Can’t Upload Instagram Stories from Gallery? [7 Fixes]

Instagram stories are an amazing way to let people into your daily life without having to spam your feed over and over again. They can simply choose to watch it, or not, giving everyone the choice to participate and ignore things with no hassle. 

However, for content creators, or those who simply love letting others in on their daily life, uploading issues can cause frustrations and problems with storytelling or online communication. The great thing is, that Instagram and other users are fantastic at figuring out the issue and coming up with easy solutions. 

Ways To Fix Instagram Story Upload Issues From Gallery

Now, the most common issue is Instagram not being able to upload stories from the phone gallery. While it’s the most common way people upload things onto Instagram, it still has its very common issue. But, no worries, there are also plenty of fixes as well. 

1. See If Instagram Is Having Issues

One of the most common issues that result in people not being able to upload their gallery photos to their stories is an issue with Instagram itself. If Instagram servers are overloaded or have gone down, chances are you won’t be able to use Instagram at all, especially if you try uploading images. 

The best thing you can do is contact Instagram to see if they are currently having issues or find a website such as Down Detector that can easily tell you what the issues are currently with Instagram and their servers. 

fIf Instagram is having issues, the only thing you can really do is sit and wait for things to come back online. Once everything is fixed and managed, you should be able to easily upload your photos from your gallery. 

2. Check For An Update To Your Phones Gallery

Even if your gallery came preloaded on your phone, chances are it will require an update every so often just like every other app on your phone. If the apps aren’t updated regularly, they won’t be able to effectively communicate with other apps, therefore causing problems. 

If you go to your app store on your phone, you should be able to find a place for updates. Once there, you can scroll through your apps until you find “gallery” and if there is an update, you can update the app and wait until the process is finished. 

Once the app is updated you should be able to seamlessly upload your photos to your stories, however, if you are still having issues, you may have a separate issue altogether. 

3. Restart Your Internet Router Or Connect To Another Internet

Another common issue that pops up when people have problems uploading their gallery photos to their stories is an internet issue. If you are having issues with your photos being uploaded, you can try to restart your router or try connecting to a different internet. 

Either of these options should let you see if it’s an internet problem or if you need to look for another solution. If it is an internet problem, chances are resetting your router or your phone can fix any issues that aren’t related to a server or the app being down. 

4. Check For An Instagram Update

As you know, apps on the phones often need updates for things such as:

  • Bug fixes
  • Improvements
  • Patches
  • Updates to keep up with operating software

This means you should be checking for updates about once a week on your phone if you already don’t have auto-update enabled. If you haven’t checked for updates recently and you are having issues uploading your photos, go into your play store and check for updates to the Instagram app. 

Once the update is completed, your stores should upload with no issues, unless your gallery also needs updating or you have another issue altogether. 

5. Make Sure Your Photo Isn’t Saved On The Cloud

While there isn’t always an issue with photos being saved on the cloud, every now and then Instagram has issues uploading photos that are saved in the cloud. Whether it takes too long for them to upload, or Instagram just doesn’t connect well with the cloud, it usually stalls out or sends an error message. 

You can usually remedy this by saving the photo to your phone, even if it is also saved to the cloud, and uploading your photo then. While it may seem frustrating, it may be best to regularly save photos to both your phone and the cloud until this problem fully disappears. 

6. Check For An Operating System Update

So, your apps need updating regularly, but so does your operating system. Now, your operating system is the basis for everything that makes your phone work so if it is out of date, you are likely to experience a lot of issues. 

You can go into your settings and find your “about phone” menu, from there you should be able to find your software update option and check for an update. Once you start the update, you may not be able to use your phone until everything is completed, but after it is finished, you should have no issues uploading photos anymore.

7. Delete Your Current Stories

For some reason, there are a few issues Instagram runs into with uploading several Instagram stories in a row.  If you have consistently been uploading stories and randomly you aren’t able to, try deleting your last story and uploading everything again. 

While users aren’t quite sure why it works, it does usually fix the issue. Instagram is working to fix the bug that causes this to happen and while it can take an update or two to fully fix the issue, it should get gradually easier and easier to navigate this issue. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram has become the standard place for content creators, family and friend connections as well as small and large businesses. When story upload issues happen, it affects people, but also income and revenue on a large scale. 

Thankfully many users have figured out solutions and shared them online as well as on Instagram laying out common troubleshooting walkthroughs.