Creating Wedding Invitation Mockups Using Placeit

Creating Wedding Invitation Mockups Using Placeit

Placeit’s online design programs make the process of creating beautiful wedding invitation mockups easy and affordable. With thousands of templates and photos to choose from, you can easily make your wedding invitation mockups look exactly how you’re imagining them in your head!

While Placeit is an easy-to-use tool that produces professional results, there are many things to learn about the process of creating gorgeous wedding invitation mockups before you get started. In this article, we’ll walk you through the things you’re going to want to know about creating gorgeous and captivating mockups using Placeit.

How to Begin Creating A Mockup

Whether you have limited marketing and design experience, or you’ve been working in the field for years, Placeit can help you make stunning mockups that meet your needs in a matter of seconds. You can create mockups on Placeit for nearly any type of product with just a few steps.

To start a new mockup you want to:

  • Click on the “Mockups” tab: You will find this right at the top of
  • Look Through the Options: There are many options that you can choose from, but for invitations you would probably want to select the first option which is “Mockup Generator”
  • Type In The Search Bar: In the search bar that pops up next, type “Invitations,” “Invite”  “Wedding Invite,” or another variation of what you are looking for to search Placeit’s database for mockups that meet your needs.
  • Sort Through the Results: Many formats of mockups will appear, such as social media templates, t-shirts, or templates. It is easy to narrow down the search results by navigating to the sidebar on the left and selecting the filters that you think will best help you find a template that meets your needs.
  • Pick A Template: Now you can browse through the search results and pick a template that stands out to you. Pick one you like to begin editing and customizing the mockup how you would like it.
  • Finalize Your Project and Download: Once you have completed the editing process and are happy with your design, you can download the final product with or without a watermark.

Sorting through the results is relatively simple, but there are several filters available to you that you can use to help narrow down the search results. As mentioned above, the format filter is one option. Some other filters that might be helpful for searching through the results are:

  • Template Type: Examples: JPEG, Video
  • Tags: Examples: Event Planning, Back to School, Summer, Wedding, Sports
  • Placeit Selling Category: Examples: Free, Newest, Best Selling, or Mixed

When you are searching through Placeit’s mockup database there will be quite a few templates that you can choose from to use for your project. You can select the one that best fits your needs and then customize it even further to match the vision that you have for your project.

Mockups vs Designs

It’s important to understand the difference between a Mockup and a Design so the rest of this article is clear to understand.

A design template is used to create the actual text, graphics, and overall design of your wedding invitation.

A mockup template is used to create a sharable image, or rendering, or what the design would look like on a printed item.

If you are at the stage of creating your wedding invitation design, here are the wedding invitation design templates.

If you already have a design made, here are the wedding invitation mockup templates.

Customizing Invitation Mockups

When you are making your invitation mockups with Placeit, there will be a large variety of templates to choose from. This large collection of template designs is one of the most appreciated features of the platform!

If you are not looking to do much of the design process yourself, you can keep the templates as they already are on Placeit. The library of templates is vast, so you should easily find something that you love.

Sometimes though, you might want to customize your invitation mockups so that they align perfectly with the goals and branding expectations of your project.The templates are an excellent tool for getting you started, especially for new designers or those with a tight schedule. From there, you can customize your mockups in several ways.

  • Image Cropping: After uploading an image to Placeit, you have the option to crop the image to your specifications, as long as they are within the program’s capabilities.
  • Adding Your Own Text: You can add your own text or edit the text of the template. Then, you can simply adjust it by color and size.
  • Fonts Are Available: There are many fonts in the Placeit database to choose from, so you should be able to find a font that you like for each project.
  • Colors: Easily adjust the colors on your mockup design to whichever colors you need for the project.
  • Graphics: There are high quality graphics available for you to use in your designs. This elevates the professional and original looks of your projects and is great for customizing.
  • Layouts: You can easily adjust the layout of your project to make it more unique to you and your style.
  • Backgrounds: It is also simple to make changes to the background on your mockup so that you can try out multiple options until you find what you need.

The templates provided by Placeit serve as guidelines to help you move along with your projects, but from there the templates can be customized with the colors, the photos, and the fonts of your choosing. You can easily use Placeit to customize the invitation mockups exactly how you would like them to look.

How Much Does Making Mockups With Placeit Cost?

Placeit is a great tool for new designers or people who want to easily do professional designs themselves instead of hiring outside designers to do the work. The amount you pay for Placeit varies depending on your needs and which level of an account you currently have.

Here’s a breakdown of how the pricing for Placeit works and how much you will be spending to use their services to create wedding invitation mockups.

Purchasing OptionDescriptionPrice
Free TrialWith the free trial, you have unlimited access to the limited free library of mockups, designs, and logos.Free
SubscriptionThe Unlimited Subscription grants you access to their entire library of mockups and designs. You do not have to pay for each design that you download.Monthly: $14.95 per month

Annual: $89.69 per year                                                    
Coupon: 15% off discount code
Individual PurchasesPlaceit makes it simple for those who don’t want to commit to a full plan. With their single purchase option, you only have to pay for the product design that you are downloading at that time. If you aren’t planning on using Placeit often, this might be a good option for you. Mockups:
$7.95 per mockup

Video Mockups:
$9.95 per mockup

Design Templates:
$2.95 per design

$39.95 per logo

Placeit makes the payment options simple and straightforward to help you decide which payment method works best for your needs when creating wedding invitation mockups. If you don’t plan on using the platform often, you can try out your design using Placeit’s free trial and then download the individual projects that you complete for a one-time fee per project.

If you are planning on using Placeit to create wedding invitation mockups again and again, it would be a good idea to consider purchasing their unlimited subscription. They also make this easy for both small and large designers by giving two payment options. You can pay monthly or annually and cancel at any time.

