Can Graphic Designers Become Interior Designers?

Design is an industry in and of itself, but there are so many branches that follow the idea of design. Graphic design is becoming increasingly popular. On the other hand, homes and businesses are always going to need interior designers. But what if you would like to be both? Can graphic designers become interior designers?

Graphic designers can become interior designers. A background in graphic design can make interior design much easier, though you will still have to learn new things and make adjustments. However, the fact that the two professions fall under a similar category makes them compatible.

Continue reading to learn more about whether graphic designers can become interior designers, along with information regarding how a graphic designer might need to change their approach when it comes to interior design. Both fields have similarities, but even the smallest differences are important to recognize if you are a graphic designer trying to become and interior designer.

Can Graphic Designers Become Interior Designers?

Yes, graphic designers can become interior designers, but that does not mean the transition process does not require changes. Many of the aspects of graphic design can surely help you in your interior design goals, but it will not make you a professional right away. Though you may not have to alter the way you design completely, you should definitely expect some additions or minor adaptions when going from graphic design to interior design. 

Graphic design is created using a computer. Interior design is conceptualized into real-life designs. However, both fields have general similarities. This relationship makes it very plausible for a graphic designer to become an interior designer.

Be it out of rising interest or your decision to pursue interior design as a graphic designer, you can read below to see exactly how graphic design and interior design share similar qualities. As mentioned, both graphic design and interior design are types of subgroups of the design field as a whole. As is practical, these categories share qualities that can be applied to all design fields.

How Is Graphic Design Similar To Interior Design?

It may be easiest in your transition to learn what similarities graphic design and interior design share. From the related skills to the goal of designing, both graphic design and interior design are relatively equal. You have a responsibility and purpose to design an aesthetic categorized for a specific audience, client, or the like. Below are some factors that make graphic design and interior design similar

1. Discuss Visual Ideas

Before designing anything, you must be able to articulate your client’s ideas for the aesthetic. Communication is key as a designer. It is your responsibility to understand what your client is looking for and put their ideas to fruition. 

For graphic design, discussing visual ideas is one of the main aspects of, let’s say, designing the homepage of a website. Colors should be appealing, fonts and graphics must fit with the company’s purpose, etc. This also gives you the power, as a graphic designer, to discuss with your client what ideas are practical, what may work better than another suggestion, and more.

In the same way, you must discuss visual ideas with your clients as an interior designer. Of course, figuring out the layout of a room and which furniture will fit in certain areas is essential. On top of that, you can help them decide on aesthetics, style, colors, spacing, and more. Communicating with your client is an aspect of graphic design that should easily carry over into your venture as an interior designer.

2. Develop Electronic Concepts

Another similarity between graphic design and interior design is that both fields can be made easier through the use of electronics. A graphic designer will conceptualize, plan, and create a design solely on a computer. While interior designers create actual, concrete spaces, they still might use an electronic layout to plan their projects.

Some interior designers prefer to physically draw concepts and plans, but in such a technologically advancing world, software can implement your creations on a screen with the highest sophistication. This can be a great way to develop your client’s and your own concepts and be able to analyze them clearly.

Oftentimes, a graphic designer may be hired by an architecture company to help with conceptualization, which may lead to the graphic designer delving deeper into the interior design world. Fortunately, graphic design can lead to a handful of other career options.

3. Design To Please A Client

As has been touched on lightly, one of the biggest similarities between most design fields is that your work is made to appeal to a client’s vision. Although it is understood that designers should both have their creative freedom while following rules, at the end of the day, the work is yours, and it is best when – even keeping the client’s preferences in mind – you can add such work to your portfolio as a creative statement. 

In graphic design, you work towards putting forth a template that meets the standards of a company’s website, advertisement, or whatever else it may be. Interior designers have a similar responsibility to put into effect the vision of their clients. Interior designers have the professional skills to give advice about spacing and layout, suggest aesthetics and designs, etc.

In any case, appealing to recommended styles plays a major role in a designer’s line of work. Having the ability to adapt to different wants and needs is a vital aspect of a successful designer. If you do well in meeting your clients’ standards as a graphic designer, you should have no problem carrying it over to interior design.

Adjustments For Graphic Design Into Interior Design

While broader examples can be sufficient for seeing how a graphic designer’s duties are similar to that of an interior designer, what might require more specification are the differences between the two. There are some things to learn when switching from graphic design to interior design.

1. Working With Dimensions

The biggest difference between graphic designers and interior designers is that graphic designers work with two-dimensional templates, while interior designers turn their concepts into three-dimensional spaces. With that said, there are a few things you might need to become accustomed to.

One of the biggest factors – aside from overall visual appeal – that graphic designers work with is creating an aesthetic with colors, shapes, words, and the like. When you are designing something for a screen, you do not have to consider as deeply the relationship between layering and spacing in a two-dimensional visual.

With interior design, you must learn how to layer a concept with different sizes of furniture, different colored walls, various appliances, add-ons, etc. When implementing your design into a realistic space, it can be tough to fall back on graphic design templates.

2. Considering Conceptual Regulations

Another difference is that if you are a graphic designer looking to become an interior designer, you have to deal with regulations. The only major reigns holding you in as a graphic designer are your client’s wants. As an interior designer, you will have to become familiar with building regulations and the like, and it will likely even require different licensing or certifications on your part.

If you are eager to become an interior designer, these changes may not pose a problem for you. However, if you are a graphic designer and want to test the waters of interior design, just know that you might be dealing with more strict rules.

Can You Be An Interior Designer With A Graphic Design Degree?

It is very plausible to become an interior designer with a graphic design degree. When you already have a plethora of skills required to successfully create a physical space, it makes the transition process much easier. 

As mentioned, it is not uncommon for an architectural company to bring a graphic designer onto their team. At the very least, graphic design prepares you to obtain the attributes to be able to create all types of designs.


Graphic designers can become interior designers. In fact, it is not an uncommon switch. With the creative style and design skills of a graphic designer, becoming an interior designer can be a huge advantage. With the ability to create both two and three-dimensional spaces, changing to interior design can boost your career experience.