Can You Use Affinity Publisher on More Than One Computer?

Ever since software developer Serif released its dynamic duo of graphic design programs, Designer and Photo, they have been warmly received for their functionality and innovation. Affinity Publisher completes the creative software suite by providing document publishing capabilities. But are users limited to installing this vital output platform to just one computer?

All of the Affinity creative programs, including Publisher, are platform-specific, meaning that separate versions must be purchased for Mac and PC. Within the same PC or Mac operating system, however, users can install Publisher on as many computers as they own for their own non-commercial use.

Where Affinity Designer and Photo are primarily focused on the creative side of things, Publisher is a versatile program that is used to compose documents for print, display or posting online. It is, therefore, a vital link bridging the graphic design process and final publication. Keep reading to learn how Affinity Publisher can keep crucial workflow moving and ensure that projects meet their deadlines.

Can I Use Affinity Publisher on More Than One Computer

Document publishing programs like Affinity Publisher put enormous capabilities into the hands of users regardless of their skill or experience level. From glossy brochures to eye-catching web pages, Affinity Publisher, with its thoughtfully curated collection of tools and features, is the perfect platform for composing projects for publication, be that printed on paper, displayed on a screen, or posted online.

Much of the success of a graphic design project hinges on keeping the workflow moving at a productive pace. A key part of this equation is having the ability to put in the work whenever the opportunity presents itself, whether it is at work, at home, or in a neighborhood café.

Recognizing this important need, Affinity Publisher can be installed on multiple computers so long as they are on the same operating platform, i.e., Mac (macOS) or PC (Windows). It should be noted that Serif’s licensing policy differs for individual and commercial users.

Here is how Serif’s licensing policy works for Affinity Publisher:

Individual Users of Affinity Publisher

For individual users, each purchase entitles the buyer of the software to install Affinity Publisher on all computers that are owned or controlled by the purchaser. Thus, this program can be installed on multiple computers like laptops and desktops so long as they are based on the same operating platform and the same purchaser either owns or controls them.

It is important to remember that because this software is platform-specific, separate purchases must be made if this program is to be installed on both Mac computers and PCs (even by the same owner).

Commercial Users of Affinity Publisher

For commercial users of Affinity Publisher, Serif’s licensing policy works a little differently. Here is how this program may be installed by commercial users:

  • An individual user may install Affinity Publisher on any Mac or PC (as the case may be) that he or she owns, controls, or uses
  • Affinity Publisher may also be installed on a single Mac or PC owned or controlled by the commercial user that is a shared workstation (e.g., used by multiple people)

Whether it is used by an individual or commercial user, Serif’s Affinity Publisher is one of the most user-friendly document publishing programs around, not to mention the most affordable and accessible.

Volume Licensing for Affinity Publisher

With its wide-ranging functionality and innovative features, Affinity Publisher is not just a preferred document publishing platform among individual and commercial users; it is also an invaluable resource for larger organizations such as those in the corporate and academic realms.

For both scenarios, Serif offers scalable licensing solutions for group users.

Affinity Teams for Business

As a document publishing platform for corporations and business enterprises, Affinity Publisher has been embraced by countless companies as a cost-effective solution for producing highly polished visual content. Highlights of Serif’s Affinity Teams program for businesses include:

  • Discounted license bundles are available for groups of 5 or more users
  • Specially curated services help business clients to streamline the installation, onboarding, and training processes for their users
  • Seamless integration of Affinity Publisher into any organization’s operations

Best of all, when combined with Serif’s Affinity Designer and Photo, Publisher provides a complete graphic design and publishing solution for business organizations of all sizes.

Affinity Education for Academic Institutions

Recognizing the need for professional-quality publishing tools in the academic world, Serif also offers its Affinity Education program, which addresses the unique needs of students and educators at schools and universities. Academic institutions that purchase group licenses of Affinity Publisher can expect their faculty and students to benefit in the following ways:

  • Cost-effective user license bundles that can be scaled according to the needs of each institution
  • Enhance the effectiveness of curricula and the delivery of educational materials through professional-quality presentations
  • Students can elevate the impact of their assignments (and their grades) while streamlining the creative process

Academic endeavors can be just as demanding as professional ones and with Affinity Publisher,  students, educators, and administrators can fulfill their publishing needs with a comprehensive, cost-effective solution.

Risk-Free Trial Periods

For potential users who are unsure about whether Affinity Publisher is the right document publishing platform for their particular needs, a risk-free trial period provides an opportunity to install the software without any financial obligations (an email address is all that needs to be provided) and take it for a test drive so to speak.

In fact, all three programs in Serif’s creative suite of graphics software can be installed and used during a free trial period so not only can the features of each individual program be experienced firsthand, but the synergy between the three platforms can also be put through its paces to gain a true understanding of how Publisher, Designer, and Photo seamlessly work together as a complete media solution.


With Affinity Publisher, software developer Serif has not only reimagined the way that graphic design programs work but also how they are sold. Serif’s one-time purchase price versus the expensive subscriptions offered by competitors like Adobe has also lowered the barriers to accessibility.

Affinity Publisher puts powerful publishing tools into the hands of users from all walks of life with a purchase price of less than $60, flexible group licensing programs for corporate and academic users, and generous risk-free trials. Not to mention, this program can be installed on multiple computers to improve workflow on the go.