Can You Use a Wacom One Without HDMI?

Among other Wacom tablets, Wacom One allows you a more intuitive way of designing on your computer by connecting the input device and using the accompanying stylus as your primary design tool. Unlike traditional tablets or an iPad, Wacom’s are designed to work with your desktop specifically for illustration, animation, video editing, etc. It’s a simple connection via an HDMI cable, but you may be wondering if Wacom One can be used without connecting?

The Wacom One needs to be connected to a Mac or PC. The tablet and stylus function as a second display. If your computer lacks an HDMI (video out) port, you will need an HDMI adapter to make the connection.

Though the Wacom One tablet was designed specifically to be connected to your computer, it doesn’t mean that there are no options if you want an independent tablet. Keep reading for a rundown of connecting your Wacom One to your PC, Mac, or laptop.

How to Connect a Wacom One to Your Computer

Whether you’re connecting your Wacom One to your laptop, PC, or Mac, the process is the same. You will need to make sure that your computer has an HDMI (video out) port; otherwise, you will have to purchase an HDMI adapter to connect. If it does, all you need is the HDMI cable.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Wacom One to your computer or laptop:

  1. Connect the HDMI cable to your computer/laptop (directly or via an adapter)
  2. Connect the USB cable to your computer/laptop
  3. First, push the power adapter head into the adapter
  4. Then, connect the power USB cable to the adapter
  5. Finally, plug the power adapter into an outlet
  6. Connect the power adapter
  7. Attach the cable to the Wacom One tablet
  8. Turn on the Wacom One tablet via the power button
  9. Visit the Wacom website to download and install the driver

Once you’ve downloaded the driver via the Wacom website, follow the instructions for installation and then restart your computer. After you use the Setup Wizard, you’ll be taken to the Wacom Desktop Center to register your device to get your software. After installation, launch the software and begin using your Wacom One.

If you’d rather not bother with HDMI or USB cables to make your tablet work for your PC or Mac, you can always use a design application directly on your computer or website, like

Does Wacom Have Any Wireless Tablets?

Wacom has various drawing tablets on the market at a range of prices that are suitable to fit anyone’s budget. All of their tablets come with a battery-free stylus designed to simulate a pen and paper feel. Though the Wacom One is not intended to be wireless or work independent of a computer, there is a library of other tablets or pen computers on their site, with new models coming out periodically.

Wacom does have other tablets or pen computers that you can use wirelessly either through a wireless accessories kit or via Bluetooth. Below is a list of tablets that can work wirelessly:

  • Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet
  • Intuos Pro Creative Pen Tablet
  • Cintiq Pro 16
  • Cintiq Pro 24

Those are a few examples of what Wacom offers in the wireless options. Most are simple Bluetooth connections that require pairing with your device.

The wireless accessory kit comes with a wireless module, a rechargeable battery, and a wireless USB receiver. The kit isn’t compatible with every Wacom tablet, so check which models it’s suitable to work with before purchasing.

Does Wacom Have Any Standalone Tablets?

Perhaps you want to streamline your design experience and keep it to a minimum without using a second display. You could also need an option for travel, and you can’t exactly pack your desktop and may want a more lightweight option than your laptop.

Wacom does have standalone drawing tablets that you can easily slip into your briefcase or carry-on. Below is a list of tablets that can work without connecting to a desktop computer or laptop:

  • Mobile Studio Pro
  • Cintiq Companion
  • Cintiq Pro

The Cintiq Pro can act wirelessly if you would like a second display or a standalone tablet to take on the road.


You may already have the Wacom One and don’t want to invest more finances into another Wacom device. The options mentioned in “How to Connect a Wacom One to Your Computer” should be a suitable alternative. If you want to stick with your Wacom One, now you know how to connect it to your computer and start using the tablet today.