Can You Change the Picture on Your Facebook Ad?

Facebook ads are forms of publicity for products and services. If you post an ad, tons of people can view it and determine if they are interested in what you have to offer. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to upload an image on a Facebook ad, and hate the selection later. Can you change the picture on your Facebook ad after it’s up?

To change the picture on your Facebook ad, it’s possible to complete the task with a few clicks. All you need to do is navigate to Ad Manager and change the appropriate tabs for your advertisement.

If you want to learn more about changing the picture on your Facebook ad, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn how to change the image, what happens when you edit, issues you might encounter, and more. Soon, you can have a flawless advertising experience on the platform. Let’s get started.

How To Change The Picture On Your Facebook Ad

Once you have an ad up on Facebook, it’s possible to make changes to it with the proper steps. This ability includes shifting the picture to another image if needed. Let’s go over the process of changing a picture on a Facebook ad to prepare you for the situation of alterings a Facebook ad image.

Here’s how you can change the picture on your Facebook ad:

  1. Head to Ad Manager
  2. Select Ads
  3. Pick the ad you want to change
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click Edit in the creative media section
  6. Select Change Media 
  7. Choose the new picture and finish the process

You will have a new look for the world to enjoy.

It shouldn’t take more than a few moments to alter the image if you have a new one ready. Of course, there are a few things that happen when you shift a Facebook ad. These are critical and may make you think twice about the choice.

What Happens When You Edit A Facebook Ad?

Some may worry their exposure changes when they edit an ad. This item is excellent to consider – you don’t want to change a picture if it’s going to drastically impact who can see your advertisement. What happens when you edit a Facebook ad? 

If you edit an ad, you may lose an engagement if the ad:

  • Is a Dynamic Ad
  • Changes photos or videos
  • Is published or ready to be re-published
  • Is a re-promotion of an ad

Engagement will change if you shift the image.

This alteration of engagement can be a good thing or a bad thing. It’s critical to consider how people may interact after the image or video shifts. Is it worth the edit, or will you be better off leaving it as it already is? Consider what may happen to your advertisement before making the changes to your advertisement. If it has lots of engagement, leave it alone.

Why Can’t I Edit My Facebook Ad?

Sometimes, you may go into a Facebook ad with the intent to edit, only to realize you can’t make the changes you need to the advertisement or campaign. This lack of ability can be frustrating. Why can’t you edit your Facebook ad? What stands in the way?

Here are a few reasons why you may be unable to edit your Facebook ads:

  • The ad is part of an active ad campaign
  • You don’t have permission to make changes to the ad
  • The post has been removed
  • The ad was already deleted or edited by someone else
  • One setting cannot change on the ad

You should look into these if you feel one may be responsible for your troubles.

Sometimes, an inability to edit is as simple as a lack of communication. Ensure you take to everyone you’re working with to ensure your settings are in working order and your visions align for the advertisement. Then, you can move forward to edit an image.

Why Might You Edit A Facebook Ad Picture?

Before editing a Facebook ad picture, it’s critical to have a reason why you are changing the image. It won’t help if you shift the image for no reason. There may be an impact on its exposure to the world – there needs to be justification behind the change.

There are a couple of reasons you might edit a Facebook ad picture:

  • The image conveys the wrong message
  • The company wants to shift the image
  • The wrong image went up
  • Another image will create better exposure

Changing a picture may be a good thing.

Ensure you have the goal of the change in mind before shifting the ad’s look. It may come out with a different impact than it first had.

What Are The Best Images For An Ad On Facebook?

The best images for an ad on Facebook convey the message, display the product, and creatively show the company. They shouldn’t be too in-your-face, balancing the advertisement with an image that catches the average person’s eye.

Although stock images can work, it’s best to use original images for advertisements. Professional shots of a product or your building will operate better than a generic picture of a flower. Tailor the ad to you – people will be drawn to that.

Final Thoughts

Facebook and other forms of social media are some of the best places to show advertisements. Millions of people have the chance to scroll past them. If you change your mind on an image attached to a Facebook ad, it’s possible to edit it even after it’s posted. Facebook provides tons of tools to help you succeed on the platform.

We hope this information was helpful! The more you know about your advertising tools, the better you can use them to get as much business as possible. An image is critical – it’s the first thing people see when they scroll, and potentially the only thing they remember as they move away. Your picture needs to be spectacular, and editing may be necessary.