Creating Fortnite Logos Using Placeit

Creating Fortnite Logos Using Placeit

Any gamer who streams online, is part of a Fortnite team, or wants to create a brand around gaming needs a unique and recognizable logo—this is where Placeit can help. Creating a Fortnite logo in Photoshop or other software from scratch can be a major pain. And for anyone who doesn’t have much experience in graphic design, it can take a long amount of time to create a logo that suits you. That’s usually the time that people prefer to actually play Fortnite.

Placeit offers a wide variety of templates that are extremely useful for anyone looking to create a Fortnite logo. After choosing a template, you can alter the character, color scheme, and text font easily from the website, then download the finished logo onto your desktop for easy use.

Placeit also makes it easy to place your logo on marketing materials like t-shirts, mugs, hats, and even Twitch overlays. If you stream your Fortnite games, creating materials with your logo helps bring more credibility and professionalism to your brand as a gamer. Keep reading for details on how to create your dream Fortnite logo and take full advantage of the different services and offerings that Placeit provides.

Placeit Makes It Easy with Templates but You Can Customize However You Like

The Placeit website boasts that they have plenty of options when it comes to templates, merchandise mockups, and almost anything else you may need for designing your brand materials.

Use One of Placeit’s Convenient Templates

To create a new Fortnite logo, starting with a template is a great way to see what the site has to offer and to start getting a sense of what sort of character and style you want your logo to embody.

Placeit templates are already handy with popular Fortnite characters, clans, and icons. Making it easy to incorporate images from the game into your logo while still offering plenty of customization options so that your logo turns out unique and personal to you.

From the Logos tab on the website, you can search your team name to bring up the different options Placeit has.

Even after choosing the logo that you want from the search results, you’ll have the option to change or alter the logo image or character. So, don’t worry about choosing the perfect template right off the bat.

Easy Customization Tools

The template search option is a great way to get the lay of the land and check out what type of options Placeit has, but once you start customizing one and testing out the different possibilities, you’ll be free to change the character or main image as well as other aspects as much as you’d like until you find your perfect combination of settings.

After choosing an initial template to work with, you can customize the main color, background, and shadow of the image so that it pops on the screen.

After crafting the logo to look exactly how you want, you simply press the download button, and your logo is now complete.

The variety of templates combined with the multitude of customization options makes it as accessible as possible to craft a logo that speaks to any gamers’ brand. Having a logo that embodies what sort of Fortnite player you are, is a great way to participate even more in the Fortnite community.

Why Use Placeit Make Your Own Custom Logo for Gaming?

Although Placeit makes creating a logo as simple as it can be, some gamers may wonder why they would need a logo in the first place.

Here are some reasons why you should create your own custom logo for Fortnite gaming:

  • A logo helps gamers become more professional
  • People in the gaming world will be able to clearly identify you online
  • If you’re part of a team, a logo can help create team cohesion and unity
  • Your brand as a gamer will be strong and consistent

Having a professionally crafted logo helps bring Fortnite characters, images, and icons to life. Once you’ve crafted a logo, you can take your brand to the next level with products like sweatshirts and hats where you flaunt your logo.

While playing Fortnite, it can be really fun to have the same character you’re playing be the same image that’s on the front of your sweatshirt or hat.

If you stream your games and have the camera on you at your computer setup, having your logo apparel match your online profile brings a professional and consistent look and atmosphere. It also makes it that much easier for those watching or those playing online to identify you.

If you’re improving your Fortnite gaming skills and want to be more well-known in the community, it’s best to make identifying yourself as easy as possible, and a logo is a great way to aid that goal.

Fortnite Clans or Teams Will Love Having a Logo to Connect the Players

If you play Fortnite predominantly as a single player, having a logo is still a great idea to strengthen your brand. If you’re part of a team or clan, however, it’s a great idea to have a logo to signify the group.

Creating a logo for your Fortnite squad can be another way for your group to collaborate and have a unifying image that they feel connected to.

Similar to the jerseys that basketball teams wear, having a logo that you and your Fortnite team can use to identify themselves online as well as with merchandise like t-shirts provides group morale and helps other players and spectators or viewers identify who’s playing on a team.

The Placeit website logo maker is so simple to use. It’s easy to hop on a call or facetime with your teammates while you discuss what sort of logo encompasses your team’s personality.

With input on character, background color, and the other customizations available, you’re likely to come out with a logo that everyone loves and will want to be known for both online and offline.

A team logo can strengthen cohesion and morale among the different players. Plus, using Placeit, creating a logo doesn’t have to take up too much playing time, helping players solidify their team and their brand without having to sacrifice too much time that they would much rather spend playing the game.

Having your own team logo, especially if you’re playing in a professional esports tournament, signals unity among the group, which can provide support while playing the game later on.

Create a Free Account and Create Multiple Logos to Get a Feel for Your Style

Before finalizing what Fortnite logo you want to use to identify you both online and offline (if you choose to also have merchandise), it’s useful to test out your options and see what’s your ideal character and color scheme.

One great option on the Placeit site is the ability to sign up for a free account. This is perfect for anyone looking to create a few different logos and thinks a bit more about which one they prefer. You can also favorite any logos you create that you want to keep better track of.

Placeit has so many options for Fortnite characters and colors that the possibilities can seem almost endless sometimes. You may create a logo that you really love and then come across another color or character or icon that looks amazing and that you know you want to include in your own logo.

A free account with Placeit makes it easier to be as flexible as possible during the logo-creation process.

