Can You Add New Fonts to Inkscape?

Inkscape is perhaps the best free, open-source vector image editing software available. Still, it’s not uncommon to find its default selection of fonts lacking. Especially if you have something very specific in mind. This, of course, opens the question of whether or not you can add new fonts to Inkscape? 

New fonts can be added to Inkscape by installing them on your computer. It’s important that they be installed for “all users” or you may run into the problem where they can only be used on certain accounts. 

If you’d like to add more fonts to Inkscape so you can make your vision a reality, we’ve got you covered. In our guide below we will first discuss what fonts can be added to Inkscape before diving into how you go about doing it. With our step-by-step guide, you will be able to get the font that perfectly fits in with your design. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What Fonts Can Be Added to Inkscape?

Just because you can install new fonts into Inkscape doesn’t necessarily mean you can install the specific one you’re interested in. It’s not an uncommon question, therefore, to ask what fonts can and can’t be added to Inkscape. 

You can add any font to Inkscape that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. That’s because the fonts used in Inkscape are the same ones you will find if you go to the fonts folder on the control panel. 

How Do I Add More Fonts to Inkscape?

Now onto the main event–installing your new fonts. Fortunately, this process is easy and straightforward. When all is said and done it should take you under a minute to complete. So with that, how exactly do you install new fonts into Inkscape? 

Follow the steps below to install a new font in Inkscape:

  1. Download and unzip the font: First, you need to download the font you would like to use onto your computer from wherever you prefer to download fonts. Usually, these fonts will come in zip files, so be sure to unzip the files before jumping to the next step. To unzip a folder, simply right-click on it and select “extract all.”  
  2. Right-click the font and install it for all users: Once your files have all been extracted, right-click on the font file and select “install for all users.” It’s important you do it for all users instead of just clicking install because if you don’t it may not work on the account you’re using. If there are two files for the font be sure and install each. 
  3. Open Inkscape and double-check that the font is working: Now you just need to open Inkscape and make sure the font is available. You can click the text icon on the right side of the screen and search for the font there. 

With that, you will have successfully installed the font into Inkscape and it is now yours to enjoy. If for some reason the font isn’t showing up when you double-check it, jump to our next section and we’ll explain what you can do. 

Why Do Some Fonts Not Work in Inkscape?

So let’s say that you followed all the steps in the previous section but for some reason, some of the fonts you installed aren’t showing up. What do you do?

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is usually very simple. All you really need to do is restart the program so that it can update with the fonts installed. This is as simple as closing the page and then clicking the application icon to get things going again. 

The reason this works is that the fonts may not actually be incorporated into the program until it has been restarted.

So Really, Can You Add New Fonts to Inkscape?

The bottom line is that you can, in fact, add any new fonts you want to Inkscape. All you really need to do is install the font on your computer–be sure to install it for all users–open Inkscape and check to see that the new font is now available. If the font is not available for some reason, try restarting the program.

You can really use this method to install any font that is compatible with your computer as Inkscape uses the fonts found in your fonts folder on the control panel. If you feel like you may need a refresher next time you go to install another font, feel free to bookmark this page and return anytime.