Stream overlays enhance your streams by creating a more professional look that viewers expect.

For more about using stream overlays and how you can gain more followers continue reading.

Stream Overlays – Necessary or Not?

In today’s world, everything is loud and flashy; individuals and companies are constantly trying to attract your attention and they are coming at you from every direction via multiple platforms.

Flashing signs as you drive down the road, flashing signs in storefront windows, flashing advertisements and pop-ups when you are online. Everywhere you look signs are trying to get you to do this and buy that so why not incorporate that into your live stream?

People have short attention spans so to keep them interested in what you are streaming overlays were created as a way to entertain viewers during potentially dull streaming moments.

If a viewer becomes bored with what they are watching you can bet they will quickly move on to the next site to find something better.

Simplicity Is Key When Using Stream Overlays

So as mentioned previously, stream overlays are not necessary to be successful but they sure do help. The trick with using stream overlays is to do it in a way that is not obnoxious and intrusive but rather just flashy or eye-catching enough to keep the viewers’ interest.

Referring back to the beginning of the paragraph regarding flashy signage everywhere we look; sometimes too much signage is a bad thing. People can become desensitized to what is flashing on the screen which works out to be about the same as if you were not using any overlays.

If there are too many things popping up on your stream people may be turned off and go to another site that focuses more on the subject matter at hand and not a bunch of flashy adverts. Using a combination of stream overlay types can also enhance your site.

For example, you can use an animated stream overlay on top of static overlays. Meaning you could have a border overlay to create the look you want and then layer an animated overlay on top to create movement and attract the eye.

Going back to the “too much of a good thing can be bad” theory, when using overlays it is important to be selective and only use an overlay that will benefit your site and the content you are streaming.

Simply plopping a bunch of flashy images all over the screen will generally turn people off from watching what you are streaming.

Content Matters More Than Flashiness

You have to remember when you are streaming, regardless of the subject matter, that the content is the most important aspect; without your quality content, there would be no viewers in the first place.

They are there to hear what you have to say and don’t want to be distracted by a bunch of nonsense. If you focus on putting out quality content your viewers will remain loyal.

When using stream overlays it is helpful to use things that are pertinent to the content you are streaming. Don’t use random graphics, text, or logos that don’t represent who you are and what you are doing.

Another issue that can come from using too many stream overlays is that they can end up blocking the view of what you are streaming.

That is a common mistake that many streamers make when trying to bring awareness to their site. Another faux pas to avoid is creating a logo that is too busy.

The more detail in a logo the more difficult it can be to view and once again it can cause sensory overload and the viewer may just block it out or switch to another channel.

Overlays Can Be Over Done – Moderation is Key

As you can see, when done correctly stream overlays will help you to attract and keep your viewer’s attention. Moderation and tasteful placement are key to making a stream overlay work for you.