Can You Use a Touchpad as a Drawing Tablet?

If you prefer the feeling of a keyboard beneath your fingertips but still have the occasional need to use a drawing tablet you may be wondering if you can use the touchpad of your laptop. Utilizing your laptop computer and its software to its fullest potential can increase your productivity allowing you to have more free time for the fun stuff.

Many touchpads can be used as a tablet for drawing or writing; however, the type of computer and software can affect how well it will work. In some cases, additional applications need to be installed on the computer for a stylus to be recognized by the computer’s operating system.

For more details and information regarding the use of a laptop’s touchpad as a drawing tablet, continue reading.

Using Your Touchpad As a Drawing Tablet – What to Know

Transforming your laptop’s touchpad into a drawing or writing tablet can add a lot of value to your daily life. Continue reading to learn why.

Utilizing your laptop’s touchpad as a writing surface can:

  • Save time by allowing you to navigate the cursor more naturally
  • Save money by eliminating the need for multiple devices when one can do both jobs
  • Allow you to produce higher quality work more easily
  • Reduce strain on your wrist from using a mouse

If you wish to use the touchpad of your laptop for more than just a way to navigate through your computer then you are in luck. The not-so-great news is that if you have a laptop that is significantly out of date this may not apply to you.

From here on, we will assume that you are up to date with technology and that the touchpad of your laptop has the required pressure sensitivity as well as any other settings necessary to respond appropriately to a stylus pen.

Passive Stylus Method (The Best Bang For Your Buck)

The amount of time you spend using a tablet for drawing and/or writing can determine if the use of a touchpad as a writing surface is the best option for your life.

Before the inception of active stylus pens there were (and still are) passive stylus pens designed to be used in conjunction with touchscreen devices as a way to navigate, draw or write more accurately while using the device.

Fast forward to our present time and mostly hear about active stylus pens and all of the technology that goes along with them.

If you are on a budget and trying to eliminate the need for multiple devices for different tasks then trying the passive stylus method on your laptop’s touch screen is likely the best way to go for a few reasons.

The benefits of using a passive stylus pen with your laptop touchpad are:

  • They are generally very inexpensive
  • They come in many colors, shapes, and styles to suit all tastes
  • Can be replaced easily if broken or lost due to low cost
  • Makes drawing and writing easier on your laptop
  • Can work more accurately than if using a traditional style mouse

To find out if your laptop touchpad works with a passive stylus pen visit your local general store and purchase one to test out. In this day and age, most people are using laptops that are capable of recognizing a passive stylus pen.

Since it is possible to purchase a passive stylus pen for around one dollar you won’t have to worry if you come to find that your laptop is not compatible with this type of use.

Apps to Transform Your Laptop’s Touchpad Into a Tablet

For more professional, high-end results and better control of your cursor, you can turn your laptop’s touchpad into a drawing tablet by adding software and using a stylus designed to work with your specific computer and programs.

As mentioned previously, certain laptops may not recognize a stylus pen unless certain software applications are added to the hard drive. If you find that this applies to you the next section will give you some insight on which apps to download according to your type of device.

Software Application for Apple Products

Apple products are used by millions of people around the world which means it was necessary for someone to make using their touchpads easier.

For those of you who prefer to use Apple products such as a MacBook with a touchpad, this app is for you. Inklet used in conjunction with the Pogo stylus pen will make using your touchpad a breeze.

People using Apple products can download an app called Inklet to their devices. This app will allow the user to use an active stylus pen to control multiple features other than just drawing.

Installing inklet on your Apple device allows you to:

  • Use the stylus as a mouse
  • Access and operate any writing or drawing program
  • Have better control of your work

The two applications listed above can also help to bring an older laptop up to date with current technology when used with the correct software and stylus pens.

Software Application for Windows Products 

When it comes to technology most people are either Apple or Android/Windows with little gray area in between. If you would rather stick to a laptop that runs Windows software then Windows Ink Workspace will be right up your alley.

Similarly to the Inklet app, this app allows you to utilize your laptop’s touchpad as you would a mouse. Windows Ink Workspace allows the user to:

  • Write sticky notes
  • Easily take screenshots and edit them immediately
  • Write messages and draw pictures

Now you know everything about using a touchpad as a drawing pad and some programs for it.

Life Made Easier With a Value Store Stylus Pen

Utilizing your laptop’s touchpad as a drawing or writing surface can relieve a lot of inconveniences in your life. You will find that you can save time and money by being more productive. Eliminating the need for carrying multiple devices makes life easier and allows you to use your laptop to its fullest potential.