Can You Use Placeit on Etsy? The Facts Explained

If you’re putting a design out on Etsy, you want to make sure that it isn’t copyrighted or trademarked. Because more and more people are using the service Placit, it would therefore be worthwhile to make sure their designs are legal to use. So can you legally use Placeit on Etsy? 

You can use Placeit on Etsy because all of their designs are copyright and trademark-free. Once you’ve customized a design for yourself to use on Etsy, you can rest assured that the designs fonts and graphics are 100% commercially usable.

If you’re excited to use in your next Etsy project, you’ve come to the right place. In our guide below we will break down why you can use Placeit designs on Etsy as well as what limitations are in place.

Are Placeit Designs Copyrighted?

Placeit is loaded with some of the best usable designs out there. Still, you may worry that there is some sort of copyright involved if you want to use them on a service like Etsy. 

Fortunately, Placeit designs are not copyrighted. They can be used freely for both private and commercial use.

Placeit actually takes things one step further in that it allows you to download and trademark or copyright designs yourself. That means you could, for example, create a logo with the Placeit logo maker, then have it trademarked so only you can use it. This is one of the biggest reasons why Placeit is such a fast-growing service.  

Can I Sell Placeit Designs on Etsy?

You absolutely can sell Placeit designs on Etsy. Since all of Placeit’s designs are copyright-free, they can be used for whatever you’re selling on Etsy. 

The only caveat here is that if someone makes a logo or design on Placeit, then copyrights or trademarks it themselves, it will no longer be available for the personal use of others. This rarely becomes a problem, however, because of the level of customizability that Placeit offers. 

Can I Use Placeit With Other E-Commerce Services?

If you decide to sell your designs on more than just Etsy, you can still use Placeit. Placeit’s copyright-free nature extends out to all other e-commerce sites, including Print On-Demand websites (like creating and selling t-shirt designs). 

Are There Any Limits to Using Placeit Designs?

There are some limits to using Placeit designs. That said, most of these limits are commonsensical and won’t be a problem for the vast majority of users.

The limits to what you can do with your Placeit designs include:

  • Imply endorsement: You can’t create a design that implies an endorsement from Placeit. This would be something like putting a little Placeit logo in the corner of your image. Placeit does not necessarily endorse the content people make on their platform, they just provide the platform itself. 
  • Claim Placeit’s content is your own: While you can certainly use content from Placeit, you can’t claim to have made it yourself. It’s only fair considering how much they offer you during the process of making your own designs. 
  • Use Derogatory content: You can’t present a person, logo, or image that is derogatory. This really goes with Placeit’s terms of service. This likely won’t be a problem, as most people aren’t out to make that kind of content anyway. 
  • Use Placeit against itself: You can’t take Placeit designs and use them to create a competitor to Placeit. Not only would that be bad form but it would also violate their rules. 

Again, most–if not all–of these limitations are pretty commonsensical. As long as you avoid making any of these moves, you’ll be free to use your designs however else you please.  

Benefits of Using Placeit on Etsy 

Not only can you use Placeit on Etsy, but there are also a lot of reasons to do so. Placeit is a fantastic service that allows you to create mockups, designs, logos, and more. You can take anything you make on it and copyright it for your own use.

Below we’ve listed some of the biggest benefits of using Placeit on Etsy so you can know it is right for you: 

  • Dynamic services: On Placeit, you can do everything from creating mockups for apparel to designing the perfect Discord theme. Additionally, you can create and trademark your own logos, using professionally designed templates and art work. These dynamic services can give you the edge you need to get your brand out there.
  • Rights to your project: You can take anything you make on Placeit and have it either copyrighted or trademarked, depending on what it is. This is key if you plan on using Placeit with an e-commerce site like Etsy. 
  • Ability to distribute projects: Along with the rights comes the ability to distribute your projects wherever you want. Like the previous benefit, this is going to be pivotal in you selling your designs on Etsy. 
  • Ability to print designs: You can actually print your designs into real merchandise like apparel. This gives you a leg up on comparable services that would only let you design them. Now you can get your needs met in one place instead of two. 

Placeit truly is a one-of-a-kind service. You can get all your needs met from printing your designs to securing their rights. Even if you choose a service other than Etsy for sales, Placeit will still work great. 

So Really, Can You Use Placeit on Etsy?

You can use Placeit on Etsy for a number of reasons. Primarily it is because they give you both the ability to copyright or trademark your designs–depending on what they are–and to distribute them as you wish. There are some limitations such as the fact that you can’t imply that Placeit is endorsing your product, but they are mostly stuff you wouldn’t probably do anyway. 

At the end of the day, Placeit provides an excellent way for you to create designs, mockups, logos, and more, without having to worry about copyright issues. As long as your designs aren’t derogatory, aren’t used against Placeit, and don’t imply endorsement, you should be ready to go. So what kind of design do you plan on selling through Etsy?

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