Can You Use Wacom Without Installing the Drivers?

Can You Use Wacom Without Installing the Drivers?

A Wacom drawing tablet can really help you up to your graphic design game. Still, what happens when you have the tablet but none of the software that is supposed to come with it? Can you still plug in and use the tablet or will you have to find the drivers online first to actually use your hardware? 

In order to use a Wacom tablet, you must install its drivers. The drivers themselves can either be found on an installation disc or downloaded. If you lost your installation disc or don’t have the drivers on hand, they can be downloaded and installed from Wacom’s website. 

If you’re trying to use a Wacom tablet without installing the drivers, this is for you. In our guide below we will discuss whether or not Wacom tablets work without drivers and why, as well as where you can get the drivers you need. Additionally, we’ll even provide a brief guide on how to connect your tablet even if you no longer have the drivers. So come along and let’s dive right in!

Do I Need to Install Wacom?

There are so many devices today that you can just plug in and start using. Therefore, it’s only natural to wonder if you need to install Wacom at all to actually use it. 

In order for your Wacom product to work in conjunction with your computer, you will need to install its drivers. With some products the drivers will automatically install when you plug them in, still, others require that you use a CD or download the drivers yourself. 

It’s important to note that for some Wacom products you will also need to install DisplayLink drivers as well. 

Does Wacom Work Without Software?

So, is it at all possible then to use a Wacom tablet without any software installed?

A Wacom tablet or pen cannot be used without the driver software installed. Those that appear to, probably only do because the drivers automatically installed when you plugged it in. That said, there are ways of getting the drivers if you no longer have them. 

In the next section, we’ll break down exactly what you should do if you find yourself with the hardware but no drivers. 

How Do I Connect My Wacom Tablet Without the CD? 

So what do you do when you’ve lost the CD with your Wacom drivers on it or you simply don’t have the drivers, to begin with? How can you still connect your Wacom tablet or pen to your computer? 

Follow the steps below to connect a Wacom tablet when you no longer have the installation disc for the drivers: 

  1. Go to the support tab on Wacom’s website: Since you no longer have the disc with your Wacom drivers on it, you’ll need to get them from the website. Simply go to Wacom’s site and click the support tab near the top of the page. 
  2. Search for your model’s drivers: Next, you just need to click on the box that says “drivers and software,” then “drivers and downloads” on the following page. The page that comes up will have a search bar where you can type in your product’s model number. The model number itself should be on the back of your tablet. 
  3. Download and install the drivers for your OS: From here on out everything is pretty self-explanatory. Once your drivers come up you simply need to download the ones for your OS and install them. 

Now that your drivers are all installed you should be ready to plug in your Wacom tablet and get busy designing. If you have any trouble getting them to work, ensure that you downloaded the versions for your particular operating system. 

So Really, Can You Use Wacom Without Installing the Drivers?

The bottom line is that you need to install the proper drivers in order to use a Wacom tablet on your computer. Fortunately, these drivers usually come with the device itself and only take minutes to install. Still, if you find yourself in a situation where you no longer have your installation discs or you simply don’t have the drivers, they can be easily obtained online. 

To get the drivers you need simply go to the support page on Wacom’s website. From there you can follow the links to “drivers and downloads.” You will be able to search for your model number (it should be printed on the back of your device) and find the exact drivers you need. Once they are downloaded and installed, you should be ready to go!