Don’t forget. It’s also a great idea to test out as many options as you can before finalizing the logo you’d like to stick with for your Fortnite gaming brand. Once you choose one, it’s best to stick with it for the sake of credibility and consistency.

Especially if you plan to use the logo for some mockups and later merchandise like sweatshirts and hats, it’s best to test out different options until you’re absolutely sure you’ve settled on your perfect logo.

Take it to the Next Level with a Paid Membership

While a free account may be perfect for anyone who finds one of Placeit’s free templates that fits their needs, a paid Placeit plan may be needed if you want to use one of the premium templates.

Paid memberships give you unlimited access to all the templates under the product group of your choosing. Meaning, if you have a paid logo membership, you can pick and choose from their entire logo template library and create and download as many as you please.

While multiple logos may not be at the top of your priority list as a new Fortnite gamer or someone looking to start out slow in stepping up their brand, the unlimited mockups option may be really useful for anyone who wants to draw up some options for different products they’d like to place their logo on.

Ps. If you do need a paid plan, here is a 15% off Placeit coupon.

Put Your New Logo on T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, and Other Products

Placeit is a part of Envato, which is a large online marketplace. This makes it easy for you to create elegant and professional mockups of merchandise.

After crafting and finalizing your logo, you can test out how it would look on a mug, t-shirt, hat, or almost any other piece of merchandise you could imagine. The list on their site of different product mockups is practically endless.

A few of the popular products you can design are:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Mugs
  • Desktop Background
  • Socks

If you’re looking to take your Fortnite streaming to the next level, producing merchandise with your logo is a wonderful way to step up your game and get your brand out there.

For Experienced Designers, Placeit Might Not Be for You

Placeit is geared towards gamers and those alike who want a professional-looking logo, but they want a simple and accessible way of crafting one. Placeit is wonderful for those who love to see a variety of options and choose what works best for them but are content with choosing from the options that the site provides.

For anyone who has more experience in design or has a very particular idea of what they want their Fortnite logo to look like, Photoshop or hiring a freelancer is most likely a better option.

On that note, if you know you have a particular idea of what you’d like your Fortnite logo to be, Placeit is still an amazing starting place to gather inspiration. You may end up liking a logo you craft on Placeit so much that you run with it. Either way, Placeit can be a useful tool for anyone, regardless of what stage they are in for building their gaming brand logo.

Keep Up with the Placeit Blog for Update Notifications and Inspiration

While it’s great to jump in there and begin testing out different logo designs, Placeit also has a blog where update notifications can be really useful.

Whenever there are more templates, characters, icons, and other features added to the logo template options, Placeit will probably post about it on their blog to let their readers know there are more options to try out.

Checking out different blog posts can also be a great resource for gathering information, finding video tutorials, and seeing what kind of logos and other promotional or branding materials are being created and catching onto popularity.

With new games coming out and new characters added to ones like Fortnite, Placeit does a great job of keeping up with new trends and ensuring that the templates available are relevant and useful.

Leverage Your Logo to Amplify Video Content and Other Branding Materials

We’ve already discussed how you can use your logo to design mockups of various products on Placeit, but you can also use the logo for so many other pieces of digital collateral that can give an even greater boost to your brand.

With your amazing logo created, Placeit also has options for creating Twitch banners, video content, and other materials you can use for your social media, like a Twitter header.

Crafting your logo on Placeit is a fantastic starting point for boosting your brand. But if you’re looking to strategically market your streaming content on Twitch or spread your Fortnite accomplishments and events on social media, Placeit has plenty of options to help you create content in a cohesive and consistent manner.

Once you have your logo, developing a corresponding Twitch banner, YouTube video intro, Twitter banner, and other digital content can help people immediately identify you and your brand.

You can easily incorporate your logo into video intros and on the banners for your Twitch and Twitter accounts. This consistency in showing off your logo and brand colors or themes provides a cohesive image that your viewers will appreciate, and it will give your Fortnite gaming platform an air of professionalism and sophistication.

Your Fortnite logo from Placeit can also provide great inspiration for color themes, fonts, etc., that you can transfer into your other marketing collateral.

The best part about it is that creating these materials with your Fortnite logo and general style doesn’t have to take up a ton of time. The most useful part of using templates is so that you don’t have to worry about sizing or the fit of the image.

If you craft something on Placeit, that’s identified as a Twitter banner. You can rest assured that it will fit correctly and be sized properly once you go to add it to your Twitter account.

This is often the most draining and irritating part of creating the materials needed to ensure that your logo and brand are consistent across your different platforms.

You want your brand and image to translate easily from your Fortnite account to Twitch, to Twitter, and so on. It’s best to make it easy on yourself and use Placeit for developing consistent images across these different platforms.

Final Thoughts

Creating a Fortnite logo on Placeit for yourself or your team is fun and beneficial for many different reasons. The accessibility of the templates and customization options make it an effective tool for crafting a logo you and/or your team will be proud of and enjoy flaunting on your Fortnite account and on your other online platforms.

Make sure to visit their website and check out the different logo templates, mockup options, blog, and other resources for gathering inspiration and developing different ideas for your perfect logo: Placeit Logo Maker.

Fortnite’s popularity is so wide that incorporating a character or icon from the game is a fantastic way to bring visibility to your logo and make it easy for viewers and other players in the community to identify your brand.

Have fun testing out different designs and make sure that your logo fits your and your team’s personality. You should feel represented by your logo, so keep that in mind as you check out the different templates on Placeit and play around with the different options to make it the perfect fit for you.