Can You Use InDesign Without Creative Cloud?

can you use indesign without creative cloud

Adobe is known for coming up with amazing software, and InDesign is one of them. The software comes in handy when creating print and digital materials like books, catalogs, resumes, and interactive digital publications. In 2013, Adobe released Creative Cloud, which helps designers access multiple digital manipulation programs and save their work on the cloud. However, some have questioned whether it’s possible to use InDesign without accessing Creative Cloud.

Unfortunately, you cannot use InDesign without Creative Cloud, as you’ll have to use it to validate your purchase. However, you are able to buy InDesign as a single-app rather than buying the entire Creative Cloud suite.

With that said, let’s dive in and discuss how to download InDesign, if it’s possible to get it for free, how much it costs, and more.

Can InDesign Run Without Creative Cloud?

Besides assembling all the apps in one place, Creative Cloud also helps push the necessary updates, validate the purchase, and secure your files on the cloud. It has become an essential tool for clients using Adobe products, and it’s impossible to run the designing software without this desktop app.

Adobe released Creative Cloud in an attempt to consolidate all their software in one place and make it easy for designers to access the tools. InDesign is simply one of their apps that’s within the Creative Cloud. Although you can purchase and use InDesign as a single-app, you will be running it within Creative Cloud.

Can you Get Adobe InDesign Without Creative Cloud?

It’s impossible to get a safe and functioning InDesign app without using the Creative Cloud app. Although pirated InDesign apps are out there with promises to work without a Creative Cloud capability, they are not safe to use, and Adobe might sue you for breaching their copyright.

Be cautious not to download InDesign software from any other sources than the official Adobe website.

Can you Get InDesign for Free?

Yes, Adobe has a 7-day trial where you can use InDesign for free. You get a chance to test the app’s full capabilities, and you’ll have access to every plugin and add-on. You can then choose to purchase or not at the end of this period.

The only way to get InDesign for free is with the Adobe 7-day free trial. Refrain from downloading any ‘Free’ or ‘Cracked’ versions offered online, as this might expose you to malicious malware and viruses. The software could also have spyware embedded within, which might steal your personal information. You’re required to use the Creative Cloud app even with the InDesign free trial. You can cancel before the end of the trial period without incurring any fees.

What’s the Cost of InDesign? 

Adobe InDesign has a monthly plan of $20.99 when you buy it alone for personal use. The business license costs $79.99 per month. However, you can get it as a ‘Creative Cloud All Apps’ package that costs $52.99 per month. There’s also a student and teachers discount on the full ‘Creative Cloud All Apps’ that only cost $19.99 per month.

The ‘Personal License’ allows only one person to use the app, while the ‘Business License’ permits a team to use the app without needing additional licenses. You can also use the personal license for commercial purposes, provided the license is used by one person only. The two apps have similar features but differ in ownership and use.

You don’t pay extra for Creative Cloud but you tend to save more when you buy a ‘Creative Cloud’ package. Instead of paying for each application individually, which might amount to hundreds of dollars, you only pay a $52.99 monthly CC subscription and get access to all these applications.

The ‘Creative Cloud All Apps’ package gives you access to over 20 apps that you can use as you wish without needing licenses for each app. With this package, you can use apps like:

  • InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

With over 20 apps at your disposal, you’ll manage to save money you’d use to purchase individual apps. This type of license is perfect for business and commercial use.

Is It Easy to Use InDesign? 

Like any other design software, InDesign has a lot of features that you use to enhance your work. The dashboard is easy to use, with all the features listed or labeled and placed strategically, making it easy to access them. However, the software requires a bit of a learning curve to understand.

It can take you around two weeks to grasp InDesign basics and over a year to master the software. However, it all comes down to your commitment and what you plan to achieve with the software.

If the learning curve is too much for you, consider a beginner friendly graphic design software like to start making professional designs much quicker.


InDesign is a great digital design tool that is mostly used in the publication niche. Although you can buy InDesign as a single-app without buying the rest of the Creative Cloud, it’s impossible to use it without a Creative Cloud app since you’ll need the app to validate your purchase. With that said, you cannot buy InDesign without using Creative Cloud to access it.

Lastly, be cautious not to pay for any lifetime access InDesign offers because they are not authentic and likely pirated with malicious viruses in them.