Can You Get a Student Discount on Placeit? is a fantastic resource for students who need templates, mockups, and other graphic designs and/or tools for school-related projects. Unfortunately, users are required to purchase a subscription plan if they want access to everything the website has to offer. While subscriptions cost less than $15 a month, most students are living on limited funds and need to save wherever possible. This is why many are curious whether Placeit offers a student discount.

There is currently no student discount available on Placeit to reduce subscription costs. However, the website frequently offers sales to make its products more budget friendly. Discount codes meant strictly for students are often available in August and September for the “back to school” season.

In this article, we will discuss how students can use Placeit’s exceptional products at little to no cost. We’ll also discuss whether it is worthwhile for students to invested their limited funds in a monthly or yearly Placeit subscription.

Does Placeit Offer Free Trials and Content?

It’s understandable that students and other individuals who are interested in what Placeit has to offer would prefer to test its features before paying for a subscription plan. One way that countless companies allow you to do this is through a free trial period, but is Placeit one of them?

Unfortunately, Placeit does not currently offer free trials. This is largely due to the fact that the company frequently offers discount and coupon codes, as well as free templates, mockups, and more that uncertain individuals can test out before deciding if a monthly or annual subscription is worthwhile for them.

If you’d like to try some of Placeit’s free templates, you can follow the link here. You’ll find an array of graphic designs, social media templates, and editable products, amongst other options within this library that you can alter and download free of charge. Of course, the library is fairly limited compared to what you have access to with a subscription, but it’s a great starting point, nonetheless.

A less commonly known way that Placeit users can obtain free access to the website’s content is by attempting to cancel their subscription. Yes, the catch here is that you have to already pay for a Placeit subscription to be eligible for this option, but sometimes if you try to cancel your subscription, Placeit will offer you a promotion in a final attempt to keep your support.

One of these promotion options is a free month, so if you decided to pay for one month and aren’t sure if you want to continue, you could see if you can get this free month from Placeit before finally deciding to end your subscription.

How Can Students Lower Their Placeit Costs?

While there isn’t an official student discount to help lower the cost of Placeit items, there are other options that anyone can use to their advantage.

The most common and effective way that Placeit users can get a discount on Placeit is by using a coupon code. Placeit offers year-round coupon codes to content creators to share with potential users, like this coupon for 15% off any plan, which is the most reliable way to get a discount.

Another way you can save big on Placeit costs is by opting for their annual subscription plan over their monthly subscription plan. As a student it’s understandable that a monthly payment of $14.95 is much more affordable than a single payment of $89.65, but if you do the math, this one-time annual payment actually saves you a lot of money overall. By the end of the year, you’ll save twice as much in subscription fees.

Of course, this also comes down to whether you think you’ll use Placeit enough throughout the year to justify paying for an annual subscription.

Is a PlaceIt Subscription Worth It For Students?

After seeing the prices of a Placeit subscription and its limited number of free templates, its safe to say that many students will heavily weigh the website’s pros and cons to determine if its worth the cost. They might even compare it to competitors like Canva.

A Placeit subscription is worthwhile for any student who needs to create the following items on a regular basis and prioritize a high quality, impactful result using minimal effort:

  • mock-ups
  • logos
  • design templates
  • animated videos

By “regularly,” we mean that students will most likely need to use Placeit’s resources multiple times a month, if not weekly, to justify its cost. Especially since it has free options available that students can use on the rare occasion without paying monthly fees.

Compared to Canva, a popular competitor, Placeit is the preferrable choice for students who also prioritize extensive customization options and want access to the largest library of mockup designs offered by any design site (Placeit has over 90,000 templates compared to Canva’s 10,000).

That being said, if you’re a student who truly can’t afford a monthly Placeit subscription, then Canva is the place for you. The majority of this website’s templates are freely accessible. The only costs associated with Canva are for premium features, if you choose to use them.

Canva also offers templates that are bit less niche than Placeit. Many of Placeit’s templates tailor towards gaming, business products, and logos, whereas Canva offers types of templates students will more commonly use, such as resumes, posters, and presentations.  

Final Thoughts

Placeit might not have a student discount, but there are numerous alternative methods students can use to reduce their purchase prices and monthly subscription costs, like using a content creators year-round 15% off coupon code.

Of course, there is also the question of whether this investment is worthwhile compared to the free templates that students can access on Canva that might be more appropriate to their needs. In the end, this comes down to the individual regarding what types of templates they require and how often they intend to use these resources.