Do Graphic Designers Need to Write Code?

The graphic design industry requires necessary skills to complete projects effectively and efficiently. Graphic designers must be equipped with knowledge concerning different aspects of designs, layouts, and processes. Whether graphic designers need to know how to write code is a widely debated topic. Do graphic designers need to write code?

The ever-changing responsibilities of graphic designers may call for a bit of coding nowadays. It is a good idea to prepare yourself with the basics of coding, just to have in your skillset in case you need it one day. While it will not be a large part of your job, writing basic code is useful to know.

Read on to learn more about whether graphic designers need to write code. Coding is not necessary for many graphic design projects, but it is certainly a skill that can help you in future endeavors. Having both designer and developer knowledge is an asset but may not always make a difference.

Do Graphic Designers Need to Write Code?

There are two main opinions on whether graphic designers need to write code. Some people say that graphic designers should stick to their expertise. Switching one’s focus from strictly graphic design to coding could make them lose some of the valuable skills they have honed along their professional journey. Some say that coding should be left to respective developers, as it is their expertise.

On the other hand, coding is increasingly growing as one of the most useful tools in the professional industry. With the technology of the world today, knowing how to develop software is a skill that not many people possess. The other side of the argument is that knowing the basics of coding can push you further in your professional endeavors.

At the very least, knowing how to write code can give you experience with the other side of technological design, allowing you the potential to collaborate more smoothly with software developers. Even just familiarity with HTML and CSS can open you up to more job opportunities.

Different people in the graphic design industry have their opinions, but it would not hurt to learn to code. It may not be necessary for your current projects, but it can help you as you continue working in the graphic design field.

How Coding Can Help With Graphic Design

There are several ways coding can help with graphic design. Three main factors include:

  • Collaboration with other professionals
  • Job opportunities
  • Perfecting designs

If you know more about different aspects of the technological industry, you will be better able to communicate with your colleagues. Even if you are not doing the same work as them, understanding what they are talking about can help you articulate and implement different ideas into your projects.

Having an additional skillset boosts your professional profile – especially if it is coding. Countless companies are searching for developers, and if they see that you are a graphic designer that also possesses coding talent, they may be more inclined to give you a chance to show your work.

Similar to being able to understand the goals of other people on your team, learning code can help you to formulate your own ideas more efficiently. Understanding the limits and rules surrounding software that you use will allow you to know exactly how you will need to prepare and execute your graphic design plans.

How Much Coding Should Graphic Designers Learn?

As mentioned, graphic designers do not have to learn everything there is to know about coding. In most cases, your coding knowledge will be useful in team settings rather than a large part of your job as an individual. If coding becomes progressively more important in your position, you can always learn more along the way.

The basics of coding include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

HTML and CSS are the building blocks on which coding functions. A healthy understanding of what these are and the roles they play can make you a better graphic designer. Other features such as JavaScript can also be beneficial.

How Often Will Graphic Designers Use Coding Skills?

Graphic designers will not necessarily use coding skills for developing software. Instead, its value will come from both showing one’s capability of at least the basics of coding while also providing insight into a related field. In this way, a graphic designer is better suited to complete projects according to their own vision as well as cooperate with the demands of colleagues in other fields.

Placeit for Graphic Designers

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Graphic designers are not required to learn code, but familiarizing yourself with the basics of software development can certainly boost your performance in graphic design. Learning a bit about code makes you more available to understand what your peers are looking for while perfecting your craft.