Can You Use Placeit with Printful? [What You Need to Know] has significantly impacted the print-on-demand industry during the past few years. Placeit has become one of the top mockup file-generation companies on the web. Using placeit with printful provides its challenges; however, you need to know to use placeit with printful and keep your Zen in focus.

Placeit is used with printful in creating mockup files to help market print-on-demand products. Placeit is not a print-on-demand company, but a mockup generation software designed to aid store owners.

Printful allows for several integrations into the platform. Most provide an easy connection between a marketplace and the printful back office that a seller can access. These integrations include a lot of options except for Using placeit with printful is done by successively using both programs to get the files into printful.

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How do You Connect Placeit with Printful?

No API connection allows a person to connect placeit with the printful mockup generator tool. These two tools are separate, and although printful recommends using they do not offer an integration. The only way is to manually download the design files from and then upload them into printful.

Follow these steps to use placeit mockups on printful.

  1. Create or upload your design on
  2. Choose the best template for your design or create your own mockups
  3. Download the mockup files from
  4. Upload the mockup files to printful

Connecting with Shopify or Big Commerce

When drafting this article, there is no app in either platform’s store to connect with these seller platform services. Therefore, the method above is used; instead of uploading to the “mockup” files, one would upload the mockup images to the product images files and assign the correct variables to the variants.

Can be connected to Etsy, eBay, or Amazon Marketplaces? does not offer integrations for any marketplace or platform. The site offers so many templates for various projects that it would be impractical to integrate with each platform. Instead, focuses more on providing lifestyle mockups, videos, advertisements, and even social media platform posts.

The best way to use is to find the perfect mockup template and download that template. Then upload the template featuring the product to the product images tabs on these marketplaces. As a result, the product files display the best work, and the image files are also optimized for quality. provides downloadable mockup templates in various file formats to upload to a marketplace.

Can be Used for Print On-Demand?

Several mockup generation tools and techniques focus on different niches, but has really narrowed down the right tools for many industries. Placeit’s focus is not on the product side of the industry but on the marketing side industry. Placeit provides a service by creating templates that sellers can use to generate a self-reflection for potential buyers.

Want a tutorial on how to use Placeit for Print On-Demand, here’s a free YouTube video showing how to make print on-demand t-shirt designs using Placeit.

The method works in numerous ways, but the focus is on the developed template designed for a specific audience. Therefore, the product is not relevant to the functioning of the mockup file, only the essence of the situation the models are in, videos that capture the emotion, images, and other creative tools designed solely to highlight the best features of any given product.

The product itself, or the design, is the focus of the individual seller or creator; the magic for companies such as placeit or Canva is displaying that unique creative talent to the world. In that sense, is the perfect tool for creating mockup files for multiple businesses. Many businesses already use placeit to create mockup photos of some of their best products.

Placeit and print on demand are like two peas in a P.O.D.

Placeit is the place for print on demand except when looking for service providers. Placeit is a design-focused company and does not produce products other than the templates one can use. Therefore, a person would need to search for a print-on-demand provider to work with placeit.

Placeit provides lifestyle mockups for a variety of products, such as:

  • Wall art
  • Tumblers
  • T-shirts
  • Leggings
  • Videos
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Apparel

Using my Own Designs with Printful

Printful has a listing tool already available; if a store is connected to that listing tool, one does not need to upload the print file directly to the printful. Instead, the store owner can bypass this step and upload the mockup file directly to the store or marketplace. Most sellers prefer this option over an instantaneous connection as it allows them more control over the customer experience.

Printful provides the steps needed to upload mockup files to their website for any connected stores. Simply put, delete the listing from the marketplace, make the changes in printful, and relist the item. Printful recommends changing the mockups around various times throughout the year, such as holidays or dedicated events.

Including some of these mockups in a product portfolio when creating them allows a store owner to have them ready when the time comes around. This method unquestionably saves time and energy for the store owner.

How Does Canva Stack Up Against Placeit?

Canva and placeit are similar because they provide a space for design work. However, the two companies are vastly different in what designs are created. Placeit provides product and video templates to specifically showcase print-on-demand products. While Canva is focused more on graphic design options for a general audience.

Placeit and Canva can both be used to create mockup files. At the same time, placeit has a lot of template options already available; Canva will require some more remarkable skill as one has more control over the contents of the design template. So, in theory, Canva is good for design creation, while placeit is good for both design creation and mockup generation.

Using Placeit with Printful Gives More Options

Using other templates from other mockup generators is similar; the main difference between all providers is the experience and items available to the seller. For example, Printful provides mockups that benefit almost any store owner. However, the aftermarket mockup generators give more options and a better-quality tool than printful.