Can You Rest Your Palm On An iPad While Writing?

Touch screen devices have become increasingly popular tools for writing and drawing digitally. Getting the right stylus pen for your iPad can make all the difference in how smoothly you can complete your work. If you are considering using your iPad for drawing or writing you may be wondering if you can rest your palm on the touch screen as you are working.

It is possible to rest your palm on the touch screen of your iPad while drawing or writing if you are using a stylus pen that is compatible with your device. It is also necessary to have the correct settings selected so the stylus communicates properly with the iPad.

For more information about whether or not you can rest your palm on the touch screen of your iPad continue reading.

Writing On Your iPad – What You Need to Know

We use our ipads and other touch screen devices for nearly everything so why not write and draw with them as well? More and more people are taking advantage of the technology that comes with active stylus pens to use their touch screens more naturally.

In order to successfully write or draw on a touch screen such as an iPad, it is important to have the correct stylus pen and in-app settings selected for the best results.

Choosing the Right iPad Compatible Stylus Pen

As you are likely aware Apple has created the Apple Pencil which is an active stylus pen that works with certain Apple touch screen devices. What you may not be aware of is that other companies have manufactured stylus pens that are compatible with an iPad as well.

The catch is to be sure the stylus pen you choose is compatible with the version of the iPad you are using. Be aware that although most of the less expensive competitors are functional they can have some issues with certain settings that are specific to Apple devices.

If you opt for the Apple Pencil you can confidently rest your palm on the iPad touch screen while writing and drawing without fear of accidental marks or setting changes.

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is programmed to only react to the tip of the stylus pen, this way if you rest your palm or wrist on the screen it will not acknowledge that you are touching the screen.

In addition to the Apple Pencil, the following three active stylus pens are recommended as sufficient alternatives. The good thing about these alternative options is that they can be used with other devices as well so they are multifunctional.

Adonit Mouse Sensor Pencil with Palm Rejection

Some features of this stylus pen include:

  • Full mouse capabilities
  • Magnetic body
  • Palm rejection settings
  • Recharge with a USB

Now, let’s see the next product.

Logitech Crayon – Digital Pencil

Some features of this stylus pen include:

  • Compatible with most Apple touch screen devices
  • Palm rejection settings
  • Line weight and pressure sensitivity settings

Keep reading to find another compatible stylus.

MoKo Universal Active Stylus Pen

Some features of this stylus pen include:

  • 100% compatible with any Apple or Android touch screen device
  • Double-sided tips for different uses and applications
  • Palm rejection settings
  • Recharge with a USB

Now, let’s see the palm rejection settings.

iPad Palm Rejection Settings – Software and Stylus Required

You may be wondering how iPad palm rejection works. In order for palm rejection to be active, you must have a compatible active stylus pen connected to the touch screen device.

There are no individual settings on the iPad for palm rejection. Palm rejection settings must be accessed from the settings menu of the specific writing or design software you are using.

The way you access those menus will depend upon the programs you are using. Once you have figured out how to adjust your program’s palm rejection settings you can focus on the stylus pen. Once connected the palm rejection settings can be activated so you can rest your hand comfortably as you write or draw out your next big idea.

In addition to palm rejection settings most stylus pens including the Apple Pencil offer settings to control pressure sensitivity, line weight, and other helpful features.

iPad Compatible With Palm Rejection for Maximum Comfort

Now you know your iPad can be used with a stylus pen so you can comfortably rest your wrist as you are writing or drawing. Utilizing the palm rejection features on your stylus pen as you write on your iPad will enable you to work more quickly and produce better quality results.

Using palm rejection will also prevent you from holding your hand in an odd position to avoid accidental palm touches.