Can You Use Any Font For a Business Logo?

Starting a business involves obtaining all the basics, such as creating a business plan, securing financing, forming a legal entity, and designing a logo. Although every step in the process may seem overwhelming to some individuals, choosing a unique font for a business logo is often the most challenging. It is frequently asked whether any font can be used in the design.

Although it seems easy to sit down at your computer and create a business logo with the fonts available to you, many things should be considered. Business owners can use most fonts for their business logo as long as they have the licensing rights.

To discover the right fonts for your business logo, you will need to spend some time researching the various laws and regulations concerning them. Keep reading to learn more about using fonts in your business logo.

What Is a Business Logo?

A business logo is a design that is often created to uniquely identify a company to express the individuality of the business. Most businesses use this logo across different platforms such as their website, social media, letterheads, contracts, and other unique documents.

Creating a logo consists of using a graphic designer to create something unique to your business or a foundry to adapt a design to fit your business. Whichever method you use, there are many factors that you will need to consider as you create your logo, including the guidelines of how your new logo and fonts can be used.

Why Is a Unique Business Logo Important?

Having a unique business logo is important because it distinguishes your business from others that are either in the same industry as you or not. Additionally, if you plan to draw people in through any type of advertising, you will want something that they can remember specific to your business.

Having a logo that looks too much like other businesses can confuse consumers and other companies that may want to use your services. A business logo is just as important as your business name in that it tells people who your business is and what you do.

How Is Choosing the Right Font Essential?

As important as choosing your business name and logo design, the font is an essential part of the overall design. This is because there are millions of different fonts out there and only a handful used by businesses. 

Often businesses are either in a hurry to create their logo or think the logo itself is unnecessary, so they choose one of the first fonts that come up. Creating a font that will go with your logo seamlessly and uniquely will allow consumers to understand that you take things seriously. 

Many fonts are often overused and, therefore, can look just like every other design out there. Taking the time to find the right font can help you create a logo that is just as distinct as your business.

Can You Use Any Font for Your Business Logo?

You can use any font for your business logo if you have licensing rights from the creator or a foundry service. While there are some caveats to this guideline, for the most part, if you are going to use a font, you should ensure that you have acquired the right to use it.

When they are forming their business and creating their logo design, most business owners will do so by using some type of foundry services such as Placeit, where you can pick your font and the logo design that goes with it. These are typically paid services that allow you to purchase the layout and font, which in turn, you will receive a license to use.

While many different businesses offer services that allow you to purchase a logo, you should use a reputable company. This is because these companies will have the proper rights to the necessary designs and logos. Placeit is known for their full commercial usage license, which comes with everything you create on their website.

The great thing about foundry companies and other websites that allow you to create your unique logo is that they are typically reasonably priced and have several options available to you. This means that they offer you various packages that may include the logo and files for use in different documents such as advertisements and letterheads.

Overall, it is essential to understand that you can customize your logo, including the font, to be distinctive to your business as long as you have acquired it properly. 

Do You Need to Buy a Font for Your Logo?

It may be necessary to buy the font you want for your business logo in many cases. This usually happens when you are not satisfied with the free fonts available to you. If you are looking for a professional design, you will need to purchase your logo design and the font that looks best with it.

Some websites sell fonts almost exclusively, unlike other companies that offer the ability for you to customize one of their designs with your business colors and style. Coming back to Placeit, they have thousands of design templates available for you to use and customize the way you want them.

They offer the ability to purchase a one-time logo, or for roughly the same amount, you can get an unlimited monthly subscription that allows you to come back and design other graphic assets for your business.

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Are Fonts Expensive to Purchase?

The cost of fonts can vary depending on the specific service company you use to handle the particular job. While some design companies offer their logo designs and fonts as a package deal, you may pay anywhere from $40 for one logo to $90-$100 for a yearly subscription.

Foundries that deal with just fonts can charge upwards of $200 for their fonts. This is because a font is more about the software, computer file, or specific program it was created. When you purchase these fonts, you are not only getting a license to use them but the file itself that was designed by someone else.

Can You Use Free Fonts for Your Business Logo?

Keep in mind that there are free fonts available to use for your business logo when you scour the internet. You will need to understand that using only reputable websites is vital to keep you from infringing on someone else’s design. 

The fonts you find on your desktop are “free” technically; however, you already have a license to them since you probably purchased them through Microsoft or other programs that came with your computer.

Final Thoughts

When designing your business logo, you should keep in mind that while you can use any font in the design, you may need to pay for it. This is typically done through various foundry or design websites specializing in creating and selling fonts and logo designs.

Most companies are using logo templates nowadays, because there are thousands of templates to customize and it’s a fraction the cost of hiring a professional graphic designer. Try out Placeit’s Logo Maker to get ideas and inspiration, and who knows you may even create a logo you love!