Can’t Change Document Size in Affinity Designer? [7 Fixes]

Affinity helps people achieve a lot of projects and designs, however, it’s not without issues itself. Many people, especially those who are just starting out, have many issues that pop up in Affinity all the time. 

One of the most common problems is the inability to change your document size in Affinity. While there are multiple fixes and ways to go around it, most of the time it’s a user issue and an easy fix. 

7 Ways To Fix Changing The Document Size

If you read through this list of fixes and discover it’s a user error rather than a software issue, don’t be hard on yourself because it happens all the time, even to professionals. 

The great news is, most of the time, whatever the issue is, it’s a quick fix so you can get back to your project as quickly as possible. 

1. Your Document Is Artboard Based

If your document is artboard based, you may have a harder time adjusting and fixing the size to what you need. However, if you need to change the dimensions, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Select artboard in the layers panel
  2. Select the artboard tool
  3. Drag the artboard handles to the desired size
  4. You can also use the transform panel to set specific dimensions

Once you go through these steps, your document should be the desired size you are looking for. 

2. Your Layer Is Locked

In Affinity, you often have layers that you can work on altogether or separately, however, you usually have to go through and unlock or lock layers you want to work on specifically. If you are unable to change your document size in Affinity, there is a chance your layer is locked. 

Simply find your settings or your layers panel and you can lock, or unlock your layer from there. Once that happens, you should be able to change the dimensions for specific layers to what you desire. 

3. You’re Going To The Wrong Setting Options

There is a chance you are trying to change the document size in the wrong part of your settings, or for the wrong part of your document. Affinity has so many moving parts, that it’s common to get lost in the settings. 

When trying to change your document size, ensure you are in the document menu and resize your document, unless your document is artboard based. 

4. You Chose A Preset Size In Set-up

While setting up your document, Affinity wants to know how big you want your document to be, and sometimes you can pick a preset size instead of anything custom. Once you do this, many people aren’t sure how to change the size again. 

However, all you need to do is choose  “size document” from the document menu. If that doesn’t work, you can always close down Affinity and try again once it opens and you load your file back up. 

5. Restart Affinity And Your Computer

Sometimes software and your computer have communication issues, usually, this can be fixed by simply restarting Affinity and your computer. Once these are restarted, you can open everything back up again and your issue should have resolved itself. 

6. Affinity Documents Needs To Be Updated

Affinity needs updates, just as any software usually does, so it’s good practice to routinely check for an update whenever you need to use Affinity, or before you close it out every time. Usually, you can find this information in the settings tab by searching “updates”.

Once you update Affinity, chances are your issues will be resolved, if not, try seeing if your computer needs a software update as well. If either of these things gets behind on updates, it can affect the ability for seamless communication between Affinity and your computer. 

7. Contact Customer Support

If all of these options do not work for you or do not fix a problem you need to fix, you can always contact Affinity Customer Support

While they may take a bit of time to get back to you due to the large number of customers they serve, they can help walk you through troubleshooting and other options to fix your problem.

Final Thoughts

Affinity is a fantastic program to use when working on documents, images or any design project, however, it’s not without its faults. 

The great thing about Affinity is its large user base that is very active on several forums to help fix issues and problems that show up from time to time. Chances are, you can find a fix to your issue in no time.