Do iMacs Come With Photoshop Preinstalled?

Photoshop is a popular tool used to edit images. If you own an iMac and love editing, it can be convenient to have the Adobe software on your computer. You might wonder – do iMacs come with Photoshop preinstalled, or do you need to put it on the device yourself?

Adobe Photoshop doesn’t come preinstalled on the iMac because it’s a third party software, owned by Adobe not Apple.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting Photoshop on the iMac, read on to learn more! We’ll go over how you can get the device on the computer, what software comes on the device, and more. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started right away.

How Do You Get Photoshop On an iMac?

To get Photoshop on an iMac, you will need to work with the Adobe suite. There are a few simple steps you can follow to get the software on your computer. Let’s talk about the best way to put Photoshop on your iMac.

Here’s how you can put the software on your computer:

  1. Log on to the Adobe website
  2. Create an account
  3. Invest in Photoshop, whether through the Adobe Suite or the Photoshop software
  4. Download the program
  5. Log in

After these steps, you can edit photos as you please right from your iMac.

Although it’s not difficult to get Photoshop on an iMac, it certainly takes more steps than just turning on an iMac. Are there any Adobe softwares that comes preinstalled on the iMac?

Does Any Adobe Software Come On an iMac? 

There are no forms of Adobe software that come preinstalled on an iMac. If you’re looking to take advantage of any piece of the Adobe Suite, you will need to download each one yourself.

This statement isn’t to say that no software comes preinstalled on an iMac. Let’s talk about some of the software you can expect to see when you turn on your iMac for the first time.

What Software Comes Pre-Installed On an iMac?

There are several softwares Apple has taken care to install on the iMac ahead of time. When you turn on your computer, you can expect to see these in your library of softwares.

A few of the softwares that come on an iMac include:

  • FaceTime
  • Safari
  • Apple Music
  • Time Machine

It will also come with the basic operating software, such as Big Sur and Monterey.

iMacs do not come with Photoshop, and they don’t come with an alternative already installed. To find the best editing service, you need to put it on the device yourself.

Are There Photoshop Alternatives On an iMac?

Not everyone can afford to pay the fee for Photoshop, especially after dropping a large sum on an iMac. You might wonder if there are any Photoshop alternatives available for users on the iMac. What are the options available to you?

The best Photoshop alternatives available on an iMac include:

  • GIMP
  • Affinity Photo
  • Pixlr
  • Pixelmator Pro
  • Skylum Luminar

These have similar features for a little less than the Adobe software.

You can always test Photoshop on the iMac with the thirty-day trial, then determine if it’s right for you. If you decide it’s not the best choice, you can go with one of these alternatives.

If you’re looking for a quick graphic design software, we highly recommend and are happy to spread the word about them because they are a newer software, but definitely over-delivers. This is less of an image editor, and more of a graphic design tool (think customizable templates).

Is It Worth Getting Photoshop On an iMac?

The iMac is an excellent computer that many professionals utilize in their lives. If you need Photoshop for work, there’s no question. It’s worth it to get Photoshop on an iMac. This Apple device will have no trouble handling the details you require from it when the editing gets underway.

Of course, not everyone can afford the $20 a month it costs to maintain a subscription to this service. Unless you have a way to earn money from Photoshop, it might not be worth it to invest in this program. Think the choice through and consider what you need in your life before following through with this payment.


Unfortunately, the iMac does not come with Photoshop already on the device. To access this program, you will need to download it yourself. This process means making an account, investing in a subscription, and downloading the software to your computer.

We hope this information was helpful! Although it doesn’t come automatically on the iMac, it’s easy to get Photoshop on the iMac. You can determine if it’s right for you with this process.