Can You Use Envato Elements for Broadcasts?

Envato Elements, a one-stop online shop for all things creative, offers users a plethora of great design options that will enhance any website, blog, newsletter, or presentation. Envato Elements is a graphic designer’s dream with cool fonts and graphics, an array of sound effects, and music. But can Envato Elements also be used for broadcasts?

Envato Elements can be used for broadcasts as long as the user has an active subscription and incorporates the element into a larger project. If the end product is transferred to a client, the Envato Element must be protected so that it cannot be pulled out separately from the project. 

For those who work on a variety of graphic design projects, Envato Elements is an excellent creative source. If you’ve got questions about using Envato Elements for broadcasts, you’ve come to the right place. 

Using Envato Elements for Broadcasts

Founded on the idea of community and giving creative talent a marketplace for their work, Envato’s stated mission is to “bring ideas to life and help creators earn a living doing what they love.” Envato Elements offers so many creative possibilities that the combinations are practically endless.  

A quick glance at the Envato website reveals just how vast their storehouse of graphic design options really is. Over 6 million unique designs are at your fingertips. If you’re looking for good quality, ready-to-use graphics, check out the categories available to you:

  • Stock video
  • Video templates
  • Music and sound effects
  • Graphic templates
  • Graphics
  • Presentation templates
  • Photos 
  • Fonts
  • Web templates
  • Add-ons
  • CMS templates
  • WordPress themes and plug-ins
  • 3D renderings

All of these products can be downloaded or saved in a collection for later use. One of Envato’s newest offerings is access to Placeit, described as a “DIY tool that allows anyone to make something creative.”

It’s pretty clear that allowing Elements to be embedded in personal projects or work for a specific client is what the company is all about. However, with a lot of tools like Envato, the game changes when usage extends out to a broader audience, as with a website or broadcast.

Envato is upfront with users about what the correct usage of Elements looks like and that subscribers are free to use Elements for a broadcast as long as certain requirements and conditions are met. 

Sharing Publicly is Allowed

Envato’s generous usage policy allows for the public display of any project that uses any of its millions of elements. The company defines public sharing to include public displays in print or online form or use in communication tools such as broadcasts, flyers, and websites. Unlimited multiple copies and distribution are allowed as well.

All these public sharing instances are approved if – and only if – the elements are part of a bigger project. 

An Active Subscription is Necessary 

Use of any Envato items starts with a user subscription. Being an active subscriber gives you the permission needed to take advantage of all the creative genius that’s a part of Envato.

Honor the Single Use License

Envato Elements is based on a single-use license arrangement. Any item that you download is licensed for one project only. If you want to use something in multiple projects, you must re-license it each time it’s used.

Integrate Elements into a Larger Project

One of the key requirements of using Envato Elements is that you cannot use an item in a standalone fashion. You have to insert and integrate any element into a larger project. For example, Envato offers a wide selection of stock videos that are good enough to stand on their own. Doing so, however, would violate the usage policy.  

Questions arise when the final destination of a finished product is to a subscriber’s client. In that case, Envato allows an active subscriber to transfer the entire project to the client as long as the Envato Element cannot be extracted as an individual item from the project. A sublicense gives item rights to the client, but they must be informed of their legal obligations.

Be Aware of Prohibited Usages

There are a few restrictions that Envato Elements users should be aware of and follow strictly. Failure to do so could result in a subscription deactivation or legal action.

No Use in an Unlawful Manner

Those who use Envato Elements to build a broadcast product should pay particular attention to prohibited use. Unlawful, in this case, is defined as discriminatory, offensive, defamatory, obscene, or pornographic. With today’s easy access to online platforms for sharing creative work and widespread opinions on what constitutes appropriate material, it’s crucial that users respect Envato’s policy as they use elements in their work. 

No Redistribution or Modification of Items

Envato prohibits users from selling or giving away individual items, either by themselves or in a group. Users should not make any changes or modifications to individual elements.

No Use in On-Demand Services

Envato Elements cannot be used in on-demand situations where the subscriber is offering customers the opportunity to customize an ordered product. This applies to digital and physical products. That is, an element cannot be used on a platform that allows visitors to build their own broadcast or design their custom apparel.

No Account Sharing

An Envato is set up for and expected to be used by one user only. There should be no sharing of items or details to another person.

How Much Does Envato Elements Cost?

Individuals can subscribe to Envato Elements for $33.00 per month, billed monthly. Another option is a yearly subscription, billed yearly at $198.00, which works out to $16.50 per month. There is no contract, and users can cancel at any time.

Envato offers team pricing as well. For $10.75 per member, a team subscription puts all downloads into one central location and allows free changes in members lists at any time.

Final Thoughts

If creating broadcasts is what you do, Envato Elements provides affordable access to a treasure trove of innovative design products with the unlimited ability to download what you need. The great thing about Envato is how generous they are with their offerings, provided you abide by a few specific rules.