Do Graphic Designers Need to Be Good at Writing?

Graphic design is a career that is tied to the visual. As a graphic designer, you are responsible for creating images that convey a message to an audience. If you are interested in pursuing graphic design, you might wonder – do graphic designers need to be good at writing?

Although it’s not the forefront of the career, graphic designers need to be decent at writing. It can help you connect and communicate to the client and audience in ways that images can’t quite convey. You must be multifaceted as a graphic designer.

If you’re interested in learning more about writing as a graphic designer, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about words and their relation to this career. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Why Do Graphic Designers Need to Be Good at Writing?

It might seem like a paradox for graphic designers to be good at writing. You are a designer of visuals – it’s your job to create the things that customers and clients see. Why should you make writing part of your job if that’s not what you were hired to complete?

Here are a few reasons why graphic designers need to be good at writing:

  • Communication: Writing skills make it easier to better communicate with your coworkers and clients. 
  • Content-First Design: Many graphic designs use words for their design. You may need to know how to write for a particular client and their word-based designs. 
  • Knowledge of the client: If you know how to write, you can better understand the client and the audience you are creating for your job. 
  • Stronger work: A knowledge of writing can help you create more powerful work.
  • Collaboration: Many graphic designers work with clients. Knowledge of writing will help you better communicate with the person you are working with on a design.

These will help you succeed in your career. 

If you know how to write, you will have a skill that helps push you steps ahead of your fellow graphic designers. You will be more effective at what you do.

Do Expert Graphic Designers Write?

Most of the time, the more you progress in your career, the fewer jobs you will do. In professional environments, a graphic designer designs graphics, and some writers have a task to write. There is little overlap in these job descriptions. 

Even then, it’s still critical to know how to write because writing will:

  • Help you better understand your coworkers
  • Make collaboration easier
  • Simplify the communication process

Writing makes everything easier.

Expert graphic designers might not be required to write, but they should still consider learning it and practicing on the side for the sake of the future of their career. Words are the foundation for everything we thrive on today. The better you can morph and play with them successfully, the better.

How to Start Writing as a Graphic Designer

Some people are naturally good at writing, but it’s still a learned skill. If you put in enough work, you can write. There are many ways to start writing, no matter how far you are into your career.

Here are the best ways to start writing as a graphic designer:

  • Practice writing every day, in any format
  • Ask advice from writers on their process in your job
  • Invest in books and read blogs from those with knowledge in your career

These are excellent ways to start writing as a graphic designer.

The best way to get better at writing is to practice every day. You might write something related to your job or note thoughts on a blog. Whatever you do, you need to ensure you get at least a few words down daily. The more you can write, the better for your career.


If you are interested in becoming a graphic designer or are in the process of pursuing that position, you should learn to write. It might not be necessary where you work, but it will help you succeed in ways difficult for those who design to understand. Writing will help you communicate and create in new methods.

We hope this information was helpful! Writing might be the natural enemy of a graphic designer, but you should try to learn it anyway. It will be helpful for you to succeed in any environment you find within the graphic design universe.