What comes with an unlimited subscription? When you purchase this option, you have access to everything on Placeit, including:

  • Mockups
  • Design templates
  • Videos
  • Logos

Another great feature that Placeit has, is that you are also paying for the commercial license on all downloads. This means that your mockups are able to be sold by you without any consequences. You own your final design!

A final thing to consider when weighing the plan choices is that Placeit sometimes offers free download options on certain designs and images. While you are using the free trial, you might be able to get a mockup that works without having to pay.

Pros to Using Placeit For Invitation Mockups

There are many reasons to consider using Placeit as your tool for creating wedding invitation mockups. These are the main reasons people love using Placeit for quick mockup creation:

It Is an Easy Tool To Use

For most of the people who use Placeit, they love the platform because of how easy it is to use. Ease of use is extremely valuable for those who need to spend their time and energy on the other parts of their business. Being simple to use also makes it a valuable resource for designers with little or no experience in invitation design or with creating invitation mockups.

The Large Library of Options

The large library of templates and mockup samples makes the process of finding or creating designs easy, as well. With so many options to choose from, it should be quick and easy to find something that you can use to create a stunning wedding invitation mockup that you love.

The tool has filters that can help narrow down the search results, which helps those in need of designs save a lot of time on their projects. Each template has many easily customizable options that are quick and easy to do.

It Boasts A Wide Range of Tools

Not only are the editing tools provided by Placeit easy to use for anyone without much experience in design, but there are also many tools to choose from. Using each tool as a part of your design process makes the final invitation mockups look professional, original and stylish. Create the perfect invitation mockup by throwing in your favorite colors and shapes.

Cons to Using Placeit For Invitation Mockups

While Placeit is simple and easy to use, some parts of the design tool might actually not work for everyone. The sleek and simple interface is excellent for helping new designers make quality mockups quickly and easily. However, some more experienced designers might find the tool limiting because of how much they already know about creating their own mockups.

Some features that professional designers might be looking for that Placeit does not supply are:

  • Gifs are not supported (but they have a free Video-Gif converter)
  • It does not have advanced cropping capabilities
  • Advanced blurring is not available

Placeit can be affordable for making mockups depending on how much you need to use the program and what the size of the budget is that you have available. It can get a little tricky when you have to pay for each design download but aren’t sure if you want to commit to the Unlimited Subscription just yet.

While the tool is decently affordable for what it offers, you have to weigh the value Placeit provides with the cost to see if it is right for your wedding invitation mockup needs. To save money in the long run, it’s best if you make sure you know how much you want to use Placeit for downloads before making the decision.

Finally, a con that many users have noticed while using Placeit for creating mockups is the lack of diversity in the models used in their images. Placeit has thousands of images available, so it has surprised many users when they find images that feel outdated or notice that they are lacking a variety of people to use in the images.

Using Placeit To Make Physical Invitations

After creating your wedding invitation mockup using Placeit, there are two main choices you have for what to do with your design:

  • Use your wedding invitation mockup as a guide for printing your invitations with another tool that makes and prints paper invitations. 
  • Use the mockups that you create with Placeit in your marketing efforts.

Placeit can help you create and design mockups for your wedding invitations. However, it is very important to understand that this is where their services end. They do not print or ship the designs for you as actual invitations.

In order to print your invitation mockup designs created on Placeit, you would have to also enlist the help of a print on demand company. Print on demand companies take any designs and mockups you have created on Placeit and print them for you. Many of them also ship the products for you, if you are selling to customers and this is a service that you need.

Here is a list of some of the best companies that provide print on demand services that you should consider using for your wedding invitation mockups.

  • Redbubble : Rebubble is an online art marketplace that holds millions of designs by independent artists and they can help you print your designs on almost anything.
  • Printful: Printiful prints and embroiders on demand for custom designs.  
  • Printify: Printify is a drop shipping and printing service for e-commerce that can help you find printers and ship your products.
  • Cards and Pockets: Cards and pockets specializes in printing self-created invitations and envelopes.

If you are just using the invitation mockups for marketing efforts at this point, such as using the image to advertise something on social media, you will not have to concern yourself with a print on demand service. Simply download the final image of your product and use it as needed.

Downloading from Placeit

There are a couple things to know about downloading your final projects from Placeit. You will do one of the following:

  • Pay a one-time fee for the download based on which type of project you are exporting.
  • The download will be free if it is one of the free options, they have available.
  • You will pay no additional fees for the download as a part of your unlimited subscription.

As a quick reminder, you are paying for the commercial license and should feel comfort knowing you are able to use everything you download from Placeit for commercial purposes.

Here is a list of how the Placeit files are downloaded so you know what format you should expect to get after downloading.

Type of Design Download Format
Mockups and Design Templates PNG
Social Media Posts PNG and all comply to the platform’s ideal file sizes
Videos MP4
Logos PNG

Placeit Is A Reliable Tool for Creating Wedding Invitation Mockups

The Placeit platform is an affordable and easy to use option for new designers and small businesses looking to create mockups for their products. You can easily create wedding invitation mockups and customize them to meet your exact needs. It only takes a few minutes to create a professional looking, high-quality mockup.

It is also a great tool for designers with little to no experience to customize their mockups exactly as they envision them. There is no need to be familiar with advanced design software like photoshop, because Placeit makes it easy to personalize projects by fonts, colors and sizes. You can also easily add graphics and images to create the perfect look.

Pick the Plan That Works Best for Your Needs

While Placeit can be very affordable, it’s important to keep track of how you are using their services, so you know when the time is right to upgrade to a full subscription. Individual download prices are very affordable, but they can quickly add up and it might be beneficial to get a full subscription with unlimited downloads at no additional fee.

Make sure you consider this when you design your wedding invitation mockups using Placeit.