Can You Do Graphic Design Without a Marketing Degree?

Graphic design is a growing field that is needed in the online world. Graphic design comes in many forms, such as gaming, books, art, and advertisements. Graphic design helps to simplify big things into clear steps that are easy to read and follow. 

You do not need a marketing degree to have a successful job in graphic design. Having a marketing degree could open up doors to more opportunities and the ability to market yourself, however, it is not a requirement. You do not need to get a marketing degree if you just want to be a graphic designer.

It can feel like marketing and graphic design go hand in hand, but they are not. Keep reading to know how they are similar, and their differences, and understand why graphic design is a profitable and successful stand-alone degree.

What Do Graphic Designers Do?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Graphic designers create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.”

Lots of different kinds of companies need work and expertise that only graphic designers have. It’s not easy to make things look beautiful, professional, and appealing to customers. Here is a list of things companies can hire graphic designers to do.

Company Logos and Branding

When you see certain logos, colors, or fonts, you immediately think of the brand or store they belong to. These things are iconic and special to all corporations and small businesses. Graphic designers have the knowledge and skills the companies need to create something unique and appealing.

Website Templates

With the e-commerce business booming, people need to have templates to create their personal websites. Those are not easy to make. Graphic designers have the background to know how to create engaging templates that encourage customers to shop.

Product Packaging

Product packaging is the designs, fonts, and pictures that are included in the products and foods that we buy every day. This is important because product packaging can compel you to purchase the product.


Books, newspapers, and magazines need graphic designers to design covers, organize and edit photos, and placement of these things. Advertisements that we see in stores are made by graphic designers.

Graphic designers will always be needed by companies and small businesses alike, so it can be a competitive and profitable field of study if you choose this path. There is a lot of growth and job opportunities if you play your cards right.

Do You Need a Degree to Be a Graphic Designer?

Many colleges and universities offer courses, programs, and even degrees to pursue graphic design. Many artists are able to launch their careers on their own.

Getting into a graphic design program or getting a degree can be helpful for the following reasons.

Creating a Polished Portfolio

This is a basic standard for any graphic designer. You can make one without having a college degree, however being in a program can provide you with resources, guidance, and professional feedback.

Access to Industrial Software and Resources

There are some things that you can’t find on your own. Colleges and universities can provide industrial-grade tools, supplies, and educators to be confident in your ability to work with the real deal.


You will be working with peers and classmates that not only have the same interests as you, but they can provide real feedback and help you more than you know. Meeting the right people gives you better networking opportunities and you will learn what major companies need from you.

There are graphic designers that are self-taught and happy with their results. It’s not impossible to be one of these graphic designers. You need to think about your skill level, perseverance, and discipline to learn on your own if you chose to go at this alone.

How Are Marketing and Graphic Design Related?

Graphic design and marketing are related in a few ways. For example, you need a good graphic designer to make the materials you need to advertise your products. Both of these things work together.

Marketing teams and graphic designers work closely together to communicate messages and feelings to their audience. This is done by:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Drawings
  • Icons
  • Fonts
  • Pictures

The graphic designers bring in the eye-catching art, and the marketing team catches the attention of their audiences with words and information. Two jobs that work hand in hand!

Can Graphic Designers Be Self-Employed?

The world of freelance jobs expands more and more each day. Freelance workers do not have a set contract with a company. They market themselves and find their own clients from all over the world.

Graphic design is no stranger to the freelance world, with many people looking to self-employ or hire standalone graphic artists. There are many websites that provide a starting point for publishing your portfolio to clients who need your expertise.

If you are interested in becoming a graphic design freelancer, you should check out You can get inspired by the different templates, or even use Placeit as your design software because everything created on their site is fully commercially usable.


You do not need a marketing degree to become a graphic designer. Marketing and graphic design are two separate fields, but they work together to achieve a common goal. They need each other because they are both ways of conveying a message to others. It could be for a product, or it could be to convey an educational or informative message. 

There are many colleges that provide a bachelor’s degree or a smaller program that caters to those who want to learn about graphic design. Getting a degree could help a graphic designer learn valuable skills that are needed in the professional world. Whether you go to school or are self-taught, graphic designers are creative and necessary skills to the workforce.