Can Twitch Emotes Have Swear Words in Them?

It’s never fun to get banned from a site like Twitch because you mistakenly broke a rule you didn’t know existed. Therefore, before you make any spicy Twitch emotes, you should know what is and isn’t allowed to be expressed. That said, can Twitch Emotes have swear words in them at all?

Twitch emotes cannot have swear words in them, as it violates the community guidelines around vulgarity. According to the guidelines, you cannot use obscenities including, phrases, gestures, and, of course, explicit words. 

If you’d like to know more about what you can and cannot do with Twitch emotes, as well as on Twitch in general, you’ve come to the right place. In our guide below we will lay out the major points of Twitch’s user guidelines, as well as answer specific questions on what is and is not allowed on the platform. So without further ado, let’s just dive right in! 

What is Not Allowed On Twitch Emotes?

So we know that vulgarity–including phrases, words, or gestures–is not allowed in Twitch Emotes. If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering what else you cannot do on Twitch. You’ll definitely want to know this so you can avoid accidentally getting a strike against your account. 

Below we’ve outlined some of the biggest no-nos when it comes to Twitch emotes so you can ensure you never get banned: 

  • Obscene/vulgar language: This is what we’ve already been over. Foul language–whether it’s used in a whole phrase or on its own–is not tolerated in Twitch Emotes. At the same time, we should point out that while emotes can’t have bad words, you are welcome to swear on the platform as long as it isn’t hateful. 
  • Certain animations: Rapidly flashing animations and animations that aren’t supported by either Cheermote Submissions or animated emote cannot be used. This is to prevent harmful content as well as to protect those who have conditions like epilepsy. 
  • Political content: You can’t put political symbols or figures into your Twitch emotes. If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that that would lead to a lot of extremists using their symbols to harass people. 
  • Single characters: You can’t use one word or a singular character as your Twitch emote. 
  • Encouragement to break Twitch rules: This one should be obvious. You can’t be using emotes that encourage people to break the rules. That would lead to cyber anarchy. 

It’s good to regularly review these guidelines because they can change from time to time. Usually, more things will be added to it. 

What Else is Not Allowed Based on Twitch User Guidelines? 

Along with the guidelines for Twitch emotes, you’ll also have to keep in mind Twitch’s general user guidelines. Most of these guidelines are straightforward, however, it’s good to know what they all are.

Below we’ve outlined Twitches general user guidelines so you can apply them to your practices with Twitch emotes: 

  • Bigoted or hateful content: Aside from just swear words, you also can’t use slurs. Additionally, you can’t publish content that is hateful or full of harassment towards an individual or group.
  • Sexual material: There can be no nudity or gratuitous sexual content on Twitch. Twitch is meant to have content for all ages, therefore it wouldn’t be appropriate to include such material. 
  • Obscenity: Obscene images and words are taken very seriously on Twitch. This ties in with the fact that you can’t use swear words in your Twitch Emotes. 
  • Threats/violence: Obviously, threats and violence are not tolerated on Twitch. This is a big part of why the context in which you use certain words is important. 
  • Illegal drug use: You can’t promote or use illicit drugs on Twitch. If you did you would simply be streaming a crime.  

Generally, if you’re using Twitch with good intentions you shouldn’t run into any problems with these issues. Still, they’re good to know. 

Can Twitch Emotes Have Words in Them? 

So now that we know Twitch emotes can’t have swear words in them, you may be wondering if they can have words at all. So, can Twitch emotes have words in them?

Twitch emotes can, in fact, have words in them. That is as long as the word isn’t just one character long. Remember from the emote guidelines, individual characters or letters are not allowed to be used. 

So Really, Can Twitch Emotes Have Swear Words in Them?

There are a lot of different guidelines Twitch uses for its emotes. You can’t use anything from obscenities to a single character or letter. 

Along with all that, you can’t use swear words in Twitch Emotes because–according to the Twitch emote guidelines–vulgarity is not allowed. That includes not only gestures and phrases, but individual words as well.

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