Can You Use Any Stylus With a Wacom Intuos?

Can You Use Any Stylus With a Wacom Intuos

Wacom tablets are some of the most popular graphic design and drawing tools. The pens that come with the tablets are prone to breaking or malfunctioning, and finding replacements can be difficult. Budget-conscious users and those looking for a quick fix will want to use any brand of stylus to get back to creating, but can you use any stylus with a Wacom Intuos tablet?

Unfortunately, you cannot use any brand of stylus on your Wacom tablet. Only Wacom styluses work with Wacom tablets. Every tablet and stylus have slight design differences. So, it makes sense that you cannot just use any stylus you want.

Having the correct stylus for you can make your creative time more effective and efficient. So, read on to find out more about Wacom styluses and tablets,

Can You Choose Any Stylus to Use with the Wacom Intuos?

When it comes to finding a stylus to use with your Wacom Intuos tablet, you cannot use any pen you want. Wacom recommends that you use the stylus made for your specific tablet model, but you can use different kinds of Wacom brand styluses as well.

The reason why you cannot just use any brand of stylus on your Wacom Intuos tablet is that each brand of stylus is made differently. They all have different technology inside and work with different sensors. So, a specific sensor has to be designed for the stylus to be able to work and allow you to perform tasks.

Wacom styluses work using EMR (electromagnetic resonance), a small wire coil inside the pen picks up electromagnetic fields from the tablet and turns them into energy to allow you to write and draw. The pens are extremely sensitive to pressure which affects the thickness of lines, and they use point and click technology as well

Because the Wacom technology is so specific, the styluses are either device-specific or forwards compatible, meaning that you can use newer versions of Wacom pens than the model of tablet you have, but you cannot use Wacom pens that are older than your current tablet model.

What Wacom Pens Are Compatible with the Wacom Intuos?

Since a common rule of thumb when designing and purchasing tablet pens is to be forward but not backward compatible, these are the Wacom pens that currently work with Intuos model tablets.

Wacom Grip Pen

This stylus has a rubber grip area on it to reduce grip power and reduce pressure placed on the hand and wrist bones and muscles when drawing. It also has balance and tilt recognition so that you can make very precise works. The Wacom Grip Pen is compatible with old models of the Intuos as well and the Intuos4 and Intuos5

Wacom Classic Pen

The Wacom Classic Pen is a slim, sleek drawing companion designed to be easier for your hand to hold so that you can accomplish more and work longer. It has an eraser, tilt recognition, advanced pressure sensitivity, and classic Wacom pen technology in a cordless and battery-less package. The classic pen is compatible with the Wacom Intuous Pro

Wacom Art Pen

This pen is a digital version of a felt-tip marker, complete with a broad angled tip that can be rotated around to create thick or thin lines. It also functions as a calligraphy pen so you can write in fancy script. The art pen is compatible with the Wacom Intuos Pro.

Wacom Airbrush Pen

The Wacom Airbrush pen is a digital airbrush with all the features you need to create and edit art. The realistic simulation of ink and spray distance allows you to have the classic airbrushing experience without the work. The pen can hold the paint’s place so that you can spray it on continuously. The airbrush pen is compatible with the Wacom Intuos Pro.

Wacom Pro Pen

The Wacom Pro Pen is an ultra lightweight, battery and cord-free stylus that is pressure sensitive to give you the best possible digital pen experience. The tracking on the pen is almost completely lag-free, which provides a smoother and more effective stroke when creating. With the tilt response, you can hold the stylus comfortably. The pro pen is compatible with the Wacom Intuos Pro.

Now that you know which pens are compatible with Wacom Intuos, you can save time on your pen search and get back to drawing faster. News to any artist’s ears!


You cannot use any brand of stylus with the Wacom Intuos tablet, it has to be a Wacom stylus due to the patented technology within. The Wacom stylus’ that are compatible with Intuos is the grip pen, the classic pen, the art pen, the airbrush pen, and the pro pen.