Do Graphic Designers Use Stock Vector Images?

Graphic designing can be easy and it can be hard. And sometimes you just need a little assistance. But is it okay to incorporate stock vector images into your designs? Or use them in general?

Yes, graphic designers can use stock vector images in any of their designs. It can help save time because they don’t have to recreate a specific design from scratch. These images can be downloaded through many places, however be sure the stock vector image comes with commercial usage rights.

There are some things that graphic designers need to consider if they are going to use a stock vector image in their design. You can use many images but sometimes images may have specific copyright requirements that you need to abide by. Continue reading to find out more.

Do Graphic Designers Use Stock Vector Images?

It is okay if you want to use stock vector images in your design, and doing so is a great way to save time. 

You can even incorporate images that are given to you by clients to work into the design. It makes it more personable to your client and you don’t have to start from scratch. You can work smarter instead of harder.

Benefits Of Using Stock Vector Images

When you use a stock image to help with your artwork or designs, the work can be done more quickly. You won’t have to stress over certain things and it helps when you may be in a creative funk. Plus, why do something that someone has already created? 

Stock images are also great for those graphic designers that are just beginning their career. It allows newer designers to get the hang of the workload while giving them access to different styles. Here are some of the many other benefits of using a stock vector image:

  • Easy to resize within the vector layer. 
  • The image keeps its quality for whatever size you are going for.
  • It is smaller file size.
  • Perfect for when you want to create illustrations.
  • The format is much easier to format than in other ways.
  • Reduces time on some creative pieces.
  • Allows you to take on more projects as a graphic designer.

There are many other ways you can edit or add stock images to your work. You can use the raster layer but because it is pixelated, the quality of your stock image may not be retained if you zoom in or out. It could become blurry or heavily pixelated and lose details.

Cons Of Using Stock Vector Images

There are a few downfalls when you use a stock vector image. This has more to do with the image that you choose to use and not how you incorporate them into your design. Here are the following cons when you use a stock picture in your vector image:

  • The image could be of low quality.
  • You may be buying or downloading an image with specific copyrights.
  • The image may be copyrighted and the artist can take legal action.
  • It will reduce the variety within a work.

When downloading a vector image, ensure you know the copyrights of the image and if there are specific rules for that image. You can find many simple images that don’t have strict copyrights that can be used for your designs.

How To Get Vector Art

There are many places where you can find vector art. You can even find images on Google, just be sure to double check the copyrights on the image.

Google is not the only place where you can find images to help with your designs. Other places include the following:

  • The shops within the design programs.
  • Marketplaces like (everything here is copyright-free and commercially usable).
  • Pinterest
  • Other artists via their websites or social media platforms.

Always buy from artists and marketplaces you trust. You don’t want to purchase from someone new and realize that the image is just a copy of something else or you don’t even get the vector image. Many marketplaces are protected so you don’t have to worry about being scammed.


Using a vector stock image can make your graphic designing a whole lot easier. It is great when you are overwhelmed with projects, have a creative roadblock, or you just want to change your style. You can use these images to make your work better and your life just a little bit easier.