Do Professionals Use Affinity Designer?

Affinity Designer is professional graphic design software that has been around since 2014. At one point, it was one of the best and most affordable choices for professionals. Things have changed since Adobe evolved into what it is today. If you’re interested in graphic design, you might wonder – do professionals use Affinity Designer?

Although some professionals use Affinity Designer, most use Adobe Illustrator as their main software. It’s more expensive, but it has several features that Affinity Designer isn’t advanced enough to hold.

If you’re interested in learning more about the software professionals use, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll talk about why professionals don’t use Affinity Designer as often, as well as how this software stacks up against the ever-popular Adobe Illustrator. Let’s dive right in!

Why Professionals Use Adobe Illustrator More Often

In the professional world, graphic designers gravitate more toward Adobe Illustrator than Affinity Designer. Why is this the case? Why do professionals prefer the more expensive version? There are a few reasons to consider.

Professionals use Adobe Illustrator more often because:

  • Adobe education is offered in almost all schools.
  • There are more features available on Adobe Illustrator.
  • You can use an artboard with Adobe Illustrator.
  • Almost all drawing tablets support Illustrator.
  • There are plenty of templates in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator is the standard in the world of graphic design.

If you want to do as the professionals do, use Adobe Illustrator for all your graphic design needs. It may be more expensive than Affinity Designer, but its capability is unmatched when you want to create a masterpiece for your career.

Why Use Affinity Designer?

With all the features Adobe Illustrator offers, is there any reason to use Affinity Designer? If it’s not the industry standard, why select it over the option of Adobe Illustrator? There are a few places Affinity Designer comes out on top that may appeal to professional and beginner graphic designers alike.

Affinity Designer excels in the following areas:

  • It’s cheap: Affinity Designer costs $49 for lifetime access. On the other hand, Adobe Illustrator costs $20.99 a month. Not everyone can afford the Adobe option.
  • It can undo mistakes: Affinity Designer makes it simple to undo mistakes. You can undo up to 8,000 times, and the software holds a history snapshot for the artist’s sake. Adobe’s undoing is more limited.
  • It’s simpler: Although its simplicity stems from having fewer tools, the interface is easier to navigate. Beginners will have a better time learning how to use Affinity Designer.

Affinity Designer stands out in these three ways, making a name for itself in the world of graphic design software.

Even though it’s cheaper, better at fixing mistakes, and simple, Adobe Illustrator still comes out on top. There are too many benefits with the software to dismiss it based on price and complexity. Of course, you can always take advantage of both options and keep Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator in your arsenal.

Do Professionals Ever Use Affinity Designer?

Although most professionals use Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer is still a top choice for many. It’s a powerful vector-based program that offers a decent arsenal of tools for graphic design. Although you can’t do as much, you can still create beautiful vectors with Affinity Designer.

Many graphic designers out there swear by the Affinity Designer software. If you try out both and feel more confident utilizing Affinity, there’s nothing that should get in your way. There’s a lot to work on within this program.

Affinity Designer is also ideal for those seeking to become professional designers. Once you get further in your career, you can invest in Adobe Illustrator. The expense might not be feasible for those just starting, in which case Affinity Designer is the best choice for professionals.

Another great beginner tool to help you get started in graphic design is It’s an online based graphic design tool, so you can use it from any device with internet, and it offers thousands of pre-made templates for you to customize and tweak to your needs. Everything you create on Placeit comes with full commercial usage rights too, so you can sell the designs you create. It’s a good way to get your toes wet, and create professional end products with just a few clicks.


Affinity Designer is a program that has been around since 2014, providing an affordable way to design. However, most professionals use Adobe Illustrator to work. Even though it’s more expensive, its features are truly expansive.

We hope this information was helpful! As a professional graphic designer, it’s critical to get your hand on the best software you can for your work. Although Affinity Designer is excellent, Adobe Illustrator comes out on top. To be a professional, Affinity Designer will not be your go-to software, though it can be a reliable testing ground in the beginning.