Do Graphic Designers Make Book Covers?

More and more people have been moving towards the career of graphic design. Their need has increased with the demand for digital content like video games, applications, and digital artwork. With this career, you can specialize in so many different areas, but what about book covers?

Graphic designers are not limited to just making a video game. They can also design books through their digital programs. You can even make quite a successful career as a graphic designer specializing in book covers.

There are many things to understand when it comes to designing book covers as a graphic designer and what you can earn by choosing this career path. To know more, continue reading.

Do Graphic Designers Make Book Covers?

Yes, they do. Graphic designers are those that make visual concepts whether by hand or using digital software. Book covers are no different than building a concept for a story and tring to encapsulate it.

Not all graphic designers will make book covers as it may not be their specialty or they may not be interested in that kind of work. But you can hire a graphic designer to head a book cover project and find yourself with a beautiful design.

Graphic designers are merely artists immersed in a digital world that provides a face to a story, whether it is an advertising campaign, a brand, or a book. The cover is the brand and the designer is the one creating it for the author.

Do You Need Specialized Training?

Besides the training that you have already completed with graphic designing, you don’t need any specialized training. You can start with simple designs and continue to explore more complex ideas. The choice really is yours as you are the artist.

If book covers is what you want to do as a graphic designers, you may find it beneficial to understand what book covers sell and which ones don’t. The book cover is the first impression a reader will get of the book and if the book doens’t represent the book well, you may find your design flopping no matter how beautifully created.

As the book designer, you will need to do the proper research. It is important that you read the book so that you can make a more accurate depiction of the novel. You won’t want to make a fancy, elegant cover for a horror novel.

How Much Does A Graphic Designer Make For Book Covers?

A graphic designer can make quite a bit of money as a book designer. Once you build your client list and begin getting your name out there, this can be a fruitful career. You can find yourself bringing in about $50,000 a year.

If you become successful and design for top selling authors, you may find yourself earning more than the median $50,000. It all depends on you and how well you can sell your product and talent. Don’t undersell your worth.

If you are new to the book cover world, you will find that many professional book cover designers charge anywhere between $500 to $800 for their designs. You can always start with the lower amount and then raise your prices as your client list continues to grow.

Other Jobs A Graphic Designer Can Do

Book covers are not the only jobs that a graphic designer can do! There are so many other job opportunities in this career that you won’t go without if you choose to take this path. Here are a few other options you can choose from:

  • Photo editor
  • Fashion designer
  • Apparel designer
  • Web designer
  • Advertising designer
  • Publication designer
  • Brand identity designer
  • Layout artist
  • Multimedia designer
  • Logo designer
  • Product developer
  • Creative director
  • User experience designer
  • User interface designer

You are not confined to just the options on this list. There are so many other job options you can choose from that haven’t even been listed. You could even decide to start your own business or invest in NFTs as well. 

As a graphic designer, you can choose a wide variety of careers. This is great for those who don’t like to be tied down to one type of job and can move around where their interests take them. Artists are known for following their inspiration and not forcing it.


Graphic designers can choose what they want to do with their knowledge, including designing book covers for authors. Preparing visuals for concepts are by nature what a graphic designer is and what they love to do.