Can You Use Bitmojis for Twitch Emotes?

It’s been a few years since first introduced its emotes to the world, and for those who are familiar with it, you may have seen that people use Bitmoji to create their own emotes in the form of a GIF. But is it possible to use Bitmojis for Twitch?

You can use Bitmoji to make Twitch emotes, but they will not replace your other existing Twitch emotes. They are only meant to be used as an additional way to show your emotion while streaming on Twitch.

As you may know, Twitch has a couple of emojis available for use on its network. These were implemented in 2013, and the gaming community quickly adopted them. However, they are still not as popular as they could be. This is why Twitch has decided to introduce a new way to show your emotions by using Bitmojis. Keep reading to learn more.

Can You Use Bitmojis for Twitch Emotes?

You can use Bitmojis for Twitch emotes, but they will not replace your Twitch emotes. They are only meant to be used as an additional way to show your emotion while streaming on Twitch, or to supplement what you have.

Yes, you can use Bitmojis for Twitch emotes by using them in a GIF format. You could also make a personalized GIF using Bitmoji, which Twitch does not allow.

This will give your viewers an idea of what you really look like when you’re streaming and create a more personal connection with them when they watch your content.

Why You Should Use Bitmojis for Twitch Emotes

Creating emotes for your chat and followers to use can be a great way for you to create a community, however it can be very difficult if you don’t have graphic design knowledge or time to create them. Bitmoji are a recognizable and easy way to create unique graphics for your emotes.

Bitmojis are more customizable and therefore add more diversity into your Twitch emotes. You can personalize your Bitmojis into any image you want as long as it follows Twitch’s guidelines. You can use a picture of your face, or even of a character from the games you most frequently stream.

How to Use Bitmoji to Make Twitch Emotes

In order to create Twitch emotes with Bitmoji, you will of course need to have the bitmoji app itself! If you have never used it before, you will first start by creating your avatar with their easy to use and design interface. It’s that simple! Once created, you can search through available designs to find the emotes you like.

Save the emotes you want to use to your phone or desktop. Before you can upload them, you want to use a photo editing software like to make the image square. It is preferable to use the largest size of pixels, such as if the height of the Bitmoji picture is 1500, make your image 1500×1500. Be sure to save it as a PNG!

Now that you have rendered your Twitch Bitmoji emote, it’s time to upload! Enter your Twitch Affiliate dashboard and upload your emote. Don’t worry about trying to make the emote all different sizes; Twitch will handle it for you. Before you are done, be sure to add in the code you want chat users to use to select that emote.

How to Make Bitmoji Twitch Emotes Look Better

While using Bitmojis for Twitch emotes may not sound like rocket science, there are a few things you should know to ensure they look good enough that your followers will want to use them.

When using Bitmojis on Twitch, you will want to:

  • Make sure that your Bitmoji is not too small.
  • Keep in mind that if you are streaming with a webcam, there will be limitations on how large the Bitmoji can be without pixelated or distorted when streamed. The last thing you want is for your emotes to be blurry!

Now, let’s see which Bitmoji you should choose for your Twitch emotes.

Which Bitmoji Should You Choose for Your Twitch Emote?

To decide which Bitmoji you should use for your Twitch emotes, think about the type of game you are playing. If it’s a first-person shooter or an MMO, then you would want to create an FPS or MMORPG Bitmoji. If it’s a racing game, then choosing a race car, Bitmoji, would be best.

If you’re looking for advice on which Bitmoji to use for your Twitch emote, here are some suggestions:

  • An emoticon that utilizes other characters from the game
  • A character representing your team in the stream (e.g., Team Fortress 2)
  • A character that represents one of your skills (e.g., Overwatch)

Now, let’s see if you are able to use any image you want to create your own Twitch Emote with Bitmoji.

Are Bitmoji Twitch Emotes Fair Use?

Fair use and copyright law are very important when it comes to what you can and cannot do for your Twitch. Whether you are starting on Twitch or using Bitmoji, always be sure to read the terms and conditions prior to using the application to make sure you are ok to do what you plan.

The good news is that with Bitmoji, the customization aspect allows you to create unique emotes and use them, however, be sure that you don’t use them for monetary gain or branding. Per their terms of service, this is where they draw the line.


Bitmoji is a great way to express yourself on Twitch. They are customizable and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them as emojis, stickers, or even as GIFs! If you want to create your own Bitmoji, you can use the Bitmoji Creator. This tool will allow you to create your own custom character and save it for later use!